Source: Tommy Ton for Style.com, Fashionologie, Stockholm Street Style

If someone can tell me where the grey and white skirt is from, I'll give you the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag I'm buying with my tax return... Sorry no. But in all honesty, one of you budding fashionistas out there must know who designed this skirt. My fashion consultant and best friend and I think it's Dion Lee/ It certainly ticks all the boxes when it comes to that signature tailored Dion Lee style. Then again it is CC, she could be wearing an unknown, and on the cusp of revealing the next big label in fashion. And the cut of the skirt - must admit front on it looks a little odd, but seeing it in action - the panelling and structure is incredible. Is this the new 'it' skirt with the wrap-around and v cut down the front?

I wish all street style photographers would quickly pencil down what was being worn - as if we could go and hunt down the piece down ourselves. Actually, I've wondered whether Tommy Ton or Phil Oh or any other photographer - when they take candid shots, do they just snap away inconspicuously or do they stage it? Like ask the subject to walk down the street or get out of a taxi. Because if it was the former, they would still need to ask permission to take the photograph right (not that you would mind if you saw your outfit plastered up on style.com or street pepper). I'm just full of questions today. 

It's my mid semester break now. But you could hardly consider it a break - I'm still interning twice a week and working on three days. The days I normally go to uni, I'm pretty much  going to uni to do group work. Oh well, there's only five or so weeks until the end of semester. Let me live!


It's no surprise that I'm a huge fan of Secret Squirrel and their latest spring/summer collection, Botanica, does not disappoint. The highlight of the collection is the amazing digital floral print that the SS designers collaborated with jewellery and graphic designer, Elke Kramer to create. I love the unlikely fusion of artistic talents from different disciplines.

Personally though, my favourites are the classic block coloured, sleek silhouettes of shorts, shirts, blazers and trenches - that signature, polished and tailored look that they reproduce without fail each and every season. This time around they were inspired by traditional English gardens with a soft, muted palette and organic feminine shapes. I really love the minimalist, polished look of their collections and the garments they design, which makes them one of my favourite Australian designers. Funnily enough, I've never actually seen a Secret Squirrel piece in real life! They don't seem to have many stockists around Sydney but hopefully that will change very soon. Certainly one of those up and coming designers with a strong cult following. Would love to house a little piece of SS in my wardrobe this summer. 


Images: Caught On Set

Question time: Candid or on set? I couldn't quite figure it out because I know Kirsten is fashion-savvy although I haven't seen her look this chic and polished in a long time. Very Gossip Girl. She's on set filming her new movie The Bachelorette (the movie is about three girls - Dunst, Lizzy Caplan & Isla Fisher, who are asked to be bridesmaids of a girl they used to bully in high school). I don't know who is doing wardrobe/ styling for this film but boy have they done a good job. This is the kind of thing I would envisage myself wearing walking up and down the streets of New York grabbing coffee, catching the subway, talking to clients on the phone and running errands for work. You can't go past a classic trench coat, shirt dress, black bag and ankle boots for a failsafe outfit. I'll have some of that!


Images from Style.com, Tumblr

Would I ever give a bad wrap to Acne? Nope, probably not. So you can only assume I have good things to say about Johnny Johansson's latest collection. I'm really intrigued by the colour palette - it's bright and bold but not your typical colour blocking shades (olive green, tree bark brown, sea foam blue). I absolutely love the striking black + white + colour combo, it really makes for a dynamic, strong look. It's like the three pieces are fighting for the spotlight but you can't decide which one speaks the most to you (it's like trying to choose between your favourite child). You're drawn to the colour, but then the harsh white pops out at you from behind the black. Definitely one to try at home if you're a little on the conservative side of the colour block trend.

And these silhouettes? A perfect meld of the masculine-feminine. The structure of the jackets around the shoulders that become full of movement at the waist. The fitted waistband which flows to a full skirt or loose wide leg pants (although I couldn't wear them because I'm so short I'd look like a clown). And finally, the shoes. Flat heeled male-esque dress shoes with heel. What? It's like the best of both worlds.


1. Equipment Signature Shirt 2. One Teaspoon original bonitas blanco shorts 3. Benah Kodi mini chain bag 4. ASOS modern sleek armour cuff 5. A.P.C Low Wedge Sandals

Probably not an outfit that looks very 'together' (but you never know it might surprise you), but more of a collection of things that I need for my summer wardrobe. I've finally let go of the knit (it was hard to say goodbye to the Acne Ruth Twisted Knit, hopefully there will be something equally as lovely come Japan) and ready to embrace t-shirt and shorts weather with open arms (get it? cause singlets don't have sleeves?).

