Caslazur bomber, Theory tank, ASOS shorts, Isabel Marant sneakers, Karen Walker sunglasses, 3.1 Phillip Lim bag. 

With the weather acting a little bipolar lately (I got caught out in the pouring rain this morning and in the middle of summer), I haven't been able to leave the house without my trusty bomber (tied around the waist when not required). It started with my classic black Acne bomber that I acquired around my birthday and was a little afraid of not being able to get enough wear out of it until next winter. How wrong I was. 

If you're a long time stalker of this blog, you'll know that colour or prints aren't really my thing but there is something inherently cool about this Caslazur number. Maybe it's the charm of the draped silk bomber or the bold graphic look-a-little-closer-print that is really made up of skulls, bugs, bones and teeth. Or my growing fascination with voodoo (and witchcraft) induced by watching all that American Horror Story Coven. 

My apologies for the long intervals between posts. Work is just crazy busy and by the time I get home after my hour commute all I want to do is sleep. Eat, sleep, work, repeat. That's basically my routine right now. Somehow I will find a way to include blog and exercise in there.

label love. caslazur.

There's something about the casual, easygoing vibe of VaVa Voodoo that had me from the very start. My interest in Caslazur began with the loose denim boyfriend short, then the silk bomber tied around the waist styling, to the slouchy pants and then possibly the addition of the Birks (which I am still on the fence about but I couldn't see these looks styled with anything but that). Channelling the effortless style and quintessential cool that is Bondi Beach (I can definitely attest to this), designer Cassie Snelgar has combined elements of her past and present to create a very wearable, diverse collection. You know I'm not a prints kind of girl but I'm totally okay with the supernatural voodoo references (probably had something to do with all the American Horror Story: Coven I've been watching) and the skull and bones detailing of Cassie's hand drawn graphic prints is one to really appreciate. I was lucky enough to speak with the talented Cassie to find out more about her voodoo meets beach/ surf culture inspired collection. 

You started out making scarves and your label eventually evolved to a fashion label. What has it been like transitioning from a sort of one-dimensional medium to a multi-faceted one? 

CAS: CASLAZUR evolved from textiles and scarves into fashion organically. I love exploring mediums for design and creativity, so trying my hand at new things is something which I find really fun and challenging. Sometimes they work out, sometimes they don't, and in those cases it is important to remember that I have a security safe in my garage where I can hide them! Creating a fashion label from scratch definitely takes a lot of energy and sacrifice - but the excitement you feel when you see your clothes on amazing women like Kylie Minogue or Jen Hawkins makes it all worthwhile.

Caslazur has really made a name for itself because of its signature prints. Talk us through the print you've created for this collection. 

CAS: I started as a textile designer for other labels so this is an area where I feel really comfortable and have a lot of fun. With VAVA VOODOO I was wanting to create a fresh interpretation of the voodoo aesthetic, something glamorous and intoxicatingI wanted to use them as a way of adding a slightly macabre, exotic glamour to the collection. The skulls, bones and chains of teeth all come from spells to bring love and good fortune.

Voodoo isn't exactly a practice associated with our culture. Where did the Voodoo inspiration come from?

CAS: I grew up in South Africa and our gardener was a Sangoma. I was terrified and fascinated by his rituals and artefacts when I was little. Now it is something which I love to explore on an aesthetic level. When I moved to Sydney I was really inspired by the beach and nonchalant vibe of Bondi. The lifestyle inspired the shapes and attitude of the collection. Bringing in the Voodoo aesthetic was a way of fusing my roots with my new environment.

VAVA VOODOO is very much global in scope but still tailored to local style sensibilities. Do you identify more with your Australian side or do you see yourself more as a global citizen.

CAS: VAVA VOODOO is very strongly inspired by my Australian side, but I think it is clear to see the influence that my travels and life experiences have had on me, even in this collection. When I am in Sydney I feel very at home and I love to think of myself as an adopted Australian but with the amount of travel I am doing at the moment I would have to say that my citizenship status is very much a global one!

Your collection was inspired and designed on the doorstep of Bondi Beach. What are your favourite hangouts in the area? 

