Hollywood has a new 'it' girl (or rather 'it' girls). The girls of Suckerpunch are my current obsession so I was delighted to see them grace the covers of Nylon on the newsstand. Nylon has released five different covers for each girl this edition (I am yet to see any other cover but Vanessa Hudgens in the flesh). And they have an incredible eleven page spread which is more text than images (hooray!), the shots featured are in the montage above.

I have a huge respect for the Suckerpunch girls especially because they did all their own stunts. They had intense training during pre-production where they did all these drills/ exercises and reps that (according to my boyfriend) are used by MMA fighters. And they all had to learn how to dead lift/ clean and jerk with weights. Their will and determination during that period I think really helps them tap into their characters - they're strong willed, independent and kick-ass! It's a relief to see heroines in lead roles in an action film.

I really love Nylon's styling in all their shoots and this one is no exception. It's really street cred, easy chic, everyday looks - I think I like it because it's a look that i could recreate with my own wardrobe (even if the pieces aren't as expensive)

The only thing that irks me is Emily Browning's cover. I absolutely adore her, she's definitely come a long way since A Series of Unfortunate Events, and it always makes me proud to see Aussies making it in Hollywood. But her outfit is a little weird... the sweater reminds me of a 90's Party of Five/ 90210 wardrobe and the fact it has the circle contrast only brings more attention to her breasts (and the petal bloomers aren't really doing her much justice either). But the studded leather jacket makes up for the poor coordination. She looks amazing with her burgundy, pixie cut - it does box her into that image of the indie, versatile actor who takes on serious/ dramatic roles (ie. Emma Watson/ Carey Mulligan) but it really suits her especially in this shoot.

Suckerpunch comes out on Thursday.