Elle for Love/ L for Love? Get it? I just got excited coming up with what will potentially be my punny-est blog title ever. I'm sorry I have to blog about her for the third time this month but I really can't help it, she's everywhere! Here's something a little different to her grandma-chic, playing dress ups shoot with Marc Jacobs. Elle's on the cover of Love magazine #6 looking ever so eerie and a little sinister. She looks like she could pass off as a possessed child on the Exorcist. This is so fitting for her, using her doe like stare and blonde innocence not as anything Lolita-esque but rather for a supernatural themed issue. I really love that blue hue/ shadow that falls on her and her right hand. And the dark eyebrows contrasting her blonde hair. Did anyone else notice the tears falling down her face? A haunting image.

This is just one of the six covers to be featured this issue. Be interesting to see who features and if their shots are just as chilling.


There's something about a shorts suit. It has this mix of 'hey it's really hot so I'm going to wear shorts' but 'I still want to look stylish and best dressed worthy'. I can't quite figure out it's appeal but whatever it is I'm all for it! Rachel Bilson did it last week on the streets and now Zoe Saldana has taken it to the red carpet and she's rockin' it. I always thought matching jackets and bottoms would be a bit full on but she's broken up the dark army graphic print with a clean white v neck tee. The shorts and jacket would work just as well on their own but I have no objections with them together. It's a really chic casual outfit but the fact the suit is Balmain means I'm a little more serious about this than I look. She's teamed it with some very cool matching Brian Atwood pumps, envelope clutch, minimal jewellery and a messy bun to finish. I love when you see something that goes against what you thought was 'acceptable' in fashion so you have to re evaluate your 'values' (so to speak). As much as I love this look (and it's making me want summer to come around even more!), I don't think I'll be going out and buying a matching shorts suit anytime soon. I'd best leave that to the pros.

Do Ya Like - Childish Gambino

I've been at home sick for the last two days (I've lost my voice in the process) just getting some well deserved R&R before I start my no break semester 2 (3 days uni/ 2 days work/ 2 days interning). Gosh I hate public transport and walking around in the early morning/ late afternoon. I swear that makes your immune system 100 times worse.  


Source: Sincerely Jules

Ever since I saw Jules with these heels I just knew I had to have it. Enough heel to give me some much needed height but hopefully still comfortable and relatively easy to walk in. I really love the ankle strap. Especially after seeing them on Chloe flats and heels. They just add a little extra something (plus I'm sure they help reduce the heel slippage).

Luckily Steve Madden lives in Westfield Pitt St so I won't have the hassle of buying it online. Downside is, I have to wait for three months until the summer collection drops. And it's going to be at least $50 more expensive. Hey, what happened to the $US being equal to $AUS? Even Apple's jumped on that bandwagon and changed the prices of their apps and music. Honestly, the amount they mark up our goods is ridiculous. How can NARS foundation be $40 in the US and $99 here? And a Mulberry Bayswater $1600AUS compared to £675RRP (which is around $1100AUS). As much as I love online shopping I hate waiting for my package to arrive in the post and sometimes the shipping costs are so unreasonable. And I run the risk of having something not fit or look like the way I thought it would and then having to pay more to ship it back. First world problem...

Childish Gambino - Freaks and Geeks
(Of course Donald Glover/ Troy from Community is a rapper!)


Lately I've been going through phases of what I think I need most in my life. For a while it was shoes, then makeup and now denim. Although winter is slowly but surely drawing to a close (what am I saying we still have a month, it must be all the S/S collection drops edging me on) I still feel like my denim supply needs a bit of improving.

Enter sass & bide Lovestate cropped denim who have done their own take on the coloured denim trend. I'm a little conservative when it comes to colours - I like to know that I can wear something for years on end so of course I picked the mustard. I've been looking for a pair of mustard/ camel/ beige jeans but they've all ended up looking like either a) the colour of my skin b) like horse riding jodhpurs because they're too skinny. But I have nothing bad to say about these jeans. They're a little on the slouchy side -the girls at s&b recommended to go a size down (lucky for me though I'm a size 24 so I really have no choice) but they're cropped, which we all know is a godsend for shorter girls.

I love them to death already, they're bright enough to get noticed but also to gain the comment 'for a second there i thought you weren't wearing pants'. Yes I will be wearing denim this summer.


Hailee Steinfeld, what happened to you? She somehow emerged out of that awkward Miu Miu campaign looking like a mature young lady. Looks like she's out to prove a point. This outfit had validated her position as the face of a fashion house (somewhat on parr with Elle Fanning now). I still remember seeing her wearing tulle princess dresses at events and here she is wearing a shift dress that finishes just above the knee.  Sophisticated and graceful. Is she in the middle of a growth spurt? Because she looks a little taller too. Otherwise she wouldn't have been able to pull off this dress? I just love the peach colour and the matching shoes, so feminine and classic Hollywood glamour. And the beaded Peter Pan collar? Ah-mazing! 

