With the weather going from dreamy to dreary in a matter of days, I was relieved to be greeted by this temporary second winter by Sydney based design duo, Tato and Memi and their A/W 2012 collection titled 'Nightbird'. A little gallery space in Paddington showcased the collection full of metallic tweed, silk, drapery, tailoring and prints. Sipping on Nudie juice and nibbling away at Lindt macarons, I was lucky enough to have been taken through the collection by the Memi in Tato and Memi, Marijana who told us that these pieces were inspired by her trip to Paris - and does it show! Need me a little piece of Parisian chic in my wardrobe! I was lusting after the metallic tweed blazer and matching shorts (so tempted to take it off the mannequin and just run way with it) and the pea coat with large lapels, perfect for my winter in Japan next year.

This afternoon was quite special to me - it marked my first collection showing, as a blogger (and not an intern). It was quite surreal to see an invite pop up in my inbox - I didn't really think it was possible to discover f&s in a sea of upcoming fashion blogs, let alone see something that I brought to the table that was different, but I'll take it as a compliment.  Not really knowing what to expect or to say, the Tailormaid girls were nothing but friendly and welcoming - especially since I was the first person to arrive. They did a wonderful job merchandising the space, especially the floral headpieces on the mannequins - it was such beautiful finishing touch (headless mannequins are a little creepy).

A huge thank you to the maids from Tailormaid, Tania, Ashleigh and Sally for being such wonderful hosts and letting me experience something from the 'other' side. 

sheer sexy.

 source: 1 & 3. Fashion Gone Rogue     2.

I'm not quite sure what exactly intrigues me to the sheer skirt look but I am entranced Lanvin's latest S/S collection. I know we've already seen a similar look from Gucci Fall RTW 2011 (which has really started making the rounds on covers and editorials only in the last few months) but the whole mood/ feel of the garment is totally different. For one, the material is not the same, I love the way it drapes over the shoulders and the bust, drawn together at the waist by a belt, then falls to a sheer, light knee length skirt. 

There's something a little dark and mysterious about this collection (and certainly the staging and lighting) and yet these dresses are extremely feminine. Alber Ebaz has found this harmony between soft and heavy, darkness and light. These women are confident, fierce, command respect and power without the shoulder pads and boxy suits. I really love the contrast between the harsh black under garment visible through the free-flowing, sheer fabric. It's like 'I'm a little risqué, a little dangerous, but I still know how to act like graceful, well-behaved woman.' Sort of pushing the boundary but knowing when to pull back. But don't expect me to condone this look if it's picked up by the masses (the mini skirt under the sheer maxi sneaking its way into everyday wear) - it's something that has to be executed tastefully. And at this point tasteful, being Lanvin and Gucci, has an extremely high standard.

breath of fresh air.

source: Fashion Gone Rogue

The Isabel Marant girl is carefree. She is comfortable in her own skin. She does whatever she pleases. She is stylish. She makes the most of each day. She is independent. She loves the sunshine. She is adventurous, but knows when to pull back. She is sexy. She loves fashion. She oozes chic. But most of all the Isabel Marant girl is effortless.

These are all the feelings I get when I look at Isabel Marant Etoile S/S 2012 campaign featuring Anna Selezneva. I've always wondered what the formula is for effortless chic. You know, that perfect balance between you looking like you threw on the first thing you saw vs. spending a decent amount of time getting ready. Is there even a balance? Can easy chic be acquired? Or are some just born naturally effortless? I had a friend in high school who used to pull of the messy bun without fail. When I asked her how she did it she said she honestly had no idea nor did she care, she just needed her hair out of her face. And there I was spending around half an hour each time trying to recreate the same look with little success (partly due to my fine Asian hair).

The Isabel Marant girl is the girl we wish we could be. Making us believe that wearing platform wedges and a mini skirt is standard bike riding attire. That wearing matching prints on the top and bottom is a given. These images make me want to buy a one way ticket to Paris and never return. And then I want to be able to walk around in my comfortable cotton pyjama printed jacket and pants without a care in the world. Sounds easy enough right?

taylor tomasi hill for the block.

source: Fashion Gone Rogue, The Block

Did you double take? No you're not mistaken, this is indeed the one and only Taylor Tomasi Hill featuring in her debut editorial shot by Tetsuharu Kubota for The Block's A/W issue. We're so used to seeing au natural, candid Taylor in out and about in her natural environment (why fashion week of course) prancing between shows, but she's put that to one side and turned on model mode. This is the first time she's ever stepped in front of the camera professionally and I am impressed. She's clearly a natural, switching between the over the shoulder stare, the right down the lens stare and the soft look away from the camera. Don't forget the hand on the hip (her arm looks ridiculously thin) - she looks amazing in that Marchesa with her super skinny pins revealed underneath the structured petticoat. 

