walk the line.

My last look from MBFWA was a black Theory tank with a white panelled hem. Not long after I scored this BeBe shift in the opposite colours. I'm really taking this minimalism/ monochrome/ two tone thing seriously. One of my greatest challenges in life (alright maybe just the style side of life) is trying to find a shift dress that doesn't make me look like I'm sporting a potato sack. It's not easy given my stature, but then again is it ever? The multitudes I've tried on have either too long and/or too wide so naturally I wasn't hopeful about this one. I was pleasantly surprised. #personalwin

I somehow managed to fuse 60's mod with western cowgirl on a tennis court (sorry I couldn't draw a link between any of these elements) but if you try hard enough you can imagine the sandy grass court is the dusty California desert... hey presto, we're at Coachella. And to top it off I threw a neon aztec embroidery bag for good measure. I spent my entire time in Bali trying to hunt down something like this (apparently it's Thailand that has them in the thousands, Bali had tie-dye and beaded bags. Take note) only to find it was a mere  click away.

And my final personal win for this outfit (ignoring my coveted Harrow boots, that story will come later) is my Lack of Color hat. It was just over a year ago I took a chance on a purple floppy brim, progressed to a structured khaki one (as a substitute for forking out for those Bec & Bridge akubras) and now I've finally graduated to the classic black. We belong together. Hats are definitely my thing. You should all know that by now. Now who knows where I can buy a hat stand? 

Photos by Christine Ai

PS. I don't play tennis in heeled booties and a hat. Snapped these up in between looks for a shoot I styled. I can't wait to share them with you - I think it's me and Christine's best work yet!

floral perspex.

The day I met Gabriel Lee, he was calm, collected but most of all, he was cool. In true Gabriel Lee style, he sported the blue basket weave Kenzo x New Era cap (the same one I spent a week hunting down) and New Balance kicks and I knew immediately, even with his back turned to me, that this was the Raffles graduate who had so ingeniously come up with baseball caps embellished with lace, flowers and perspex. Fresh off his winner of a collection at Fashion Week, Lee said all the exposure had made his schedule much busier but was glad to have the attention. Christine and I wasted no time contacting him, begging to shoot the incredible The Daughter of a Maid collection as soon as it came off the runway. But deep down inside, the two of us were most excited to wear his caps.

I actually got a bit giddy, opening the garment bag housing the precious cap. It's like when a king finally gets to wear his crown. As a true headwear lover, I can appreciate the creativity that went into the design of this cap, which in my opinion was the standout piece in his collection. Some days I like to wear caps, other days I prefer floral headbands but when one can't decide, the only logical thing to do is to combine both. A true balance of masculine and feminine but not in the traditional suiting sense. "But it doesn't actually protect you from the sun!" you say. In all seriousness, who actually wears a hat for its original purpose? I know I don't.

Please Gabriel, do us cap lovers a favour and launch your online store already!

Photos by Christine Ai

day 5. two tone.

Theory tank, J Brand boyfriend jeans, Dannika Zen wedges.

Ever since I stopped caring so much about what's hanging in my wardrobe, coupled by the fact that I'm not allowed to buy anything in an effort to save for my month-long exchange trip to China (so really I was forced to) I've been able to eliminate the daily I have nothing to wear dilemma. I've been revisiting old favourites and neglected buys and while my style hasn't been anything groundbreaking (monochrome colour scheme, jeans + sweater combos, silk shirts and Converse on constant rotation) I'm certainly feeling a weight off my shoulders which has given me time to concern myself with more important issues like uni assignments, exams and all that jazz. 

This look was a sign of things to come. I've flushed that side of fashion out of my system and made a return to minimalist ways. Taking up an internship that's not directly involved in fashion (though no matter where I go it always catches up to me. Hello Vogue!) and not needing to concern myself with wearing the latest and the greatest has been a huge help. I can still appreciate good style without having to try and constantly chase it. 

This Theory tank from Green with Envy was my favourite fashion week purchase. Not only does it have that high cut neckline I'm so fond of but it's double lined silk! That's a first. My mother wasn't one to prioritise form over function so she enforced the meaning of well-made clothing (she used to work as a seamstress in her teenage years) at the lowest price possible. Let's just say that $110 paper thin Sass & Bide tee wasn't her favourite thing in my wardrobe. She still thinks that you can buy decent leather boots for under $70. Good luck with that one. While she's sadly never been a huge influence on my style, at least she's taught me that it's alright to fork out the big bucks as long as it's quality and long lasting. Thanks mumma. 

Photos by Christine Ai

liuk the label.

Photographer: Christine Ai | Model: Aimie Moynihan
Stylist: Melissa Ong | Hair and Make Up: Yenn Xin
Photography Assistant: Andrew McIntyre

"Dreams can be fleeting and should be attempted whilst there is courage." Amen to that. Graduating from the Fashion Design Studio (the same one that launched the design careers of Dion Lee, Christopher Esber and Romance was Born) then working for countless years as a design and production assistant, sampling co-ordinator and pattern maker across casual and couture labels, Krystal Liu decided it was time for LIUK to come into fruition.  "There will never be a perfect time to start a dream."

Only into its second season, LIUK is a modern classic. Organic, unexpected and relaxed are three words Krystal used to describe her winter collection made purely from silks. Subtle draping, refined tailoring and sophisticated cut outs with bare backs framed by crepe flounces (nothing like showing a bit of skin), dictate an exploration of simple and pure ideas in design. 

I was approached by Krystal (who conveniently ended up living in my neighbouring suburb) and jumped at the chance to be able play with pieces from her A/W offering. I teamed up with my one and only, Christine who lensed the mini editorial where we contrasted soft fluid shapes against architectural clean lines (and for anyone that thinks this looks familiar, yes this is UNSW).

When asked what she wants LIUK to look like in five years Krystal said, "I want LIUK to be well established in Australia and hopefully popping up in stores all over the world with a solid base of customers. A physical boutique would be perfect too so I can give customers a more intimate experience of the brand."

All pieces stocked at The Grand Social.

august street style edit.

August Street Olivia top & Taylor skirt.

Apologies for falling off the planet after fashion week. It's come to that time of the semester again where the uni work is piling, I'm struggling to keep up to date and today I start a new internship that chews up two out of the no days I have free every week. How I managed to juggle uni, part time work, interning for three years is beyond me. Thankfully I only have a semester and a half left of this manic life. Is it depressing that my light at the end of the tunnel is the promise of a full time job with weekends. Oh weekends how I've longed for you. 

To be completely honest, my involvement with all other aspects of my life has taken its toll on my outlook towards fashion and the industry. It might have something to do with my new found obsession for running and all things fitness related but my wardrobe + blog has not really been feeling the love. Plus I have to save up for my trip to China in July so I'm trying to avoid spending any money. I'm struggling and it's only day four. 

I was asked by August Street to style my favourites from their upcoming winter collection earlier this week and it completely reminded me of what fashion should be. Serious is not one of them, fun is. I surprised myself by picking out this top which I didn't think was me at all and turned it into a look I would actually wear out. Headwear always helps. Check out me trying to be all bad ass baller over at  the August Street blog.