My current obsession and 'must buy' are these 50's skater inspired Friend of Mine dresses that first caught my eye in the May edition of SHOP. I was instantly drawn to the simplicity and yet girly-ness of the dress (i'm a sucker for pleated skirts) that can be worn all year round - with or without stockings, boots or sandals and perfect for layering with leather jackets/ khaki parkas. And i'm loving the 'rust'/ pop/ block colour trend especially during winter (where everything is dull neutrals and dark tones) and yet still great for summer. It's a super versatile, transseasonal dress that could be worn over and over in so many ways.

What's even better is that Friend of Mind presents us with an offering of three different styles - long sleeve, short sleeve and singlet as well as four different colours (black, cream, rust, taupe). It's a blessing and a curse because now I can't decide which style and colour to buy.

The only inconvenient thing about this dress is that Friend of Mine is rarely stocked in boutiques (so I can't try it on) but it's available widely online only. I was initially concerned about the way this dress would look at me (as compared to a skinny gangly model). But my qualms with the dress were put to rest as I saw a girl (of similar height and build) at my internship office wearing the cream Harley dress. Problem solved!

Anyone who knows me knows I'm really indecisive and a calculated shopper (despite the fact I may come across as impulsive and uncontrollable) so I have to weigh up the pros/ cons when I want to invest in something (yes, I firmly believe expensive pieces should be an investment): Will i be able to wear it all year around? Will I be able to incorporate it into the rest of my wardrobe?

My current hang-ups are:
  • Colour? Do I go simple like cream or black so I can wear it with  anything and everything? Or do I go rust because it's different (although the colour may go off trend within the next year?)
  • Style? Obviously the Winona (singlet)/ Oscar (tee shirt) style gives me the flexibility to be able to wear it on its own or layered with a jacket. Is the Harley dress too typically winter? Also whether I'm after a tight or oversized fit (the singlet style skater dress is baggy under the arms)
Harley Dress, $220

Oscar Dress, $220

Winona Dress, $179

I'm bound to buy one of these in the next week or so and I will definitely dedicate a post to its purchase, so watch this space!