The moment I saw this outfit in MX I knew I had to blog about it.  I'm no Doctor Who fan (nor sci-fi) for that matter but I certainly know who Karen Gillan is (because of a good friend I like to call Tumblr) and you should too. She's an actress out of the UK, best known for her role as Amy Pond starring alongside Matt Smith (also pictured above) but she's been captured at award shows, parties and events with some impeccable outfits. She's one of those cult actresses with unique style - think Carey Mulligan cross Alexa Chung cross Keira Knightly (I'm not even sure what associations I'm making anymore - it's two in the morning).  It's just in this picture but her face is so Emily Blunt right now - anyone else see it?

I think what really draws me to this outfit is the retro chic-ness of it all. The cadillac and co-star Smith with the slick hair, aviators and cuffed trousers are the perfect accessories to this deep rich Mulberry Spring 2011 dress. To me it invokes this nostalgia especially with the satine material - I think of Molly Ringwald Pretty in Pink (probably because I studied that last week in class!) but with this dash of rebellion like 'oh I'm going to wear vintage ankle boots and a leather belt with this just because I can.' And boy can she work it. She just has this wave of 'cool' surrounding her without even trying to be, look or act like she's hip, trendy and so fashion savvy.


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