My next fashion quest sees me traversing the stores of Sydney, online and the blogosphere for the perfect pair of winter boots.

I'm a uni student and I do a lot of commuting to and from the station and to uni which means I need something practical and comfortable. However, I'm finding the exact opposite of what I need (is always the case when it comes to clothes). I want short ankle style boots - I find knee high ones that would make me look like a dwarf. I want no heel or a low thick heel for support - I find painful thin stilettos which on the wrong style could make one look like a hooker. I know I could go for the combat boots but I feel they're really pushing their trend boundaries at the moment. Everyone at my uni is still wearing it from last season and I don't deny their versatility but I'm not hopping on the bandwagon only to get off at the next stop.

Cowboy boots are slowly creeping back in... but my danger is if I wear them with a dress I risk looking like a Taylor Swift/ Miley Cyrus (in her Hannah Montana days) country gal. And most of the low style boots I'm seeing are very western/ cowboy-esque with their buckles/ straps/ embossing/ leather material. Another boot dilemma which was bought to my attention by my best friend was that if I was looking for an ankle boot style I had to make sure it didn't give me a kankle. Which was what happened when I tried on these at Witchery. Oh and then there was this Mimco pair that made me look like I was wearing gumboots.

Now here's the bit where I say 'if only I had endless amounts of money.' Then I would be able to buy these amazing Rag & Bone boots you see here on Rachel Bilson. They look perfect. And she proves you can wear them with almost any outfit. If anyone could tell me where I could buy similar style boots for a cheaper price I would love you forever.

from Rag & Bone 
I've tried every store you could think of in store and online and the only one that is even the slightest appealing are these lovely Asos ones. I've never thought of buying my shoes online because I have funny feet that can fit anywhere between a 6 and 7 but I'm so desperate I might just have to get them.
from Asos

Verdict: Boots this season and definitely not made for walking.


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