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The second I got this I made sure my boyfriend whipped out his camera to take some shots of my new Marc by Marc Jacobs MacBook case which I am in love with. It's super padded on the outside and inside, so it not only does the job of protecting my precious MBP (which you can see has a dent on the top case because one of those giant wooden Typo letters fell on it) but it looks great too. I'm seriously considering using a bag to protect my case because I don't want to damage when it's amongst all my other stuff. 

I am chuffed with my purchase, I still can't believe it's almost the same price as the Incase ones. And for a designer tech accessory it stands pretty well against the others (there are Michael Kors iPad and iPhone cases for $150!). Did I mention the delivery? I ordered it on Friday night and ShopBop had it to me by midday. Love express international postage especially when it only costs you $10 (or free if you buy over $100). 

Oh and in the last photo there's a sneak peak of my new beloved T by Alexander Wang pullover, the latest addition to my knit collection, that I bought from I Don't Like Mondays. I've been a repeat offender many times this week. Post-exams I'll hopefully get another outfit post going. Anyway back to studying...


Left: Chilvers cashmere and mohair blend sweater, Smashton leather leggings
Middle: Kevington silk blazer, Roger Top, Stephenson leather shorts
Right: Telmont modal and silk blend top, Williams tailored silk-twill pants

I'm probably the last person on earth to find out about this collection but I got a little excited when I saw Myer was picking it up this winter as one of the 30 new label additions (including Matthew Williamson Escape and Magdalena Velevska) alongside their already long list of designer labels. I'm guessing what's up on Net-a-Porter is their current range because I am simply in love with all the leather, silks and knits perfect for layering this winter. In true Mary-Kate and Ashley style, they've churned out a line full of slouchy knits, large sunnies, basics in black & white and neutrals which completely align with my personal style. I would seriously buy/wear everything, pretty sure this is what I want my wardrobe to look like. But alas, it's crazy expensive (I calculated the sweater and leather leggings combo and it comes up to $2500AUD) so i'll just have to go and drool in front of the collection when it comes out.

I'm personally a David Jones girl, especially the one in the city - they have much better labels (not to mention a whole level for shoes!) and the look of the store is more sophisticated and pleasant, but I think Myer is giving them a run for their money after adding these upcoming designers in their winter lineup. 


Images from zanita, Google images

I am really starting to love these inspiration posts, especially at the moment because I'm trying to procrastinate from my media assignment. Ever since I bought my medium carry-all clutch from American Apparel, I've been taking it out with me everyday, to work, to dinner, to uni. And I'm currently obsessing for more in different sizes and colours. I love that these babies pretty much go with anything for any day or event, and I can just throw all my essentials in it and run out the door. And you'll be surprised how much you can fit in it too (try notepads and work shirts!) Of course I wish I owned a Celine one, but I think the AA ones are just as great (and affordable). They come in so many different colours, the leather is super soft so you can fold it over and carry it a tonne of ways. My tip: buy a colour out of your comfort zone (yes no blacks or greys), it'll really brighten up your winter darks and neutrals!


Photos from Street Peeper, Gary Pepper Vintage, Brigadeiro, Google images

Whoever told me horizontal stripes would be totally unflattering was oh so wrong! I find myself season after season dying for new stripes - thin nautical stripes or thick block stripes, tops, dress, knits, whatever I can get my hands on. I love it because it works so well layered under anything from leather jackets, denim shirts, khaki parkas, blazers. Super versatile, easy to style and works for every occasion. 

T R E N D I N G // C A B L E K N I T

I've been told to hurry up and post this because I'm spending all my precious study time trawling through pages and pages of blogs to find images for my very first inspiration blog. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I know that my obsession for cable knits (and knits in general) can only be expressed through this collection of images. I am loving the cable knit + shirt with collar combo and the plaiting detail, which is a new take on the standard chunky sweater. I have been told off my boyfriend and my best friend to stop looking for more knits to buy (my latest purchase was a T by Alexander Wang pullover) but I honestly can't get enough of them - in sweater or cardi form, loose or tight fitting. What can I say? It gets cold commuting to and from uni every day, and I need to rug up!


