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Word is in the accessory world it's all about the wrist - bracelet, bangle, cuff and watch stacking. This is certainly one of the easier and more translatable trends to pull off, as I'm sure everyone has some beaded or friendship bracelets lying around. Mix your colourful friendship bracelets with zen beads, knotted leather, gold chunky chains and silver studded cuffs. Even doubling up on watches is becoming the new 'cool' - why you need two watches on the same hand is beyond me but it seems this trend is on aesthetics and not practicality. There are no rules as far as what can and can't go together, the effect here is colour and layers... lots of it! It's very reminiscent of childhood days, with a wrist full of friendship bracelets, beads and charms. It seems like there isn't a particular style to attach to this wrist action trend, you could be wearing Celine pants or denim cut offs. Part boho, part surfer, part punk, it just depends on how you mix and match all the bracelets you've collected over the years. And the great thing is it doesn't require you to splurge. The best and most unique bracelets can probably be found at the markets. 


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Gucci 2011 Fall RTW. Honestly this is the most amazing thing I've seen all week. I fell in love with this collection when it first hit the runway and ever since then I've been anticipating its debut on the red carpet. And now it's finally here. Gosh doesn't she just look stunning? I don't know what her acting skills are like but boy can you tell she's a Victoria's Secret angel. The face, her look and her killer long legs. This is the perfect dress for her figure. Love the black mini under a sheer black maxi, it's such a statement. And the delicate silk crepe floral detail just give it that something extra. Gosh I love everything about it - the revealing sheer maxi, the thin belt to cinch the waist, the yellow-y mustard colour, the layered silk crepe, the one shoulder style and the intricate 3D floral detail. It's such a fitting dress for someone who's really starting to emerge as a style icon - Rosie's been  appearing on best dressed lists all year and her street style is also something to be admired. Would have been that much better if she had her hair pulled back or up so it doesn't get in the way of the floral shoulder piece like they did on the runway but it's still an incredible look. Love!


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Gee it's not enough that Rumi Neely is extremely stylish, but she has to own both etoile Isabel Marant knit sweaters. It's people like her that make me so desperate and needy for money to revamp my wardrobe. Then I sound like a greedy monster before my boyfriend, my mother (or some television ad) remind me that I'm actually quite fortunate to have such luxuries and could use the 'wasted' money to save up for something. See that's the thing - fashion is an industry created out of 'wants' and desires, to look good in front of others and to be better or own more than everyone else. It's kind of terrible when you think about it, women spending a tonne of money on designer handbags or shoes when there are people in third world countries dying of starvation. And yet we still love it all the same and it's a market that has been thriving and constantly growing for decades.

So after that little guilt trip thinking about your last big splurge and all the other things you could have done with that money, here's some more pictures of that 'it' sweater we're all lusting over. 

T R E N D I N G // C A T E Y E

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Totally on board with this cat-eye sunglasses trend, which I'm guessing will hit our shores this spring/ summer (and by that I mean being massed produced by some of our chain stores). I'm into the more subtle, swoop style - nothing too bold although if that's your style I suggest checking out Alexander Wang. My picks are Tom Ford and House of Harlow either in a classic black or dark tortoise shell - super easy to work into your outfit or colour palette and are definitely a statement by themselves. Very retro chic being 50's/ 80's inspired but at the same time very urban, modern and uber stylish. It seems that the huge frames work on any face shape and although it may look like it's somewhat engulfing your face, I actually think it's half of the effect (plus it'll protect more of you from dangerous UV rays). Now if only the sun would come out and then spring would roll around. Or perhaps I can go with the sunglasses at night/ in winter trend. 


Seeing a couple of these photos appear on my dashboard on Tumblr, I found it hard to believe it was Elle Fanning. Because how can a 13 year old exude more confidence, style, flair and grace than me? I have 7 years on her and she's already got the upper hand. If this is what she's like now, imagine what she'll be like when she turns 18. All things aside, I absolutely adore this editorial in Marie Claire - she looks fresh faced, sophisticated and absolutely stunning. Gosh she even looks like a model especially in that shot in the fuchsia Lanvin dress with the mesh headpiece.

