I can't quite make up my mind on this one. Personally I love this 'ice queen' look but I can see if anyone else tried to pull this off they probably wouldn't do this justice. Maybe it's just the fact it's Emma Stone. She's gone from brunette, to red head to blonde in the space of a few years, each shade better than the next. Not many people I know could (or would) dare to go blonde with such pale skin, in fact she looks a little 'off colour' or unwell. Perhaps it's this gorgeous feminine classy Preen dress in a pale ice blue with a beaded top half and a-line skirt. From the head down it almost looks a little retro chic (Mad Men style), especially with the white belt but she adds a burst of bright pink lipstick to keep her from looking as white as a sheet. I love the fact that she's matched her hair with her clutch and heels to keep that subdued blonde hair-pale skin contrast from top to toe. There are so many things that could go wrong with this outfit, but she's done it all right.