I'm probably not the first person to say this (in fact I know Hannah from Capture the Castle pointed this out a little while ago), but the accessories director for Marie Claire seems to be lacking in that department lately which isn't a bad thing at all. Sometimes a statement armour cuff or band ring is all you need, especially when you're wearing something as loud as an embellished one sleeve Dries van Noten shirt (to die for!) or a lace blush Valentino gown. And what about her fiery mane? I love the effortless hair styling, they kept it simple and untouched. Who needs a statement anything when you've got hair like that?

The Emilio Pucci shot is my favourite with the open back and the bead embellishments on the dress. But that piercing stare, it's haunting and mysterious. Like she has something bottled inside that she wants to tell us. I just can't stop looking at it.

"I’m often asked this very question and my reply is always the same: stay true to yourself. I think it’s also important for women to try new things. Don’t be afraid to try on something that doesn’t scream at you. I recently did, and it was well worth it." - Taylor Tomasi Hill for The Block

lanvin compense.

Images from ssense

While I'm hopeless when it comes to shoes and jewellery (I promise I'm learning), as soon as I saw these Lanvin heels, my heart stopped. Now this is some serious shoe porn. I could certainly learn to love (and endure) wearing these heels, despite the fact they look incredibly painful to walk in. They'd probably spend more time in my room sitting there, unworn looking pretty rather than being on.

I'm immediately drawn to the gold detail of the heel, especially the cut out wedge. From the back it's geometric, almost mirror like. It's a little on the edgier side (and somewhat impractical - not sure how much support this actually gives your feet) but the ankle straps bring them back to the feminine. I love ankle straps, on heels, on flats (hello Chloe) and wedges. There's just something about the ankle and that area that is to be desired. Why do you think everyone loves cuffing their jeans/ pants. Ankle straps are just the best, they keep your foot in your shoe whilst  elongating the legs  - functional and stylish. Double whammy!

And for the sweet price of $1490, these babies can be yours. But you'll be living off mi goreng for a long while.

inner circle.

I got a little giddy after seeing my Miranda Kerr post pop up on the front page of Sunglass Hut's Inner Circle blog. And while I know it's probably not a big deal, it's nice to know that people out there are actually reading my blog (and not just my closest friends) and possibly even enjoying it? I'm finally starting to get into the knack of blogging, figuring out how it all works, creating a persona for my writing and my content and beginning to show the world (or anyone who will listen) who I am and what I love.

I've gotten a handful of new followers lately! Whoever you are, I don't know how you found f&s but i'm ever so grateful you have and that you like it enough to follow me. If I could I would buy you all cupcakes to say thanks. For anyone who's commented recently as well, I really appreciate you taking the time out to read my blog and telling me what you think. This was just a little post to say thank you for all the support and I promise I'll do my best to keep you entertained and informed. I apologise in advance for being slack with my posts (it's because I'm drowning in a sea of assignments and exams) but once I'm done with uni for the year I plan to devote much of my time to f&s so I'm hoping that things can only go up from here.

Much love.

balenciaga best.


I know it's extremely late, but I couldn't resist posting about one of my standout collections for S/S. Some seriously flattering and perfectly fit tailored pants (the white tops make it even more appealing), Darth Vader inspired visors for when you want to take a walk on the dark side and amazing colours combos and panel detail on the jackets (not to mention the cut of the shorts). Nicolas Ghesquière, Standing ovation.

in residence.

1. Instagram (taken by me)     2. Nicole Cooper/ confident liar     3. Jess Tran/ jesslovesfred

On my first day at Samantha Wills, Becc (PR manager) told me I'd be helping her out with the planning for the A/W 12 media showings. About 5 months later, hours spent googling venues, sourcing props (including old frames and chandeliers),  getting quotes from print and framing places, prepping the guestlist and brainstorming concepts, it all came down to an hour session with key media and bloggers. It's crazy to think that after all that attention to detail most people were only there to take it in for 20 minutes.