On the other end of the age spectrum is Diane Kruger who never fails to hit the best dressed list for any event she attends. She looks equally as stunning as Hailee (if not better). She's so poised in her long sleeve, high neckline dress.  And she executes that midi length with ease - she succeeds where everyone else would have failed. Gold and white detailed floral sleeves are the statement as she pairs her (not so) LBD with black heels. It's so simple and yet it works so well. But then again, it is Diane we're talking about.

Thank you whoever helped me hit 8 followers! I would love to get to 10. And maybe some more on bloglovin' too. Pretty please.


Chloe Fall 2011 RTW from style.com

Now I'm no makeup guru (in fact I rely on two high school friends and get their recommendations for brands and products etc.) but I couldn't help but post about this trend after seeing it on WhoWhatWear. Last year when I interned at a PR company, I started writing media releases for makeup trends and the first one that I completed was actually about bronze eyes. It went really well and it's probably one of my favourite releases to date, so I dashed out to my nearest MAC store and bought bronze/ copper eyeshadow and paint pot.

I love this trend for two reasons, firstly because it's super easy to pull off and secondly because it's so flattering. I don't see a skin tone or hair colour that it wouldn't suit (it's comforting that Liu Wen looks killer with her copper eyelids). It really brings out your eyes, makes them look bigger and accentuates your brows. It's also perfect for summer - quick and easy for a casual bronzed glow, or add black liner to your top lid and mascara for a heavier night look.

Simple right?

P.S. I am on a high from the Lion release (I love when Apple announce new products or updates, I think it comes with the job). If you have a Mac, go and upgrade from the Mac app store. You won't be disappointed.


I think my monthly (more like weekly) Rachel Bilson fan girl post is more than overdue. Stumbled upon these images last night while battling with myself over whether to buy my own pair of pink shorts from Gary Pepper Vintage. I think Miss Bilson wearing these is a sign if I ever saw one! I can't wait to get my pair in the mail (hopefully) tomorrow and try them on for size. I wish I could re create this look - I have a pair of Newbury lookalikes from Nine West but they're this Taupe colour so a little harder to wear with this combo. It's amazing how versatile these ankle boots are (make me want them that much more!) I would have thought they were purely for winter time, but I've seen her (and Kate Bosworth) rocking it with shorts, skirts and jeans. And somehow they just work. I love this outfit (I know I say this every time), the pink shorts liven things up a whole lot! Rachel seems to make shorts work in every situation and occasion. It's summer casual meets meeting chic. The blazer means business, but the shorts say I'm a fun, easy going girl who won't take things to seriously. Teamed with classic wayfarers, asphalt Newbury booties and quilted Chanel bag, it's all class but very laid back at the same time. Loves it!

This is my other song on repeat for the night. Just a heads up, I'm predicting this song to be Triple J's Hottest 100 song of the year so get listening!

somebody that i used to know | Gotye (feat. Kimbra)


Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo, Acne knit, Acne Pistol Boots

Stuck in front of a computer display with writers block, I decided to re evaluate my current wish list which went a little something like this. I'm still stuck in winter mode even though designers and publications are looking towards the warmer months. See I'm heading to Japan for two weeks in February and it's going to be freezing so I want to be prepared a) for the weather and b) for the photos. Call me superficial, but I do not want to be stuck in a daggy winter coat, have photos taken of me wearing these said daggy clothes and then posted up on Facebook and immortalised in an iPhoto photobook. I would like to travel in style! It's partly because I want to post some personal style pics up here and you can never avoid photos on holiday, but I'm just too lazy to take them on a regular basis.

I have really bad self control. I tell myself I should buy all these winter woolies now so I'll be prepared for the cold. But the logical (and fun) way would be just to save up all my money and then spend it overseas. But what happens if I don't find anything I like? Complete lie I know. And as for the Hillier, the shape makes it the perfect hang on the crook of your elbow bag. Plus seeing a couple of fashion magazine girls has made me want it even more. Possible birthday present to self?

I'll leave you with some ear candy. I'm obsessed with this song (although this style of music isn't really my thing) this is just a whole lot of fun - especially to rap to and dance around in your room in, trust me.

Super Bass | Nicki Minaj

Apologies for the super self centred post. Regular blogging will ensue.


Images from SEEVIVIER

Stumbled upon Claire Vivier while perusing Capture the Castle this morning and fell in love with her clutches. A short while back I posted about my obsession with clutches and Claire's designs are fall right into that category. The clutches are a halfway point between the affordable American Apparel carry-all's and the unaffordable Celine's. Of course they come in a heap of different colours and the contrasting zip really gives it that finishing touch.  Claire's released a line of foldovers (or as the guys at work call it, 'the pencil case') that are super statement - neon zips and bright pebble texture leather that are perfect for any occasion. I love my AA taupe clutch, it's the perfect little day bag when you're running errands and all you need is your wallet, keys, phone and lipgloss (it surprisingly works with a varsity jacket) or if you're out for drinks or a dinner date. If you're not really a bag girl, this style is definitely the one for you. Simple, easy and very chic.

