sunsets & silhouettes.

Vintage USC cropped tee, Suboo shorts, Molten Store cuff, Ruby & Kit backpack.

I'm not usually one for prints but when I saw these Suboo shorts, the secretly risky/ daring part of me decided I had to have them. Perhaps it had something to do with a little tropical getaway I've been planning with the bestie to Bali next February (deposit paid and our itinerary is locked in boom!) that put me in the mood to purchase holiday appropriate attire. Never say never.

The print further triggered an exploration of colour - neon orange, yellow and green (I must have been in a really good mood that morning). I went through around five plain singlets or so and but finally settled on this cropped college tee because of the way the team colours matched that of the shorts. Colour overload was taken one step further with my neon (superhero) cuff. It all seemed a little ridiculous to me and I found myself repeatedly asked mum for reassurance (who coordinates orange with green?) but in hindsight I think this is one of the better styling decisions I have made. Or at least a little more gutsy. The start of a new me?

I've dedicated this summer to trying new things, being more spontaneous, working more, blogging more, trying to make things happen and just living life the best way possible. I'm usually homebody (they don't call me grandmel for nothing) but I'm making small improvements - a girls' getaway, seeing M.I.A live in January, participating in the Colour Run, attending music festivals. You could say my philosophy is yolo but I'd rather not call it that. 

Photos by April

monday muse. the decorum.

The Decorum is an online space where the words are as beautiful as its immaculately composed images. This isn't just any blog. It's a visual feast for the eyes produced by five creative minds (and close friends) who have come together to explore the element of style in all facets of life - whether it be as simple as ice tea on a hot summer's day or as luxurious as a crisp classic white shirt. Nothing says a beautiful life quite like home cooked meals, inspiring decor and effortless dressing. The Decorum girls have accumulated experience in styling, journalism, publicity and interior decorating and work at some of the most sought after glossy publications and PR agencies in the country. I've even had the honour of working under and with some of these talented (super)women. How they have time to pull together compelling editorials and curated posts with 9 - 5 weekdays continually baffles me. Professionally they inspire me to work towards my dream job (whatever that may be) but their collaboration has also opened my eyes to an appreciation towards the finer things in everyday life. Just see for yourselves...

All images from The Decorum

SW stationery & homewares.

SW is at it once again and this time she's got stationery and homewares in her sights. Is there anything this woman can't do? I am in absolute awe of this collection. Ever since I first heard about it during my intern days, I've been anticipating the big reveal. Not surprising at all after the success of her jewellery chest and her nostalgia (you see it all the time on her Facebook and Instagram) for sending and receiving handwritten notes in the mail. And I knew it was a match made in heaven when I found out Kelly Smith (one of my favourite fashion illustrators) was on board. Last week I went along to preview the new range at Seasonal Concepts - a beautiful mess of taxidermy, antique furniture and floristry and the perfect backdrop to showcase SW's latest venture. The SW girl is encapsulated in three illustrations: the Huntress, the Wild One and the Sugar Plum. Let me tell you, the hardest part of the day was deciding which one I wanted to take home with me. SW also invited handwriting extraordinaire, Aleksandra, to pen personalised messages and quotes inside the cards for guests to take home (pretty much the best idea ever). Along with the illustrations which come in greeting card and postcard sizes, museum display boxes and placemats will be available in the same wooden carvings seen on the signature SW jewellery box. The collection launches today so head on over here to view the complete range. I know what cards I'll be sending for Christmas this year.


It says Ong... kinda.

 Equipment shirt, sass & bide shorts (similar here), Witchery jacket, Acne boots, Equip necklace, Michael Kors watch.
Photos by April

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, whoever decided that denim cut offs (that border on the verge of underwear) and low cut singlets with added sideboob should be the official festival uniform should be... well I don't know. But it gets a bit old doesn't it? I can't say I'm a pro at festival dressing (Harvest would be the second after Soundwave a few years back) but I tried my best to get that balance of comfortable, practical and cool. I told myself I'd refrain from wearing the more expensive stuff in my wardrobe (in fear of getting it ruined by an accidental drink spill or mud) but I somehow ended up reaching for my Equipment shirt - which was thankfully in tact by the end of the night. And of course the standard khaki jacket that conveniently doubled as a mat to protect my white shorts.

Thanks to miss April who won a competition to report from some of the major music festivals of the season, I was fortunate enough to be asked to come along for the ride. Neither of us are avoid festival go-ers but yolo right? I was so impressed by all the acts I saw - they all had an incredible performance quality and sounded killer live (which is often so hard to witness these days). Especially since some of these acts have been around since the 90's, it was really amazing to be in the presence of such well regarded performers. Of course my highlight of my night was jamming to Santigold complete with three costume changes, backup dancers with serious moves, a band decked out in white on white and her infectious beats. 

