Rag and Bone fedora | Petite Grand necklace | Acne blouse | Michael Kors Watch | sass and bide sunglasses | Iwona Ludyga bracelet | Benah kodi bag | Washington tasseled loafers | Alexander Wang leather shorts

I dress according to the weather - and by that I mean, I check my Weatherzone app in the morning before making any outfit decisions. Lately my dilemma has been how to master dressing for warmer days and cooler nights without feeling too uncomfortable throughout either time of the day or having to lug around a huge jacket (which I will probably leave on a chair or on the train), so I put together a little transition weather ensemble with some of my wish list pieces at the moment.

I can't seem to go past a good sleeveless blouse and this Acne one is the perfect blush shade for spring dressing. I kept everything else black or neutral because no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to let go the darker tones of winter (I am a black and white dresser at heart). I incorporated some of my favourite accessories at the moment - the rose gold Michael Kors watch that has been spotted on many wrists of the fashion pack, sass & bide tortoiseshell sunnies with pinkish shades (to match the blouse of course) and fine, delicate jewellery (I am now hooked, thanks to Hannah) for a subtle finish. 

The more I look at this Rag & Bone fedora, the more I love it. I'm not a hat person, although I wouldn't mind giving it a try (although it would probably look terrible on me). It gives a chic, model off duty vibe to an outfit - I could totally see Miranda Kerr or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley sporting one. Hats aren't for everyone though - I think you have to have the right face shape and hairdo to pull it off.

pyjama party.

Street FSN, Stockholm Street Style, Melrose & Spaulding

It all started with a silk printed suit... It sparked a trend, a new way of dressing and a signature print. If you'd have asked me before I got swept up in the wonderful world of fashion, I would have told you wearing pyjama-esque clothes was a big no-no and never thought it possible to be considered a popular style/ look in fashion. But if Anna Dello Russo, Christine Centenera and Kanye West are sporting the pyjama look then it must not be so wrong after all.

It's interesting to note how a look is inspired, a trend emerges and then trickles down to the masses. All you need are a few early adopters (marketing finally comes in handy) and then the rest is history. Reminds me of the Miranda Priestly quote in the Devil Wears Prada about cerulean blue and how influential those in the fashion industry are, even to those who care little about what they wear. "It's sort of comical how you think that you've made a choice that exempts you from the fashion industry when, in fact, you're wearing the sweater that was selected for you by the people in this room from a pile of stuff. " 

But back to the point - I've been noticing a lot of Australian designers referencing this pyjama look in their A/W collections (see Maurie & Eve and Friend of Mine for a more subtle influence with the piping). Not sure how winter it is (Celine featured this style for spring) - the lightweight, loose style silk pieces seem all about summer to me, especially with the bright print against the white. Then  again, pyjamas are worn all year round so I suppose you can't tie this look to a season. It's taken a little under two years for the Australian market to be hit by the pyjama look (having designers work seasons in advance means they can't adopt trends straight away). I'll give it mid next year until we start seeing knock offs at Supre.

Breakfast with Audrey, Studded Hearts

molten relic.

"A collection of curiosities inspired by the bohemian, the sentimental, and the obscure."

These images are courtesy of Molten Store. An Australian online store for intricate treasures and indulgent curiosities - delicate jewellery, leather goods, totes and notebooks. At present the store stocks some of my favourite labels - Low Luv by Erin Wasson, House of Harlow and Estelle Deve. But they haven't stopped there.  A mere four months since the store's inception, the team are ready to launch their new in house label. Molten Relic features an array of rare necklaces, rings, clutches and beach totes with a focus on sun, sand and surf. The collection is heavily based around a style that resembles that of flea markets on a tropical island or beach escape. I used to think to be a statement pieces had to be heavy and large in size with plenty of jewels, chains, layers etc. But what Molten Relic boasts is a collection of statement pieces that spell statement in a different way, capturing that nonchalant bohemian flair.

I love that these images are so pure and yet so raw - very much the same as the look of collection which is described as both gritty and opulent. The decision to keep the images black and white was definitely a deliberate and smart one (though I wonder whether it was partly due to hold suspense). But if these pieces are meant to mimic market finds, they must feature an injection of colour. I'm just siting here thinking up all the possible colour combinations of the beaded clutch, pom pom bag or statement neckpiece (can you just imagine that over a plain white tee?). Well we won't have to wait. The collection launches today. And I guarantee these will look even better in colour. 