To ensure summer survival, I believe the following items are needed: (1) The staple button up shirt, in any colour which will aid you eventually with the (sad) transition to fall and winter. Wear buttoned up and tucked into shorts or as a loose jacket type thing. (2) The white short. So Isabel Marant brought us the pale pink short but I'm all for the white short, just so I can wear white all over. (3) A small shoulder bag. There's no need to carry huge tote full of bits and bobs while you're shopping/ out with friends. (4) A statement cuff. If you're like me and your summer wardrobe consists of shorts and plain white t's, then you can afford to go big with your jewellery. And finally (5) A good pair of wedges, because thongs are just downright plain and boring.


1 - 4 Tommy Ton for Style.com, 5 - 6 Nam for Grazia.it

Oh you know, just another day in the life of the glamourous fashion editor/ socialite/ model/ fashionista/ photographer at London Fashion Week. They make it seem so normal, like it's no big deal. That this sort of thing happens all the time. I hope my life one day revolves around fashion week.

I'm currently in a love/ hate relationship with this continuous string of FW. On one hand I love seeing all the creativity and ingenuity that comes out of these shows, as well as the street style (thank you Phil Oh, Tommy Tom & Nam) but on the other hand I can't really deal with seeing so many pieces I could never afford let alone pull off and it makes me depressed that I'm stuck in the normalcies of life where people on the other side of the globe and just making the rounds at all shows. Life is unfair no?


1. Fashionologie
2. Hanelli 

The idea of an all white outfit is so appealing right now. First of all it's extremely functional because white will keep you cool (and black absorbs the sun's rays - is that true or did I make that up?). It's also very chic, clean and exudes this effortless air about your dressing. It's just taking me back to last summer, seems so long ago now, everything was so relaxing and standstill. I had all the time in the world (not like my semesters are, what with all this working, uni and interning). And of course the white on white has to be broken up with black/ gold belt or brown bag. Your pick. 

The days are heating up and the nights are staying warm. I feel like there's so much more flexibility when it comes to warm weather dressing, don't you? I'm still having that issue over when the appropriate moment is to stop wearing jeans and start wearing shorts.

PS. I was trying to think of something special for my 100th post but couldn't really (especially given the time I have) so this will have to do. Emmanuelle Alt and Hanneli - two wonderful women in fashion. Thank you to anyone who's ever read my blog and given me feedback - it's comforting knowing my best friends aren't the only ones reading it out of sympathy. I'm hoping that this little project of mine will continue to grow over the next 100 posts. Happy 100!


Source: Style.com

Wasn't sure where to begin with NYFW coverage but I think 3.1 Phillip Lim is a good start. I could not resist blogging about this collection the moment I saw it. I love the mix of sorbets and pastels, the silks and the draping of the garments. The collection is inspired by Lim's childhood and his memory of kites which I think is so evident when you see the movement of these pieces down the runway. I love the mix between the feminine tailoring of the jackets and the masculine slouch of the pants and singlets. It's like a breath of fresh air (which is what any spring collection should evoke), makes me feel light and relaxed and ready to take on spring.

I finally found my way to engage with all these runway shows. Sure I can read reviews and browse through slideshows, but a video with the collection walking down the runway and an interview with the designer about their inspiration bring all the elements together nicely. I spent all morning in bed watching style's coverage of NYFW. Do it. Seriously addictive.

I've been stuck at home for the last three days (sick again I know) with food poisoning. So the lesson learnt is don't ever trust me to prepare you a frozen meal, let alone a cooked one because you'll have many days of suffering. Who would have thought such a small block of lasagne could cause so much trouble? On the upside, I've gained plenty of rest, got all my uni work done, probably lost a bit of weight and didn't have to spend money on food.


1 - 4: Street FSN5 - 6: Tommy Ton for Style.com

My Twitter timeline, Facebook news feed and blogger updates are full of NYFW related posts and I have to say every post is killing me little by little. I'm not sure how much longer I can last. I haven't even begun looking at show reviews and collection overviews - I think the candids speak enough for themselves: of fast furious fabulous New York fashion. It's a little glimpse into the life of people who take fashion as more than a mode of expression. These people live in a different world, the rules and dress codes are far more serious and do not go unnoticed. NYFW is a culmination of hard work, stress, determination and preparation. The fashion world is on show, on and off the runway. 

