karen walker forever.

One look and you'd know this came from genius Karen Walker and her signature eyewear range. Following on from the now iconic campaign featuring the young at heart, the second second chapter of the collection shot by Derek Henderson features four adorable, fashion forward, bug-eyed wide eyed kids aged three to five  sporting Walker's iconic designs in futuristic, bold shapes, and new colours. 

Walker says, "Kids and mature women are world's apart in age but this group share a thread of optimism and happiness." Encapsulating unbridled youthfulness, idealism and enthusiasm for today and the tomorrows that lie ahead, the refreshing campaign brings back the element of fun and a sense of whimsy that much of the fashion world often forgets about. 

Damn, these kids have some serious style. If only I looked half as cool as these little ones when I was still learning my alphabet and times tables. