A+ for Michelle Williams who has the right mix of sophistication and femininity in this lovely ensemble. The layered rara skirt and black bow belt exude this cutie pie look while the crystal embellished bodice is so stylishly elegant. And to top it off, her cropped cut conveys that classic Hollywood glamour slash 'I'm a mature female actress and you should take me seriously' vibe. She's so classy here, I do love a good cocktail dress which manages to have the same effect as a full blown slightly OTT Oscar gown.
The illusion of the high waist is also what intrigues me (also that my year 12 formal dress resembled a less awesome version of this dress). Either Michelle Williams is of the tall build or it's the high waist because there is no way that dress should end so high above the knees. Especially because it's tiered you expect to at least hit the knees but it finishes 'streets ahead' (I've been watching Community far too much this week). That's why I have this obsession with everything high waisted, skirts, pants, shorts, jeans, you name it. And I always tuck tops in. It makes your legs a little longer, which is perfect for short girls (even though it shortens the torso). The only thing I ask is that you have the right body to pull off the high waist - sometimes it can turn out horribly wrong and make you look more disproportioned.


Anne Hathaway just takes my breath away, she is shining like a star in Sydney for the Love & Other Drugs premiere (which I am super excited to see for three reasons 1) Anne Hathaway 2) Jake Gyllenhaal 3) Anne and Jake together) in Oscar de la Renta. This dress reminds me of champagne and sparklers. It's so simple and yet intricately stunning and Anne makes it look so effortless. She has the perfect body for a t-shirt dress style, it's not fitted but it still shows off her slender figure (can't say the same for me and my short legs). And I think the boat neckline makes it so subtly sexy, exposing just enough of her collarbones (and who doesn't love collar bones?) I used to associate sequins with Vegas showgirls or the my end of year dance concert costume from when I was seven but now I find myself eying everything from sequinned blazers to skirts. Along the way it somehow lost its tacky association and found itself on the runways and red carpets. As long as it's done with sophistication and elegance like Anne here, I'm all for it!