Head to Molten Store and take a look for yourselves.

miranda kerr x terry richardson.

She's probably the most talked about woman on the planet, and rightfully so. Miranda Kerr just keeps getter better and better. Is childbirth really that life changing? Because I'm feeling more and more convinced. Just when you think Miranda is at the top of her game, she goes one up and outdoes herself. I love her mini shoot with Terry Richardson - his images are always so candid and natural, yet they capture the raw beauty of the subject. They're always a little playful/ cheeky as well (think of him as a less controversial Tyler Shields). Miranda looks like she's straight out of the 50's with the short wig on - Stockard Channing as Rizzo in Grease anyone? And the signature Terry Richardson glasses shots are always my favourite.

On the topic of Miranda Kerr, she's taken on the role as my inspiration for the summer - after seeing her plastered on the cover of Grazia a few weeks ago in no more than a swimsuit, it's made me feel more than guilty about the amount of McDonalds I eat and the gym membership which goes untouched. Now that uni is finished I have no excuses. Every time I think about my lunch choices I say to myself 'What would Miranda do?' No joke. This summer exercising and eating well is the key to happiness. And a model physique. Let's see how long this lasts. 

PAPR showing.

Image 6, 7 by Laura

A couple of weeks ago (or possibly longer) I braved the early morning chill and headed to a homey little cafe in Double Bay called Mrs Sippy (the name just says it all) for the Park Avenue PR A/W 12 showings. This was a huge deal for me because it was the first blogger event I was invited to so you can imagine what a little eager beaver I was. We were greeted by pastries, orange juice in champagne flutes and racks full of prints, fur, knits. Pratten, Zimma Tailors and Tara Lawson were just some of the lovely labels on show. But the one that caught my eye were Sydney based brand, Watson x Watson, the brainchild of sisters Liberty and Somer Watson. Although known for their wearable luxe basics and beautiful draping, the girls have branched out to include some Rachel Zoe style fur (ethically farmed) vests and knits just in time for winter. But the thing that first caught my eye were the amazing navy and red pyjama prints which came in shorts, pants, shirt and a bomber jacket. I wanted to take them home straight away (sadly we'll have to wait until February).  The talented Watson sisters created their first collection in shoes this year and have transitioned to next season with some practical but stylish leather boots and heels. I tried on my favourite pair (pictured above) which were surprisingly lightweight and easy to walk in - and gave me the extra cm boost I need. 

A huge thank you to Tatiana, Colette and Park Avenue PR for letting me come along!

a matter of hart.

Photographer: David K. Shields

I don't usually take much notice with models. Other than the fact that I'm extremely envious of their looks, height and their effortless 'off duty' style. But immersing myself in the fashion world requires me to look beyond the clothes, the designers and the bloggers and start thinking about the other people who work to make this crazy world we call fashion, go round. And while we think a model's work is a piece of cake, standing around for hours posing and pouting might be harder than we think. For if the model can't sell the clothes she's wearing, can't properly convey the mood of the shoot - then who is going to covet the clothes? Correct me if I'm wrong but I've always felt a model was suppose to be someone we aspire to be? And that's a lot of pressure to take on that position. She is the ideal woman, wearing incredible clothes with impeccable style and if we own the clothes, we are one step closer to becoming that woman we desire to be? Sounds ridiculous I know, but think about it. That's the way marketing and advertising works.

There is a method to my madness. In spite of all this, I wanted to introduce you to Kaila Hart, who sold me on her recent shoot for Fashion Gone Rogue. You may have spotted her earlier this year at RAFW walking the runway for the likes of Zimmermann, Karla Spectic and Christopher Esber. More recently you may have spotted her in Secret Squirrel's S/S 2011 Botanica collection or Friend of Mine A/W 2012 lookbook. And at the ripe age of 17 (ugh makes me feel so old and unaccomplished) her popularity and success can only continue to grow. I must say I wasn't a fan of her more serious/ muted/ controlled looks during her runway shows and lookbooks shoots. But with a little bit of colour on her lips, her hair loose, sunshine streaming in, a killer wardrobe and a winning grin, glowing Kaila looks a lot more like the girl we want to be. I love her freckly fresh-faced, defined features which really gives her a youthful, vibrant look. These models (and shoots) to me are more appealing. I'd much rather have fun, be happy and carefree (whilst still dressing well), rather than be serious, power hungry and fierce (that will come when I'm a little older, I'm sure). Keep your eye out for this one, she's on the rise!