I'm actually starting to favour her over her older sister Dakota. Not that I've seen any of her work. She just has this sort of baby faced, old school blonde bombshell look, especially in these black and white images - very Brigitte Bardot/ Twiggy. But the coloured images are my favourite in this set, especially the one where she's wearing all gold. So chic. I was reading Tom & Lorenzo the other day and they were discussing these shots and some of her other editorials particularly in Blackbook magazine, some readers saying a thirteen year old shouldn't be all made up, wearing high heels and designer clothing. I don't think she's being sexualised at all, not in this Marie Claire editorial anyway. I think it's hard to not look the way she does in these pictures - she's featured in a magazine aimed at adult females not girls her age. It's high fashion. And it's not like guys will pick it up to read it anyway. And if you compare her to some of the young celebrities out there. She's not running around in cut up singlets and denim shorts at parties and mixing with older people. She still very much maintains her integrity in an industry where its easy to succumb to such pressures.

Sure she may not look her age in this shoot, but I don't think she's trying to act like someone she's not. And that's the most important thing right? She's just a thirteen year old dressing up in expensive clothes, getting dolled up and having fun.


Some serious Chanel love right here. First Kirsten Dunst at Cannes Film Festival making her comeback on the red carpet and the silver screen and now Blake Lively at the Green Lantern premiere. Both from different Spring Couture collections but featuring gorgeous sheer skirts. That look has been popping up all over the place, on the runway and in real life. I'm seeing a lot of black sheer maxis sold online - definitely an upcoming trend alert. I have to say I'm more of a fan of Kirsten's look, the delicate pink lace detail is so feminine and elegant. And the pink belt at the waist really gives her definition and lets the skirt just fall at her feet (in the runway shots, the dress looks a little more free flowing). She tops it off with an updo and a 'Heidi' braid. Very Grecian goddess, so ethereal and becoming of the amazing actress she is (back in the day I used to idolise Kirsten).

Blake, gorgeous as usual but her style makeover has had me a little confused. Last year she was all sexy seductress, flaunting her curves and her figure (it was either her cleavage or or slender legs) but recently she's become more conservative and mature in the way she dresses. The flower applique just doesn't suit her personality, it's too airy fairy and not like her at all (I keep thinking someone like Dakota or Elle Fanning would look amazing in it). Perhaps I still see her as Serena van der Woodsen or maybe that she rocked that femme fatale look so well. It might have something to do with her being the face of Chanel's Madmoiselle line (I read in one of those gossip mags that people were unhappy with Lagerfeld's choice as her 'all-American girl' look cheapens the brand/ range) so maybe she's trying to sharpen up her image. Still not sure what to think of it, but for now it will do.


Things I really want but will never have:
1. Isabel Marant cableknit sweater

Sadly, I don't even think these exist in stores anymore.


Has anyone else been into Gorman recently? And were you just as taken aback by their Winter collection as I was? I was in heaven. Coats, knits and winter woolies galore. And you know how serious I am about my knits. What's not to love about this? You've got your staple  black blazers, skirts and tights, mixed in with some pops of colour in rust (my colour of the season), yellows, mustards and terracotta oranges. And then in spots, stripes, lace, colour blocking and some unique prints. It's part boho meets hippie meets festival meets exotic with a bit of edge and a whole lot of flair. Not to mention all the headgear - the scarf turned headband turned turban. About half the collection is on sale already. You'll seriously have to go in and see for yourself.


Source: Vogue

Emma Watson forever immortalised on the cover of Vogue US... flawless.

What an incredible editorial shot by Mario Testino. Loving the styling and the setting with all the reflective mirror surfaces, the platinum golds, silvers and oranges. And Emma's defined brows and glossy dark red lips. I didn't expect the hair slicked back to look so good either. It's amazing how well it suits her (it seems to me that she can rock absolutely anything!) My favourite shot is the one where she's wearing the Tom Ford chain mail top and skirt. And that Prada dress in the last shot? So fierce! She looks like the swan queen.


Images from Pedestrian TV

Summer + Basics = Bassike. How can you say no to great quality, soft and comfy, Australian made basics? If I'm ever stuck with what to buy, i'll always go back to basics. You can never fault them plus they'll never ever go out of fashion. I'm a huge fan of Bassike (but only recently discovered the store at the Intersection) and I cannot wait until Summer comes around again. The cold weather is killing me (and I think I'm getting sick). Some amazing utilitarian chic day to night pieces in their Summer 2011/ 2012 collection especially the minimalistic clean whites mixed in with some bright fun yellows, watermelon, dusty pinks and baby blues.  Perfect to style with denim cut offs or black bandage skirts. I'm already eyeing the muscle singlet and no doubt they'll come in a range of colours to suit anyone's needs.


