no reason.

I've avoided the midi length for almost 24 years of my life. As someone who is short, it's never agreed with me (nor I with it) and I long envied others who could pull off a sleek midi pencil skirt, midi dress or culottes. Things changed when I found this grey midi dress at LIFEwithBIRD. I figured that now I'm finally at a workplace with some sort of dress code, I might have to look beyond my usual mini skirts and shorts. That's not to say I was sold on this dress the first time I tried it on (I went back a week later to be 100% sure) - I had my doubts it would work with what I had but it has since become one of my favourites and most versatile. I wear it with everything now - leather jacket, denim jacket, blazer, sneakers, ankle boots and have learned to become less conscious of the fact that it is a length that chops me off, though I look classier doing it? 

Since then I've been on the hunt for more midi length pieces to acquire but have turned up with nothing. This dress sits knee length on the model which makes the perfect midi length for me but anything that's actually midi length ends up looking like a maxi or that I threw on a sack. I've also found that the tighter the skirt around your legs (or a sleek bodycon cut) the more chance you have of it looking right on you. A slit up the side or the back breaks up the choppiness of it and makes it look shorter when you show a little more skin. I tried so hard to make this one Scanlan ribbed knit midi skirt work for me but let's face it, I probably got lucky with my L.W.B midi. Can someone please produce a petites range where the lengths are accurate on a short person? 

L.W.B by LIFEwithBIRD dress, IRO leather jacket, Bergdorf Goodman x New Balance Sneakers.

Photos by Christine Ai