CAS: There are so many but my favourite hangout for breakkie has to be Bondi Picnic! I always order their fresh young coconuts and  poached eggs- it is a weekend ritual! For drinks and some delicious sliders you can't beat Bondi Hardware. It has such a cool, lazy vibe but there is still a really good buzz... many a drunken evening has been spent in that fine establishment! 

What are your style tips for the summer?

CAS: My biggest tip for a hot Australian summer would be to keep your style effortless, your face dewy-fresh, and your bikini close by! If there is a comfy shoe trend I am all over that- think New Balance sneakers in fun colours or Birkenstocks for day time. For easy glamour I love printed silks that go from beach to bar like our CASLAZUR Elula Pants or our Sangoma Kaftan. For any time of year- but especially in the heat of summer- if you can look cool and comfortable you will always stand out in the crowd. 

Shop VAVA Voodoo here 

better together.

A matching two piece has always been on the list for its obvious advantages. Two pieces that can be worn independently of one another but paired together to create an unexpected matchy-matchy look. Cost per wear makes a two piece set an attractive investment and especially when it's monochrome and oversized (and I can't overlook the mesh detail on the shorts).

For the most subtle offsetting of colour (not that you can really call it that) and probably my favourite shade pairing, I went for the very predictable black and navy in the form of this cool little leather clutch from the relatively new Young the Label. These sisters make some uber chic weekenders, totes, clutches and coin purses focusing on sleek lines and architectural detailing.

I've just wrapped up my first week of full time work and I am absolutely exhausted not to mention I've had no time/ energy to exercise. I've had incredibly long days (usually starting around 8:30 and finishing at 6:30) with a 90 minute commute each way. Now I know why people make such a big deal about the weekends. Having worked in retail for three years, I at last seeing the light. Enjoy your weekend lovers.

Shot by Andrea Lee 

one of the boys.

Antipodium shirt, Karen Walker sunglasses, YSL compact, Michael Kors watch, Tom Gunn brogues.

Thank god for menswear because without it we wouldn't have menswear inspired womenswear. After finally realised that I never truly outgrew my inner tomboy at the age of 10 I've noticing just how much of my wardrobe is pulled from menswear - the button up shirts, loafers, aviators, oversized sweaters, chinos, caps. Having a revelation about my personal style and my collection of menswear inspired womenswear (which also explains why I'm allergic to heels). Maybe Jack and I have more in common style wise than I initially thought. Over the last few months I've been bombarded with terms like wingtip, break/ no break, ticket pocket, unstructured, peak/ notched lapels that I feel like when Jack talks about his tailored suits he's speaking a foreign language. Who would have thought menswear could be so complicated? 

For your first foray into menswear inspired womenswear, you can always count on J Crew to deliver. Impeccable tailoring, luxe fabrics, styles taken from the boys but with feminine sensibility. I can't rave on enough about my boy shirt which is one of the best purchases I've made all year and cost me all of $85. As far as shoes goes, I'm currently obsessed with Tom Gunn. I've always had a thing for petrol green (in my opinion the most underrated colour) and I love seeing someone putting this hue to good use. And in other breaking news, here I am finding myself attracted to yet another leopard print accessory. Something's happening to me!


Do you know how hard it is for a 5'3 girl to find a tee shift dress that doesn't make you look like you're four again and wearing your dad's clothes? The number of shifts I've tried on only to be utterly disappointed because the hem hits mid calf and the shape does absolutely nothing for my frame, is too many times to count. I was pleasantly surprised when I took a chance on this digi-floral print shift and shock horror it actually fit. Or at least I think it's a shift. It could just be an oversized tee for tall girls. Props to you Kristi Rose, I found my needle in a haystack.

Speaking of shifts, if you stalk me on social media you'll know I landed my first full time job as a marketing/ PR coordinator. I can't believe how quickly everything's changed since my last post. Unsure about the future and what I wanted to do with my degree, worried about finding a job and here I am, after a week out of uni and already diving straight into 9 - 5 life. Transitioning between part time retail and my new job has been tougher than I initially thought especially when you tell your new employer you can work every day that you're not at your current job. I think I'm up to 11 days straight of work and I'm fast turning into a zombie. Kids, don't try this at home.

blue jeans.

Blue has always been one of my favourite colours even since I was a little girl. I was a tomboy at heart and my mother had painted my room a pale pink. It took some persistence but I managed to get it painted a nice sky blue (similar shade to Andy's room sans the clouds which now that I think about it would have been a great idea) and I forced my mum to only buy me bed sheets that are blue. To this day she's still kept her word. 

I still gravitate towards blues, navy and everything in between. Blue is basically the colour of my wardrobe (excluding black of course). Even the colour way of my pretty little Pashli is actually called denim. Speaking of denim, I've said it before but these Skin 5's are the perfect fit jeans. Resisting the urge to buy them in every other colour despite the fact it's (for the majority) far too warm to wear skin tight clothes. There's also nothing quite like a classic, clean, blue button up. Always appropriate, always fresh. Jack's intense growing interest in menswear has had a subconscious effect on my choices also. Crisp shirts, polished loafers. He's definitely giving me a run for my money in the fashion department. When he gets his tailored suits back, I'll prove it. 

Image by Christine Ai

it's not over.

It's official. After seventeen years, my formal education comes to an end... that is until I decide to return and do a postgrad degree. But none of that right now. Officially at the end of one chapter of your life and figuring out how to write another is a scary feeling. I've pictured the moment I finish university ever since I was in primary school and it was a little bit of a letdown. I've become accustomed to this uni/ work balance that I know nothing else. What exactly is relaxing? What do I do with all my spare time? *twiddles thumbs* All those readings, study notes, assignments, late nights, early mornings are no more. I can come home after work, jump into bed and not feel guilty about catching up on the Bachelor or the NBA. It's a glorious feeling. Until you realise you can't just continue your post-uni lifestyle without taking on responsibility.

The next step is trying to put that degree to good use. The job market isn't the greatest and that means grad positions are super competitive. For me, I'm still trying to figure out whether to go down PR or marketing, whether to stay in fashion or branch out. While I'm figuring all that out, I decided to treat yo self to a congratulationsonfinishingyourdegree present, a-la this Pashli mini (thank you generously for the donation ATO). I've had a close eye on the Pashli ever since it became the it-bag and I'm in need of an everyday cross body so I figure it was time I invested in one. I thought this denim colourway would be a good contrast to my darker wardrobe hues of navy and blue. Full outfit tomorrow!

Image by Christine Ai

off to the races.

Wish dress, Lack of Color hat, Alexander Wang heels, Comme des Garcons pochette.

I've never been to the races, nor do I think I'd actually enjoy it. Sometime about heels sinking into the grass and betting on a horse with the likelihood of losing (I think betting is a terrible way of throwing away money for no reason. At the very least save your coin for lunch). I assume a majority of the race-goers aren't that interested in horse racing either, they just want an excuse to dress up. Fair enough. Here's mine. Wish asked me to take part in their style challenge and I selected this little monochromatic number for the occasion. I don't think you've seen me in a dress before (I can't actually remember the last time I saw myself in one either) so here are to witness this groundbreaking occasion. I was drawn to the back detail and cut-outs, skirt splits and contrast panels and decided to put my own spin on Spring racing. I'm not used to the whole dress/ heels girly get up so I took it down a notch with a black hat (we are truly inseparable) and a smidge of red lipstick to match my CDG clutch. Tiff says I still managed to inject this look with my 'tomboy' style which sounds like I accomplished my mission. Racewear, my way. 

Shot and edited by Christine Ai.

PS. I'm going to start embedding songs that inspire the title of my posts. This one's from my girl crush Lana.

steal my sunshine.

Taking a quick study break from my 5000 word final essay from the last unit of my undergraduate degree (of which I am more than half way through, so don't worry I'm not doing it all the night before it's due) to bring you a procrasta-flatlay. A few weeks ago I found out I was going on a cruise over the New Year with Jack's family, visiting Brisbane, Cairns and Noumea. I am super excited because a) I haven't been on a holiday with Jack for over a year b) My parents are obsessed with cruises and keep telling me I have to go c) the opportunity to get healthy tan (though is a tan ever healthy?). While the prospect of lazing around doing absolutely nothing is somewhat appealing, we all know how restless I get when my mind is not worrying about at least ten things at once. I am however feeling like a kid at a candy store over the amount of choices I have for outdoor activities at our ports of call. There's something about recreational activities like snorkelling, horse riding, paddle boarding, kayaking and abseiling down a waterfall that just makes me giddy. Although holidays should be relaxing there's nothing like a once-in-a-lifetime experience to get your blood pumping; a-la white water rafting in Bali and hiking along the Great Wall in China. Preparations to jam pack my on land schedule are well underway. 

