The one wardrobe essential that has been missing from my collection is a leather jacket, and now that I've finally found the one, I don't know how I managed to go without one for that long. My dream leather jacket has forever been the Acne Studios Mape though I've never been game enough to put that much money into a jacket (let alone any purchase for that matter... yet). I came across a sweet selection of new IRO on Green with Envy and figured if anyone knew how to make a mean leather jacket it would be French label, IRO - considering the leather jacket is consider a must to pull off Parisian chic. It was hefty purchase but a necessary one. 


I did it. I found the epitome of man repelling. Drop crotch pants - or better known to some as poo pants. Once upon a time, I was against them too. No to harem pants, low riders and looking like a fool with your pants on the ground. That was until I tried on these Bassike jeans. That was when I changed my tune. Unfortunately Jack and the male population have yet to see the light. 

These pants have magical man repelling powers that Leandra herself would be proud of. But also powers of extreme comfort and an effortless IDGAF about whether you approve of my pants vibe. I would highly recommend you get yourself to a Bassike store and try them on for yourselves before you judge them. Skinny jeans can be all kinds of wonderful but some days you just really don't want to put your legs through that sort of pain/ lack of movement. So that's where the poo pants come in. 

Special thanks to the girl behind the lens Christine, who possesses her own sort of magical powers with her ability to make me look way cooler than what I actually am. The graphic bomber and aviators combo definitely helped my cause. 

Images by Christine Ai


It takes a very special kind of print to sneak its way into my neutral orientated, monochrome dominated and stripe filled wardrobe. I couldn't go past the sleek marble print paired back with the mesh overlay contrast - a luxe take on the classic tee shirt with a sneaky back cut out and corset shape. Naturally, I chose to dress it down with leather shorts and wedge sneakers.

Things are absolutely jam-packed in my corner. I've found a job which I love (as far away from the CBD as it may be) and launched my foray into the world of health and fitness with a new blog. The past week has been crazy to say the least - I won free tickets to the Phoenix sideshow, partied with Rudimental and Channel V on the Island, scored tickets to Future Music with work and ended up at a cozy gig featuring Ryan Hemsworth and Baauer. I'm all work, all play. 

Ruby Sees All top, UNIF.M shorts, Isabel Marant sneakers.

The Island with Rudimental.

It's not every day that you're transported to a floating island via water taxi in the middle of Sydney Harbour, let alone going there to party with Rudimental and Channel V. Take one very unique venue with an impressive view of the city skyline and put Rudimental in charge of the music and you have one sweet party. They spun some killer tracks from TNGHT, Flume and Michael Jackson but the party really went off when they played their own music (live trumpet included). Thank you to boohoo for giving me the opportunity to attend such an incredible event (and to my plus one Dani who did a great job on photographer duty)!