Harvest shortlist
Erase Me - Ben Folds Five
E-Pro - Beck
Hoppipolla - Sigur Ros
Go! - Santigold (feat. Karen O)

purchase party.

Dieppa Restrepo loafer, Dress Up tank and Maison Balzac candle (both from My Chameleon), Joe's Jeans denim.

The most satisfying purchases often come at the most unsuitable of times.Yes I may have resulted to a mini spending spree in the middle of the final week of classes for the year as a way of maintaining my sanity and slightly increase my happiness levels. Don't judge. I know you're normally supposed to mark the end of semester with something special but I've clearly decided to arrive a little too early to the party. Looks like I won't have the cashola to make that celebratory purchase happen anyway. But I am more than content with what is laid out in front of me. 

Cannot rave on enough about these Dieppa Restrepo loafers. The quality of the leather is incredible and I survived a whole day traversing across the city in them and no blisters. It's certainly a huge jump from my canvas Topshop ones that look more like grandma's bed slippers than a classier version of ballet flats. And as for that Dress Up tank which has so cleverly blended into my bed sheets - don't ever underestimate the power of a simple but well cut cotton top. Easy and breezy. It's like that skin colour pencil in the box of your Faber Castell's. You don't find it absolutely essential to the set but without it you're completely lost (I mean you can't colour anyone's skin in!). I'm heading towards the home stretch - an essay, a reflective journal and a marketing exam all happening early next week. My mind is already in holiday mode

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sk8er boi.

Lioness dress, Ksubi denim vest, I Love Ugly 5 polo cap, Converse sneakers.

Don't tell me Avril Lavigne wasn't everything you wish you could be when you were 12. She inspired me to pick up the black eyeliner for my lower lid (and I haven't put it down ever since), studded belts, skull jewellery, sideways caps, jelly bracelets, sweat bands. And ties with tee shirts (which eventually progressed to ties printed on tees)? Ingenious. Kidding! I've certainly come a long way from those dark days. My mother always told me she was a bad influence (I was denied the pleasure of going to her concert which resulted in me ignoring mum for about a week), but I don't think I came out of that part of my life losing. Or is there something you guys aren't telling me?

This is my 2012 take on the skate look (sans the actual skating part). My obsession with headwear continues to be fuelled with this sick 5 panel from the NZ brand, I Love Ugly (yes if you're wondering, I deliberately chose not to go with the now mainstream Supreme/ Obey ones). Brand snob. I adore the fact that my new oversized Ksubi vest has the power to turn a ruffled drop waist dress into something a little more laid back (am I one of the boys yet?). And I told you I'd be jumping around from style to style: first beach-y then retro and now skate. Last week it was Lana, this week it's Avril. I wonder which musical influence I will channel next?

PS. Can I just point out how difficult it is to shoot at a skate park? Every time I drive past one there are always hooligans people there! Lucky we snuck a few shots in before the school bell rang.

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del rey dedication.

Top by Antipodium, State of Georgia shorts (gifted), Jeffrey Campbell wedges, Sportsgirl sunglasses, Australis Colour Inject in 'Salsa' 

Photos by April

Before I begin I would just like to point out that I did not turn into a Photoshop extraordinaire overnight. The product that you see before you is a combination of April's excellent styling and photography and Julia Trotti's downloadable Photoshop actions (saviour!). I thought I had mastered the art of photo editing in Aperture, but after seeing exactly how many steps goes into this PSD action just to get this sunkissed look (mind you I haven't touched Photoshop since the HSC), I realised how much I have yet to learn. Mastering PS is going right at the top of my summer to do list. 

And now to the photos. I received these high waisted shorts from State of Georgia and I thought they would be perfect to recreate a pin up girl inspired look with wedges. But April insisted I wear her floral headpiece and retro sunnies and the rest was del history. And so it became my LDR inspired outfit, an ode to my favourite songstress, the one who never ceases to fascinate me. I realise this isn't exactly what 'Melissa' would wear on a daily basis, but I find myself channeling differing vibes depending on my mood, where I'm going and who I'm seeing. One day it might be very refined/ chic (a-la Equipment shirt, skinny jeans and loafers) and the next day very street/ borderline skate /generic (ie. tee, cut-offs and Cons). I've been pondering my personal style of late and wondering to myself just exactly what it is and how I can pinpoint it. I honestly don't think I've found it quite yet (perhaps I'm looking things more critically and you see something completely different all together). And I think it will be some time before I can figure it out for myself. I want this blog will be an exploration of the evolution of my style (even if it means experimenting with looks that aren't usually me) and I hope you don't mind coming along for the ride.

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