Marissa Cooper, is that you? I can't believe my eyes! Did you come back from the grave to possess Mischa Barton's body and return her to her former glory? Seriously, I am so excited to see Mischa in her glowing, youthful self again after all those drugs, partying, yellow teeth, bleached blonde hair (see her appearance at Cannes) and weight issues. She looks exactly like she did during her O.C. heydays, slender legs, healthy body shape, natural blonde hair, rosy cheeks, structured cheekbones and all, as if the last five years never happened.

She's snapped here leaving Mahiki nightclub wearing a cream silk blouse paired with a bright yellow accordion pleat Willow skirt and matching Charlotte Olympia heels. Got to say I'm not a fan of the insect print (who would want to wear a shirt with cockroaches on it, I don't know), I suppose it's sort of quirky and 'out there' and does match the whole vibe of the outfit. Not too fussed because she's looking happy and healthy again, and I'm loving the accordion pleats, especially the layering (featured predominately at Magdalena Velevska's S/S collection at RAFW) which makes the skirt a little more interesting. She's killed two trends in one outfit: pleats and colour blocking. Yellow is a colour I've never really embraced, so to wear a yellow skirt and matching heels is a little risque in my eyes but she makes it work (it must be the blonde hair).

I hope this is the comeback of Mischa Barton, and I sincerely hope you're here to stay.


marc jacobs

Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon 13" Laptop Case
Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha Classic Q Bag

Apologies for the lack of posts this week, it's the last two weeks of uni and because I don't have exams everything's been crammed into the last week of semester. Just a short post to tell you what I'm currently lusting over (my list seems to change every few days because I don't have the money to possibly afford everything). My cheap eBay MacBook Pro case is stretching so I'm ready for a new one and I thought if I was going to fork out the $69 to get a black Incase one from work, I may as well pay a little extra and get this quirky Marc by Marc Jacobs case instead.

Speaking of work, the girls at work are starting a new trend (we shop at the same places so it's hard for us to not buy the same thing in different colours) but one that I am more than happy to partake in. I've always wanted a Marc Jacobs bag (a tres good investment if I do say so myself), and the Natasha bag is a relatively cheap introduction into the world of designer handbags. I love this light chambray blue but I have no idea how it's going to work into my wardrobe. I'd prefer to steer clear of the staple black/ brown bags and try something different for a change.


I warned you about the amount of Rachel Bilson you were going to see on my blog, and believe me I wasn't kidding. So you can imagine my excitement when I found a Travel Photo Diary on Vogue.com of Rachel's most recent trip to Cannes for the unveiling of the Chanel 2011 Cruise collection. My favourite pics are from the Maison Michel showroom at the VIP Lounge of the Majestic Hotel. Doesn't she look super cute in that red bow headband? I could see her rocking that with a white tee and skinny jeans. (And the lovely Clemence Poesy in a wide brim hat spotted in a campaign shot on the wall). 

But the best part is finding a picture of her stylist and friend, Nicole Chavez. Ms Chavez, you are all kinds of wonderful. I must bow down to you and kiss the ground you walk on. You are the reason why Rachel Bilson wears flawless outfits 365 days a year without fail. Could I be your personal slave if you would help me revamp my wardrobe and style me in the exact same way as Rachel Bilson? Thank you.


I must love this skirt so much that it's making it's second appearance on my blog, the first was seen on Andy T and again by trend setter and H.B.I.C Olivia Palermo. I'm still undecided about this girl, I honestly couldn't stand her in the City because I've always been Team Whitney and the fact that she had such an amazing job at Elle but did nothing to prove that she should have ever gotten the position in the first place, but who can deny her amazing styling and wardrobe? She's just that girl you love to hate and hate to love.

Here she is floating around in the Skeleton Maxi from Topshop on two occasions (sadly for me, the skirt is sold out online), once at London Fashion Week earlier this year and again out about in the streets of New York. Personally I love the second look much better, with the subtle neutral khaki shirt and matching flats. Even her woven bag is an extension of the maxi, the blues and browns a more vibrant exaggeration of the colour palette. This is one of those times where relaxed casual day looks (which probably took her about 10 seconds to throw together) outdo night ones. I love it because it's just so simple, chic and effortless and it incorporates my two favourite trends this season: button up shirts and accordion pleat skirts. 