After many a visit to the Ksubi store, phone calls back and forth, patiently waiting for Harper's to return them from a shoot and a battle between some guy named 'Kevin' who wanted the same pair, I finally landed myself my first pair of Ksubi jeans! And let me tell you they are ah-mazing. These are the Elle Aye La Femme's - they have a black wax type finish to them and they're cropped so they're perfect on vertically challenged people like myself because they're just the right length! And they're super skinny and so flattering. Just a little something different than your average black skinnies. There aren't many around either (that's why I had to fight for one of the last 24's I could find in stores - although My Catwalk has a few). Worth every last cent of my pay. I've been wearing them three days in a row. Love!


Lately I've been really disenchanted with what's in stores at the moment (I've tried shopping multiple times last week and I just don't see anything that catches my eye or stops me in my tracks - maybe I've lost inspiration or perhaps I'm just more conservative since my hours got cut back at work). I've resulted to hitting the online stores which has been a little more successful than my shopping and market trips. I did a little bit of digging and discovering since I found that my usual go to online stores (ASOS, Topshop, Nastygal, Market HQ, Storets, My Catwalk, The Grand social etc.) had nothing of interest either! So thanks to some major procrastinating and delving through Lookbook.nu and other street style bloggers, I bring you a short list (in no particular order) of online stores to check out!

Spanish Moss: I love the look and feel of this store, a lovely mix of clothing and accessories photographed and styled to perfection. It's very boho/ hippie chic especially with its necklaces and rings. They showcase some great one-off unique vintage pieces as well so if you're sick of trawling through racks of clothing at vintage or second hand stores, Spanish Moss collected the best of the best.

Yayer: discovered via LLYMLRS, is a UK-based boutique featuring both vintage and new designed pieces for super affordable prices (everything is around £20 to £50). Right now they're flaunting the midi length and accordion pleated skirts in a bunch of art deco and tribal inspired prints as well as vintage blouses and singlets. It's really good basics in some unique prints and patterns so everyone is bound to find something they like! The only thing is that they're quick to sell out of their stock (every time they have a new drop of stock it goes within a few hours) so if you see something you like, go get it!

I Don't Like Mondays: These guys have been appearing all over the customised ad sections of webpages I visit, at first I thought little of it but I am so glad I finally decided to click otherwise I wouldn't have a T by Alexander Wang knit hanging up in my wardrobe. The US based store stocks brands like Cheap Monday, Obesity and Speed, Odeur and Savant - all basics and printed tees yet again (you know I love that stuff) that you probably won't see in stores. And best of all - free international shipping over $100!

Need Supply Co.: Another one of those online store you see web adverts for all over the place (namely Lookbook). They stock alot of brands you see everywhere like Cheap Monday, Style Stalker, Low Luv x Erin Wasson, Mink Pink and Jeffrey Campbell etc. but they have alot of great unknown or cult/ indie labels as well. I think part of what makes a online store that much better is the layout of the page and also the way they shoot the clothes. They have plenty of shots from all angles for every piece and also measurements and detailed descriptions (which alot of sites lack - I hate not knowing how long something is especially because I'm not model tall). 

I think I've only just touched the tip of the iceberg (I have been through quite a few but I only posted the ones I thought were quality), so if you have any recommendations for your favourite places to shop online, let me know :)
And thank you to all my new followers and comments left on my blog. You have no idea how much it means to me that people (besides my close friends) are reading and enjoying this. So keep them coming. Back to writing that darn essay! xo


It seems I have an obsession to own a fur vest (faux of course), so what? I don't know why, but lately I've been wanting a fur vest - nothing too over the top of course (maybe a black one with some highlights?), I don't want to look like I killed and skinned an animal for my outfit - who would ever want that, I don't know (But then again, all our leather handbags and shoes and such come from animals too...) Somewhere along the track I seem to have attached the image of an all work no play editor of a magazine/ PR agent/ model/ photographer/ writer etc. in the fashion industry with a fur vest, and that's an image I've always wanted to aspire to. There's just something about it... it just commands style, chic and class - not to mention it keeps you warm and it's super soft to touch. I'm finding the easiest way to work it into an outfit is over blacks - black tee, black wet leggings, heels and a contrasting clutch or handbag. Seems to work like a charm!

Not too sure where to pursue this fur phase, or even if I can at all. My boyfriend detests the idea of it (we went to Bondi over the weekend and he would pull me away every time I caught a glimpse of some faux fur). In fact the only fur he likes is this...

Just an ongoing joke we have. But I could really do with some pho to warm me up on a cold winter day!