I've always been a big dreamer and NYC has long been my destination of choice. I could see myself living in an apartment overlooking Central Park with a giant wardrobe full of designer things, being invited to events and launches (or more likely working at them/ organising them), shopping at Sak's on the weekends with my girlfriends, taking morning jogs. Call me cliche but I have a gut feeling New York is where I belong (not that I've ever been there). I like the idea of a city brimming with vibrancy, culture and colour - a place where the energy is on 24/7. Maybe one day I'll be snapped by Tommy Ton or Phil Oh. That will be my gauge of success.


       Need Supply Co. dress, Cue sleeveless blazer, Steve Madden heels, Claire Vivier clutch, House of Harlow necklace, Samantha Wills cuff.

You can tell I'm a perfectionist because I spent over a week working on these photos (well it could have been less if I did have mid sems this week). Taken by my lovely boy of course (I had to do some convincing, he was so tired after the reception that when we got home we just wanted to crash), but perfect timing as the sun was setting. He's definitely getting a hang of this fashion photography shots moreso than me trying to pose gracefully.

This was my outfit for my very first wedding which was gorgeous by the way. I can see why everyone loves weddings, it's so joyous, beautiful and utterly romantic. I had my makeup and hair done, I went all out because I love getting dressed up (if I could afford my own makeup and hair stylist, I would have one everyday) and I really wanted to make a good impression because it was the first time I was meeting Jack's relatives

I pulled this outfit together a couple of days before - I could not find a dress for the life of me and this cute little frock (in my favourite colour) appeared on Need Supply Co. The heels took me on an epic hunt (as some of you may know I've wanted these Grettta's for ages). Long story short, Steve Madden AUS weren't getting them for another few months and Steve Madden US wouldn't ship to Australia but after some googling I found them on shoes.com. And sure enough it was a perfect fit. They add an extra few centimetres to my short stature and as crazy as it sounds, they are super comfortable. 

On a side note, last week was hectic. Waking up early to get to uni by 8 and leaving at 8pm and then being too tired to study with two exams. I'm still trying to recover. I hate Mondays.


Oh my gosh how adorable is she? If you're not already familiar with this lovely little face, this is Aila, the one year old niece of Alexander Wang. Yes that is a 2.55 Chanel. And she is indeed sporting creepers. Gosh this girl is more stylish than me and she hasn't even lost all her baby teeth. This makes me want to have my own kid and dress him/ her up like a mini fashionista. If this is Aila at age 1, image what she'll be like at 21? Probably hitting up all the style spotting/ best dressed lists. Imagine if you were related to Alexander Wang. Or Marc Jacobs. Or some insanely talented designer. So many perks.

W W W x T H E C O V E T E U R

How could you not want to wake up in the morning and come to work in an office like this? It's absolute fashion and interior design heaven. Not to mention they work off Macs. I have this impression that people in the fashion industry somehow have this flair for interior decorating. Am I right to say that? Just have a look at the Coveteur and any 'my home' mag. Everything looks divine, in place and perfectly thought out. And there's a coherent and consistent aesthetic that runs through the whole area (I sound shocked, but you should see my house... it's a mess). I love that hardcover fashion books serve as bookshelf and coffee table decoration but I wonder if anybody actually reads them? That's the thing - these places look incredible yet probably impossible to work/ live in (I'm sure most of it is staged). But where does the mess go? Where is everything stored? Or are fashion people so pedantic that they keep things in order 24/7?


Happy first of of spring, friends! Couldn't you just imagine walking down Eastern Avenue, turning up to your internship or rocking up fashionably late to a party in one of these? Yes I can.

Can't get enough of the Flutter and Copper Tip dresses from Camilla and Marc S/S. I tried on the Flutter dress at David Jones the other day, I absolutely fell in love with the skirt - the way it hangs and sits on your waist. It's super cute, glam it up with heels or keep it casual with boots (Acne Pistols are my style of choice) and a leather/ denim jacket. Then there's the Copper Tip shift dress which I would be all for if it wasn't so long (I can't stress enough home much it sucks to be vertically challenged when you love fashion). I could see me wearing these dresses for years. Neutral block colours mixed in with some stripes. Sadly my bank balance would have to take the $590.00 hit. But something like that is worth it if you keep it forever. Just like an investment right?