I also like that she's not afraid to get snapped in the same thing twice - although who wouldn't want to show that skirt off? Like I've said before, it just brings them a little more down to earth (and totally kills my idea of celebs having the ability to wear things once and then throw it out) and closer to us 'normal' people who don't have the luxuries of wearing something new everyday. 

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Honestly, how can you not be in love with these boots? They are to die for. Lately I've been paying much closer attention to heeled boots and heels in general (I must think that because I've conquered the riding boot heel, I am now invincible in platforms and wedges). These boots debut at the S/S 2011 RAFW Friend of Mine show and I just can't get enough of them. Loving the grey/ taupe suede ones complete with the signature Friend of Mine metal hardware, this season in the form of a eagle's talon wrapping around the heel. I've really started to appreciate the platform/ heeled boot as not just a shoe for the winter seasons (yes it keeps my feet warm and dry in the cold rainy weather) but also to team with shorts, skirts and dresses in the summer. Friend of Mine paraded these with silks and flowy, draped material and it looks nothing short of amazing. No doubt I'll be incorporating boots into my summer wardrobe.

The current style on sale on the online store are the Raffaello boots which are equally as stunning with a western flavour and engraved hardware detail. These boots are going for $440RRP, so I'm guessing the talon ones will be roughly the same price. Cannot wait for them to hit the shelves!


Dress: Camilla and Marc
Blazer: See by Chloe
Boots: Acne
Clutch: Celine
Watch: Casio
Bracelet: House of Harlow
Fragrance: Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Going for a job interview tomorrow, just thought i'd make a quick post about what I wish I could wear. This is the first time I've played with polyvore, I doubt this outfit even goes together well. It's more like a selection of things I wish I owned. The Casio watch is next on my to buy list and payday is this weekend!

C R U I S I N '

If you're not a fan of Rachel Bilson, I suggest you avoid this blog because in due time it will become a Rachel Bilson fest. She's my style idol and still very much the Summer Roberts I fell in love with all those years ago (for all you O.C. fans still out there). I can never fault any of her outfits, day to day wear or event style. I love that everything she wears is extremely easy chic and minimalistic with hardly any prints or patterns. Instead she opts plain coloured or neutrals with the occasional pop of colour in the form of a blazer, bag or shoe. My fashion manifesto has always been simple is best, and the reason why I love Rachel is just because of that.

Rachel made an appearance at Chanel's Cruise Collection 2011 - 2012 show in Cap d’Antibes, France in a white pearl top and leather shorts teamed with a black blazer for that ultra  classic chic look. It totally looks like she dressed for the occasion because the Chanel collection was all back to basics in black and white (I suppose Karl must have styled her himself, what with the two being so tight and all). She's topped it off with Loubotin pumps and of course a timeless Chanel clutch. Yet another flawless look to add to the book.

And here she is at a party hosted by Karl Lagerfeld a few nights ago. Lusting over the apricot boater hat and the grey jacket underneath all black.  Love how she can pull off the vintage indie 'i'm just naturally this stylish' look one night and go classic Chanel chic another.


Finally blogger is back up again (for some reason it wouldn't let me make new posts last night) so the always beautiful Christine Centenera can finally grace the pages of my blog. I have to say I had no idea who she was prior to RAFW (before my best friend asked me what did Christine wear to Day one of RAFW to which I proceeded to 'google' her). She's the editor of Harper's Bazaar, a creative genius, style icon with killer credentials and it doesn't help that her partner is Josh Goot (totally ruling the Australian fashion industry). I love her impeccable style and diversity - I tracked her outfits for Fashion Week and let me tell you, this girl does not disappoint. I love that she does her own thing and doesn't stick to the trends - each outfit expresses her individuality and creativity. The great thing is she's not afraid to wear the same thing twice (exhibit a: her Celine pants which she wore to Paris Fashion Week earlier this year) but pulls it off with a totally different vibe each time. This won't be the last you hear of her.
I had a bit of fun with Pixelmator doing a magazine cut-out style graphic with her outfits. Should I do this every once in a while or just stick to laying them out side by side? 


