Maurie & Eve dress, Saba leather jacket, Seed Femme rider boots

I finally got the courage to go out and shoot my first look with Jack before we headed out to the city to see Zara. I must say it's a lot more difficult than it looks - trying to pose like a model, show off my clothes and still look confident and radiant. It's all a learning process and hopefully I'll get better with my styling, my posing and finding new places to shoot (we're already planning our next one when my new dress arrives!). I'm quite happy with the the way these photos turned out (I owe it all to my boy). Just a little annoyed with my hair at the moment - the middle of last year I cut it to a bob and now I'm trying to grow it back so it's at the awkward stage where I don't really want to leave it out. Tying it up in a tiny pony is the best I can do right now. I feel like the pictures would have looked a whole lot better with my hair out.

The rider boots I'm wearing are the ones I settled on after deciding the Rag & Bone Newbury boot was unattainable with my current earnings. I absolutely adore my boots, I've been wearing them everyday since I bought them and I love that they go with everything from jeans to leggings, to dresses and skirts. Even with their slight heel, I'm enduring the pain for now but I hope they'll wear in eventually. Definitely the perfect investment for winter!

I also uploaded my first look on lookbook so check it out.