I've already envisaged my cruise carry-on/ summer wardrobe essentials which includes the following perfect seasonal finds thus far:
  • Acne grey marle v neck shirt, two sizes up from my usual.
  • The Rag & Bone denim shorts that aren't offensively short (no butt cheeks were harmed in the making of this garment) but still short enough to make my legs look long.
  • The shirt that looks like I borrowed it from my boyfriend but was instead purchased from J Crew.
  • NARS tinted moisturiser because your face is more than likely to melt off in the heat. The less time spent on your morning makeup routine the better. 
  • Superga aka the people's shoes of Italy. It's basically Converse but for the cool kids.
  • Strawberries and blueberries because that's all I'll be eating.
  • Nivea spray on sunscreen. The best. 
For my readers that hail from Melbourne here's a public service announcement regarding the Dion Lee sample sale. Score! Past season mainline and Line II up to 85% off starting from today up until Sunday at 368 Chapel Street, South Yarra. You know I'd be there if I could so you'll have to spend on my behalf. All the deets are here

changing of the seasons.

When you have an exam on Monday, a 5000 word essay due on Friday and it's your last semester of your degree, and you decide to spend your Saturday in Bondi/ Paddington, you might need to consider making better life choices. But alas I did, and paying the price of late nights and early mornings and a whole lot of stress, 'what if I fail' scenarios and overloading my tiny brain. Yes I've even had to forgo my precious gym routine in order to get this work done (though if I'd started earlier - which I promise I planned to do, I wouldn't be in this situation).

Yesterday I accompanied Jack to P.Johnson tailors to get fitted for his bespoke suits. In the last few months he's probably spent triple the amount on clothes that I have and he's on a mission to complete his perfect wardrobe of basics, suits and dapper accessories. I was absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of choices available, not only in colours, lining and buttons but also the way the shoulders, collar, sleeves and pants are cut. I felt like Andy in the Devil Wears Prada when she laughs at two belts that to the untrained eye look exactly the same, because I honestly could not notice any of the subtle differences and when asked for my opinion I was speechless. I guess I'll just leave menswear to the pros. 

Zara top, Latopic skirt, Lack of Color hat, Karen Walker sunglasses.

little things.

It's been forever hasn't it? I know, I know. You know you've been missing in action a little too long when a fellow blogger starts to question your existence (thanks for noticing Karen). Never fear my fashionable friends, I'm still alive and kicking. Just barely. Between finishing off my last semester at uni, increased hours at work and helping out at Basically Boutique, not to mention apply for full time jobs (do I really have to?), my mind is being pulled in fifty different directions at once. I have a 5000 word essay due next Friday worth 80% along with a ridiculously difficult Chinese exam standing between me finishing my undergraduate degree. As long as I don't fail. Hannah's reflection on life after uni and what's next captures my sentiments. For a while I've been dying to finish and get to a 9 - 5 routine but I honestly don't know if I'm ready for that just yet. 

I've been treating mo'self to some Aesop lately - the compact moisturiser to combat dry legs in the summer and the protective balm, which I've been holding out for for a month. The sales assistants were surprised I was so keen on a lip balm though in my defence I needed a new one and I figure I may as well add to my personal Aesop store. And yet another pair of sunglasses, this time in the perfect tortoiseshell that fit my flat Asian nose to a tee. 

Stilla CC Cream, Muji pen, Aesop protective lip balm and hand balm, Diva earrings and midi rings, Karen Walker sunglasses, Comme des Garcons pouch, Mad Love shorts.

it's a jungle out there.