Jessica Stam is to die for. Not only is she an absolute stunner, but she can pull off any look in the book. She looks super cute, girly and so chic at the Tommy Hilfiger Prep World launch in New York City (can't say the same for Jessica Szhor, that was a huge miss). Keeping in theme with the event she went for the classic all-white preppy country club tennis look with a sleeveless textured shirt and an accordion pleated skirt. Accordion pleats are probably one of my favourite trends for the season, after seeing  a number of designers featuring the style on maxi skirts, mini skirts in their collections at RAFW. She's maintain the clean sleek lines of the skirt and the simplicity of the outfit with an off white trench, lace up brogues and a red bag for a bit of variety (whilst staying true to the red/white/ blue Tommy Hilfiger logo). So, so great it makes me wish I was at the Hamptons, socialising with the affluent, having high tea outside in a luscious green garden with the summer sun shining through the trees. Ah!

P.S My gosh she's breathtaking.


As you can probably tell, I'm having a bloggers field day after the discovery of a Photoshop like application called Pixelmator for my Mac which I think has really made a difference with the aesthetics of my blog. I have a new banner, a new style inspiration sidebar and I'm able to piece photos together like so so you don't have to scroll down through endless images.

Here is a selection of my best dressed list for the Met Ball 2011 (I emphasise selection because I keep finding celebs to add to my list). All of Hollywood young and old rocked up to the event in honour of Alexander McQueen. My gold star goes to Diana Kruger wearing a charming sexy slit dress by Jason Wu, and my up and coming award to Emma Roberts in a chic, sleek silk crepe gown by Michael Kors. The trends for the night seemed to be nude palettes, tulle and silk, trains, classic long white gowns and sequinned embellishments.


Trust me to be up at 3am and suddenly remember the kolors video premieres and the new range hits stores today. 

A eerie, mystical, Bill Viola inspired video set to opera creates this kind of otherworldly, chilling atmosphere that had me hypnotised. Although it was nothing more than three skinny models (you get a lot of close ups of their hips and torsos) including 'it' girl Bambi, there was something about it that made me keep want to watch from start to finish. 

Whatever the video was going to look like, everyone knew it would be huge success from the get go. I was just a little disappointed they didn't showcase all the colours. I'm desperate to have a look but there's nothing up yet on the ksubi website.

Coloured jeans have made a comeback and are well and truly here to stay. General Pants better had better stock up.  I'm counting on them.


An absolutely stunning cover and spread of Nicole Richie for May/ June THAT magazine.

Nice to know she's still got that pizaz in her after becoming a mother. 
I'm especially loving the striped sheer shirt, sunnies and gold cuff combo.
 I'm so glad she's moved above and beyond from her Simple Life days... can't say the same for Paris Hilton.


Day 3 of RAFW is drawing to a close and we've seen some amazing collections down the runway so far. I've been following all the action via #RAFW Twitter updates and nightly posts by all my favourite Aussie bloggers. I would give an arm and a leg to be there. Maybe next year...

Sara Phillips is just one of the many collections that's caught my attention this week. I love that she's been inspired by native Australian flora and fauna creating a truly distinct breathtaking S/S collection. The fact that she's embraced something unique to our country and our cultural heritage and turned it into a thing of art and beauty is admirable. Definitely brings out a sense of pride and nationalism.

She has used a fair bit of snakeskin and reptile print throughout her looks (which if you know me you know I'm not a fan of) but I'll let it slide just this once. Instead I'm captivated by the bold floral prints (my favourite being the blue wattle silk dress and shirt) and I'm not talking about your usual vintage floral dress. I love the pops of colour that appear throughout especially with the mustard, tangerine and pink block tops and belts - so on trend with all the colour block happening this season.

She's set up the scene with a huge Christmas tree like centerpiece covered in fauna and flora and you really see how Sara's translated it into amazing silk and sheer pieces. The collection appeals to me in ways I never thought possible - I know most of us tend to reject that outback/ bush image that non-Australians seem to think of us and here I am falling in love with a designer who's based her look on just that. No, we don't have snakes in our backyard and we don't ride kangaroos to school, but whatever 'Australia' might look like to anyone, even us, I would be so proud to show this off to anyone who asks.

Akubra hats off to you Sara. 

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