What really caught my eye were these amazing 'la pouchette' envelope style clutches with a neon stripe. A classic, clean, sophisticated style clutch is brought up to date with this pop of colour right down the middle. Perfect for summer and colour blocking. So tempting.

Go see for yourself!


1. Mulberry Bayswater
2. Chloe Paraty
3. Balenciaga City
4. Givenchy Nightingale
5. Alexander Wang Emile Tote
6. Chanel 2.55

So at the ripe age of twenty (in under a month) I feel like it's time for me to purchase my very first designer handbag. Right now I'm living off my Longchamp pliage 24/7, it fits my laptop and it's waterproof - the perfect uni/ intern bag. But I need something a little more glamourous and luxurious in my life (people watching the fashion directors and editors at the SW media showings gave me a wake up call). My boyfriend cannot fathom the idea of spending $1000+ on a leather bag, but i say if you're going to keep it in your wardrobe for the rest of your life and possibly pass it on to your daughter then it is probably one of the best investments you will ever make (not entirely true...).

I managed to narrow it down to six (actually five, but six looked better layout wise). I'm actually saving the Chanel bag for next year, my best friend and I plan on buying it for each others' 21st. I'm looking for an everyday carry-all tote that I can hold on the crook of my arm or my shoulder. Most likely in a black/ brown/ grey/ neutral colour so it can work with every outfit. At present I'm favouring the Emile tote and the Bayswater but this is probably due to change constantly up until the time I buy it. I was hoping to get one for my 20th this year, but there's no way I can save up enough money with the hours I'm working. So I've decided wait it out until next year when I go to Japan in February. With a little research Jack and I found out all the labels have their own standalone stores in Tokyo as well as a Barney's department store so I should hopefully be able to try them out while I'm there. This makes me all the more excited for my holiday where apparently a Burberry trench coat must be bought also. Now all that's left to do is save... 

Let me know which one you would choose!

Note: If I had money to throw away, the Hermes Birkin would top my list. Also the Celine shopper was up there, up until Jack told me the handles and the zipper looked like a face, a Furby to be exact (it actually does, it cannot be unseen). So I think if I ever got one, he'd laugh every time he saw it.


Emma Roberts' outfit is making me wish it were summer again. I personally find it much easier to dress in summer than to have to worry about keep warm and looking good in winter. I love the white shirt dress teamed with an Hermes belt (I would die for), suede black wedges and a Proenza Schouler  maroon satchel bag. Not to mention the Miu Miu bags in her hands. Such a classic look.


Source: Tom & Lorenzo

Elle Fanning for Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2011. Shot by Juergen Teller. Elle Fanning is probably the most mature thirteen year old around. Which I know bothers a lot of people, considering she's modelling clothes that are meant for mature women. They say she looks like she's raided her mother's closet, she looks uncomfortable and out of place. Call it what you will but I think she looks stunning - fresh-faced, windswept and that innocence only someone her age could have. Certainly more confidence than Hailee Steinfeld in her Miu Miu campaign. I suppose I'm looking at it aesthetically and I'd say it works for me. Also because I have great admiration for someone who can solidify her position as a style icon well before the age of sixteen. Perhaps from a marketing perspective, it would be all wrong. Doesn't really capture that target market all too well. And then there are some who see its Lolita-esque qualities... honestly people, just because a young girl pouts or stares directly at the camera, doesn't mean it has sexual connotations. It's called modelling!

S T Y L E S T A L K // R H W

I cannot fault Rosie Huntington Whiteley's style in any way. She has that model off duty look down pat and just keeps killing it on the streets and on the red carpet. I love that she (or her stylist) knows what looks best on her lean slender supermodel bod and just works off variations of the skinny leg jeans + loose sweater/ tee combo. And the way she rocks the fedora and sunnies just to add a little bit of mystery to the hottest girl in Hollywood. Eying her arm candy as well, especially her rose gold studded Rocco duffle bag. I have no idea what her acting skills are like, but with a face and wardrobe like that, who cares? 


Firstly I must apologise for my absence in the last couple of weeks. You'd think that uni holidays means more blogging, but it turns out i'm at my blogger best when I'm procrastinating from homework and assignments. To be honest I've been quite busy these days, settling down at a new (and exciting) internship which I'm hoping will be my foot in the door into the industry. I've been trying to work and get my savings up, go the gym, spend lots of time relaxing with my boyfriend and best of all catching up on some sleep. Somewhere along the way, I lost the motivation to blog and I wasn't quite sure what to blog about either but I'm working on it.

I must say I've taken a liking to Karen Walker sunglasses (probably just me subconsciously jumping on the bandwagon) but I really like the slight cat-eye esque/ 50's style frames. I've always been a Rayban Wayfarers' girl (classic so you know it'll last you for a lifetime) but I think these are still super chic, retro-inspired and a little outside the box. Perfect if you dress top to toe in basics. Nothing like a pair of statement eyewear to finish an outfit.