My previous post was all about the eternal hold that black (and it's various lighter shaded friends) has over my style choices and here I find myself wearing not one, but two leopard/ tiger/ animal print pieces. Say it ain't so. I have a penchant for loose fit shorts - denim, leather, gym and now I guess leopard. They're about the one thing that make my legs look longer and less stumpy (excluding the painfully inconvenient high heel). With my 'basics' wardrobe looking, well, fairly basic, there's always room for the odd print or coloured piece to sneak it's way in unobtrusively when I'm feeling adventurous. But I've never been partial to leopard. It must be that horrible association to the tacky faux fur coats or poorly printed cropped tops/ leggings. Don't get me wrong, I've always wanted to own a pair of leopard loafers. 

Leopard dislike aside, the moment I saw Christine walking towards me sporting her Kenzo cap, which I had tried so hard to hunt down months earlier, I just had to knick it off her for our post-shoot shoot (stay tuned for our next collab). And that's the story of how I came into possession of a double animal print affair. A rare occurrence that might be the first and last time you see me looking like this. 

  Kahlo tank, MLM shorts, Rag & Bone denim jacket, Isabel Marant sneakers, Christine's Kenzo cap, Roc Eyewear sunglasses.

Images by Christine Ai

the new black.

Man Repeller book, Calvin Klein bra, Tibi tank, Asos shorts, Comme des Garcons wallet.

Black is the new black. Always has and always will be. Despite my efforts to diversify the colours of my wardrobe, half is black, and the other half is made up of black's little sister, brother and cousin, white, grey and navy. In saying that, at least my blacks (well the one's I've purchased recently anyway) are patterned - sheer, embossed and textured. 

I've been bedridden for the last few days with some weird undiagnosable combination of a migraine + stomach ache and just about the only thing I can do is read because computer screens hurt my head. Lucky Leandra has been keeping me company, with her hilarious antics, characteristic wit, brutal honesty and her love misfortunes. It's been a great read so far - I would have finished it in a day but I've been savouring it like I would a cupcake. Most effective (and more healthy) in smaller doses. It's officially available in Australia at the end of this month but I just wanted to be one of the first here to read it. As you do.

For my lovely Melbournian readers, if you feel like a night of all things style and Spring Racing (along with some bubbly) head over to SABA in Chadstone tomorrow night from 6 - 9pm. Presenter and blogger, Rebecca Judd will be in attendance offering her personal picks and style tips.  There's 20% off everything in store for one night only (more if you bring friends along), gifts with purchase and plenty more surprises. All the details are here on the SABA Facebook page!

boyish charm.

Tibi singlet, J Brand chinos, Superga sneakers, Kate Sylvester cap, Roc Eyewear sunglasses, Andeol backpack.

So it turns out after all these years of exposure to fashion, I'm still a tomboy at heart. I purchased the original Tibi staple cami (the cut looks awfully similar to Camilla & Marc and Nicholas) for its absolute easy and simplicity and wore it for the first time with high waisted shorts. Walking down Botany Road and having trucks horn you isn't really the most flattering experience and did little for my self esteem (contrary to what some men may think). Surprisingly I felt a little exposed and found myself hiking up the straps countless times, though this would probably explain why I feel most comfortable in muscle singlets and boxy tees. For my second wear I decided to mix it back with more boyish pieces - navy chinos, sneakers and a baseball cap (the same one I eyed at the Kate Sylvester runway earlier this year) and transforming it into a look that feels quintessentially me. You know how I said you'd have to bear with me until I started sharing looks that were closer to what I wear on a daily basis? Well here I am, in my element.   

Photos by Andrea Lee

white noise.

There are legitimate reasons why I shouldn't own white pieces of clothing. I'm not usually a clumsy person but put on anything shiny and new and I'm suddenly vulnerable to the worst kinds of spills and stains. I'm not even exaggerating, it's like whenever I wear something for the first time it has to be christened with a foundation blotch, spaghetti sauce, food splatter or oil stain. This Zara tank was no exception. It's not that I don't take care of my things - maybe I'm cursed? I guess once something precious gets its first sign of wear (and you do try ever so hard to preserve its condition), you forget about the item being brand new and just enjoy wearing it. So when it comes to a choice between black and white (I had to do this earlier in the week when I bought this Tibi tank), I will always choose black. It's for the best.

Zara tank, J Brand jeans, Alexander Wang sandals and tote.

Photos by Andrea Lee