The finished product came out incredibly beautiful - an empty warehouse space transformed into an art deco, vintage chic, decadent setting which complimented Samantha's A/W collection, In Residence (Dans la Résidence), inspired by her time at the Chateau Marmont. Having had the privilege of previewing the collection, and even wearing a few pieces myself, it's so different to any SW you've seen before. Darker tones, rose gold, more burnished golds and gunmetals as opposed to the bright stones, turquoise and peach palettes that are in her current summer collection.

Getting to see it all come together from start to finish is extremely rewarding. When we first started working on the event, I had no idea what it should look like let alone what it would actually turn out to be. This morning I worked the front door for an hour and a half wearing platforms (consider me a bouncer now),  greeting the guests, quietly envious of the well dressed mag girls. Not fair to dangle a 2.55 Chanel + Alexander Wang Emile tote in front of me. A little sad I didn't get to mingle downstairs with everyone else but I have now managed to put faces to names. Oh and a mag girl remembered me from the last showings. Yeah, moving up in the world!

The highlight of my day was meeting Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage, who was extremely sweet and very humble. I also ran into Jess (jesslovesfred), Nicole (confidentliar), Sophia (moulinfrock) and Kristal (thegypsyandthefox) at Pitt St who I had a nice chat with and went speed shopping at Sportsgirl - made up for the time we could have been talking at the showing. 

Now to earn some well deserved sleep. Another day at SW tomorrow. And then Friday iPhone 4S launch. Get excited!

heartthrob shirt.

Source: SW Staff Style File.

Ta-da, my 'first' feature. I was lucky enough (being an intern) to be asked to take part in the SW Staff Style File (monthly personal outfit posts styled with SW jewels) and here's the end result. It felt kind of awkward for me to be wearing so much jewellery, let alone being all mismatched with the silver, gunmetal, asphalt and turquoise - somehow it works. Just goes to show I a) know nothing about accessorising b) sometimes things might look a little out of place but when you step back it's actually quite beautiful. That's the thing about layering bracelets - the fact that each piece on your wrist is so different and there's no particular style or colour. But that's what adds to its aesthetic.

Speaking of outfit posts, how is it that when I wear my heartthrob shirt, I look (and feel) nothing like these girls? In my defence, it's very much a summer shirt and clearly the weather isn't working in my favour. I keep telling myself all I need are a pair of white shorts and low cut Converse and I'll look as chic as Sabrina. That awkward moment when you realise that dress/ top/ bottom that looked so amazing on the model/ someone else you just had to buy it and it turns out looking like a potato sack on you? Yeah, happens to me all the time.

black and white.

Source: Zimbio

Miranda Kerr knows how to dress for success. Black + white is a fail safe combination no matter the occasion or season. Miranda's pulled this look off flawlessly all in the span of a week, each time a little different than the other (oh hey leather saddle bag, I see you). It's so refreshing to see someone sport the very simple yet effective b&w option in a sea of colour, lace and eclectic prints at Paris Fashion Week. I'm taking a leaf out of Miranda's book. A classic white shirt, black skinnies, black pumps, black blazer, coloured flats, white tee, sunnies and a black leather bag means endless outfit combination all year round.  Just goes to show a little goes a long way (then again it is Miranda Kerr).  Speaking of which, it's hard to believe she had a baby only months earlier and now she's back and looking better than ever. She makes maternity, childbirth and post childbirth look far too easy. 

bad habit.

Source: Nobody Knows Marc

I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw this image. Confession time (and this might gross you out) - but I'm a nail biter. There, I said it. Have been this way my whole life. Don't ask me why because I honestly have no clue as to how this bad habit came about (probably because I was bored) or that I should try applying that off tasting nail polish - unfortunately the will to eat normal tasting food outweighed my will to stop biting (the polish transferred onto any food I ate with my fingers). So you can understand why this picture gave me comfort. A model... who walked for Fendi... bites her nails. The type of girl we've always secretly wished we could be. It's nice to know I'm not the only one out there.

Of course I know what I'm missing out on. No nail polish collection or manicures (hey, one less thing to worry about?), they're perfect for playing guitar and piano and I can tap away on my iPhone like nobody's business. Hopefully it's just a habit that I'll grow out of one day. Can I grow out of something I've been subconsciously doing for the past sixteen years? Is there a possibility someone in the fashion world thinks this could become a trend? Yeah... right.