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Research shows that good hair is a strong determinant of your mood for the day. Good hair = good day. That's not exactly scientifically proven, but I'm pretty sure I'd be well on the mark. No stranger to creating good hair daily, the folks at ghd have become a household name in all things hair stylers. They've recently launched a new section on their site called showcase, featuring articles, tutorials and videos on how to recreate runway looks and trending styles, because let's face it - there is so much more straighteners can do than just straightening and curling.

To celebrate the launch of this page, ghd have kindly offered one very lucky f&s reader the chance to win their very own limited edition ghd V Wonderland styler. The Wonderland styler packs a metallic punch in reflective shades of cool blue, lilac and teal, depending on the light and angle you hold it at.   The sparkling black plates make it super easy to straighten, curl or wave and heats up in no time. The styler comes complete with sectioning clips, protective plate guard and a travel bag that transforms into a heat mat. Just a little something to say thank you for your love and support over 2013 and to ring in another year in the bloggersphere. 

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DOROTA’s Resort 2014 collection explores ideas of dress codes and the luxurious nature of 1950’s cruise fashion. And so fitting, having just returned from a cruise, I’m taken back to the balmy days and breezy nights sailing the seven seas (and I really mean just the one). Though my cruise wardrobe was no where as cruise as it could have and should have been, it was really just loungewear and nothing quite as elegant and polished as DOROTA’s latest offering. Designer Dot Drabarek looks to the past to provide inspiration to a collection that is inherently still modern and fresh. A throwback to the relaxed charm of mid century Saint Tropez, the collection conjures dreamy images of afternoons by the seaside and afternoons sailing about luxury yachts.

Tennis whites, nautical stripes, feminine pleating, high waistlines and A line silhouettes are referenced throughout and centred around the hero piece - the cropped cami. The fabrications just as much a reflection of the time and occasion with floaty linen and cotton by day, transforming into textured blacks and blush lace by night. 

I’ve recently started watching Mad Men (why can’t all men dress like Don Draper?) and it had me thinking about what life would have been like during that time. They don’t make them like they used to. I can’t say I would have enjoyed the inevitable secretarial turned housewife duties (I’d much rather be a mad man myself) but if DOROTA’s collection is any indication of the lavish summers spent abroad, sign me up for the time machine.

Shop DOROTA’s Cruise collection here

down and out.

It's hard to believe that once upon a time, people considered navy and black to be a no-go colour combo because after black and white (followed closely by black and marle grey), I couldn't see a more fitting duo. I went navy with this boxy cropped top by up and coming Australian label, Arnley. Launched in 2011 when Kelly Sharples decided to make the switch from architecture to fashion, Arnley boasts polished, classic silhouettes with a modern edge focusing on relaxed tailoring and pure design elements. The swing crop epitomes the architectural yet feminine aesthetic through its wide sleeves which I surprisingly took a liking towards. And then there are my insanely versatile Asos shorts, one of the best purchases I made last year. I never had much luck with Asos, that is until I came across these bad boys. They've reproduced this winning style in a bunch of different colours, prints and textures and lucky for you most of them are on sale. I highly recommend getting yourself a pair - you can't be wearing denim cut offs all the time now can you?

island in the sun.

Believe it or not, there is actually a functional purpose to hats. After burning the top of my head with a day of snorkelling and kayaking, my obsession with hats is no longer stylistically driven. On a 15 day cruise, I armed myself with a Kate Sylvester baseball cap, panama hat and this ridiculously wide brimmed suitcase unfriendly/ inevitable carry-on hat. I was a little taken aback by the brim size, but let's be honest - bigger is better, especially when sun safety related. And if ever there was a time to wear an over the top hat, it's definitely when you're cruising around the South Pacific. 

Unfortunately when you're carting around headwear that enters triple digit territory, it's not all that practical when you refuse to take it ashore in the fear it gets damaged/ misplaced/ stolen. That's the problem when I pack for holidays. I'm always afraid of taking my nicer things in case anything happens to them but at the same time I yearn to be the 'glamourous' traveller and take fab tourist snaps that make your friends and followers on social media jealous. You dig? 

These pictures were taken on the beautiful Lifou, part of the Loyalty Islands (neighbouring New Caledonia). Known as a snorkelling destination, it did not disappoint. We snorkelled around Jinek Bay - which dare I say was actually better than the Great Barrier Reef. We pretty much played spot the characters from Finding Nemo while we were snorkelling and surprisingly found most of the species including clownfish and moorish idol (Gill) in Lifou. I realise that Finding Nemo is not an entirely accurate representation of marine life. 

cruising together.

Rhapsody of the Seas, our home away from home | Island life on Daydream Island | On the lookout, Lifou Island
Under the Sea, Isle of Pines | GoPro taking the best selfies at Cascade Waterfalls, Noumea | Finding Crush at the Great Barrier Reef 
Loving the floral arrangements and garlands from the locals, Isle of Pines | Having a Breakfast Club moment stand up paddle boarding, Noumea

So I've been off the grid for a little over two weeks and I have to say it's been extremely refreshing and reinvigorating. For someone who is glued to their phone every waking moment, the idea of being stuck on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean without internet access was a little daunting but in the end I didn't miss it one bit. 

I disappeared on a cruise with Jack and his family with ports in Queensland, Vanuatu and New Caledonia with plenty of sun, sea, snorkelling and sweltering heat. Let me just dispel the myth that cruises are for old people. Yes a majority of the activities on board are geared towards that demographic (though I did give bingo a serious go) but I would highly recommend it for anyone who needs to be forced to relax ie. me. You're literally floating in the middle of no where with absolutely no ties to the 'real world' with nothing to do but eat, swim, watch movies and sleep. Let's just say I had my fair share of morning and afternoon naps and multiple servings of desserts. The great thing about cruising is that that the journey itself is part of the holiday not a means of getting from one destination to another. 

Sailing back to reality, I'm desperate to be surrounded by the big blue again and get back into my water sports (snorkelling, stand up paddle boarding, sea kayaking, white water rafting - you name it I've done it) which I've come to realise I absolutely love about island getaways. Anyway I hope you all had an amazing break over Christmas and New Year. Determined to make the most out of 2014.