I would be lying if I told you Tato & Memi were the only label I fell in love with that night at the showings a few weeks ago. Pictured is Ashleigh from Tailormaid sporting some serious bling from DALLASANDCARLOS (as was chief maid Sally). I was so in love by the following day I had emailed Sally for all the details and within a week I had nabbed an alphabet letter necklace

DALLASANDCARLOS are an Australian label fronted by Katherine Etheridge and Jesssica Constance. Known best for their signature alphabet necklace (which now also comes in rings and bracelets), the girls' latest collection, S/S 2012 DEATH VALLEY, is a unique take on costume jewellery. The collection is a cross between fine jewellery and DIY elements with hand-died Brazillian stone skull and rat pendants on delicate chains, Italian nappa leather cuffs and cotton plaited bracelets. The skulls and rats give it a 'Day of the Dead' feel, but in wearable jewellery form. Sounds cool? The inspiration comes from the design duo's journey from northern Brazil to sunny southern California which you get immediately after seeing the Americana vibe of their campaign. 

I was lucky enough to have a quick q&a session with the designers, Katherine and Jessica...

How did DALLASANDCARLOS come about?
We (Jessica and Katherine) are old friends from school. We met up a few years ago when we were both living in Brazil. We found some amazing materials that inspired us to start creating samples for our first collection.

Where did the name come from?
When we first started the label, we were both living in apartments in an island in the South of Brazil called Florianopolis. Katherine was living in an apartment named “dallas” and Jessica was in an apartment called “carlos”. Each day we would call each other & say “whats’s up in dallas?” and “what’s up in carlos?”- that’s how the name came about. 
What has been the highlight of your design careers so far?
Being able to travel to the places we’ve been and experience what we have while always being on the job.

What is your favourite piece from S/S collection and what do you love to style it with?
Jessica: django rat ring in silver & pedro skull wish bracelet in black & gold. I love layering them with everything depending on the outfit.
Katherine: django skull ring, django bracelet, & hugo rat necklacelayering lots of them together with basics and jeans or wearing a more statement piece on its own at night.
What’s your top accessorising tip?
Don’t be afraid to wear gold & silver together, layering, wearing all bracelets on one hand and flashes of colour.

What’s in store for Dallas and Carlos in the future?
... Russia, Bulgaria,  Bolivia & beyond.... Stay tuned... xx


mary & marie.

If you're like me you look for practicality in a bag. Which is why my Longchamp tote follows me everywhere. Because not all of us can afford a PS1 or Chanel 2.55 and live the life of endless shopping and coffee dates. Juggling uni, work and interning means you need something versatile, functional and still stylish. Enter Mary & Marie. Everything you could possibly want in a bag, these girls have thought of. It's a multipurpose, all in one beach, uni, overnight, gym, shopping tote. You hate it when it rains and your readers get wet? It's waterproof. You take it to the beach and you get sand in it? It has removable lining. You spend ages rummaging through your bag looking for your keys. It has a key clip. It also has a clear compartment for your essentials (or your wet swimmers) and a water bottle. What else could you want in a bag?

I'm loving the look of their campaign images. An effortless, carefree summer. I'm two days off from finishing uni and having a four month break. These pics make me want to skip town, ditch my exam, and go road trippin' down up the coast. Almost free!
Images from The Wonderland

Shop Mary & Marie here.


Judge me all you want. Buying a knit in the middle of spring. Unheard of? I admit I have a terrible knit/ jumper obsession.

The token pink Acne bag finally graces the pages of my blog. And it almost didn't happen. I had to ask the sales assistant to give me the paper bag as she was stuffing my purchase into a plastic one. Sorry but I just spent $290 at your store, does that not warrant a paper bag? But we got there in the end. And now I am the proud owner of the Ruthy jumper - the little sister of the Ruth Twisted jumper. The navy and grey one you've probably seen on many bloggers (Fashion Toast, AfterDRK). I was actually tempted to buy the Ruth earlier this year but I didn't have the money, then by the time spring rolled around I thought it best to leave my winter purchases until next year. But Japan early next year means I get to experience another winter so I need more knits and I also jumped at the chance to house limited edition Acne x Daniel Silver piece. I love the pop colour, the fact it has cropped sleeves (which I'm still trying to get used to) and the fact not many people will own it (hooray for being different). 

Speaking of, I really love the combination of Acne and Daniel Silver. Collabs between fashion labels and artists can either be really bad (hello Something Else x Ken Done) or really good, to which the Capsule Collection is the latter. Take the simplicity of Acne designs and the colours, textures and artwork (most of which is heavily influenced by Africa and tribal designs) of Daniel Silver and you have one stellar collection. The colours and prints are out of this world and not your typical Acne-esque look, but the two mesh together too well. My favourites are the black gradient leather jacket and the navy and white print on the wide leg pants. It's perfect harmony and a perfect partnership.

Check out the A/W Capsule Collection here.

short & sweet.

Ksubi singlet and jeans. Museum cardi. Acne boots. Dallas and Carlos necklace. Marc Jacobs bag. Cue bracelet.

I promised myself I would never do short posts. Sometimes I feel like blogs with more pictures than writing are a little dull and don't truly reflect the style, perspective and personality of the blogger - and in the end, isn't that what it's really about? But feeling the pressure (from myself only) to keep my blog updated more regularly and consistently, I might occasionally need to indulge in a quick post or two. Although I've finished classes for the year, I still have an essay and an assignment to write. I spent all of my stuvac organising my photos and formulating post with minimal study - so come Thursday two weeks time expect this place to be where it's at. If only I'd spent this time wisely and studying instead, then I wouldn't be in this position. 

Took some quick snaps just before sunset yesterday (I love daylight savings, I'm always stuck inside during the day so a little extra light makes it seem like I wasn't wasting away) with Jack while waiting for our friends to meet us for dinner. I'm sporting two of my latest purchases - my Dallas and Carlos necklace (more of them coming very soon) and my Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, which has not left the crook of my arm for days. Although this isn't a full outfit post, I promise I'll get there eventually so you can actually see my face (but only if you want!). Just need to work up the confidence to feel comfortable with my myself, with my style choices and with my 'modelling'. Baby steps, baby steps.

mrs press dressing room.

This afternoon, Laura (Wrinkle in Time Vintage) and I visited the divine Mrs Press store in Paddington. Not only that but we had the absolute honour of sipping on tea and nibbling on cupcakes with Clare Press herself. Words cannot describe how gracious and kind she was to us, as we sat in the store and chatted about her time at Vogue, Harper's, internships and the fashion industry. It was extremely insightful and reassuring to hear about her experiences (and also provided us with some valuable advice in return), coming from someone who's worked in industry for many years - as a features writer, designer and now an author (need to get my paws on her new book The Dressing Table). The store is set out beautifully - clean, feminine, a naturally lit, intimate space with a hint of vintage charm and a staircase that leads to nowhere. Her studio is also attached to the store so it's easy to interact with her customers, produce customised pieces and do alterations in a matter of days. Clare showed us some of her favourite pieces, both new and vintage (even some special one offs) and I fell in love with the bronze brocade shorts (second picture). It was so peaceful and serene, we wanted to stay there all afternoon... evening... forever?

For all you Sydney-siders you can visit the Mrs Press store:
436 Oxford St, Paddington

samantha wills bridal.

Samantha Wills media preview. Didn't you already have one a few weeks ago? Indeed we did. It's been a crazy couple of months at SW HQ, putting together two launch events and getting the collections ready to release to the public. I've actually been in wedding mode for about four months now, starting way back when I was 'researching' wedding blogs for inspiration for the venue, props and decorations. I came up with a list of traditional wedding venues (need to start thinking outside the box!) and we ended up with this quaint private residence called The Bite Club. It's certainly not a place you would expect to host a bridal themed event - it's a little run down, wallpaper peeling, chipped furniture, but then again the SW Bridal Collection is not what you'd expect either. Inspired by art deco chandeliers, the collection is the perfect fusion between old and new styles, traditional and non-traditional. 

I can't say I know much about the world of bridal but from what I can tell SW has filled this gap between wedding accessories that are sure to put a dent in your purse and cheap tacky diamante bling. The collection includes delicate lace headpieces, glove bracelets (the ones that wrap around your finger) and back necklaces. Very unexpected but extremely beautiful. The collection also brings about a new website, Samantha Wills Bridal, a place where brides-to-be can be inspired by the things that inspired SW's designs.

Can you believe the pieces start from $75? Definitely not just for brides or bridesmaids on their special day. I could honestly see myself wearing some of these rings and earrings on a regular basis. Go see for yourself!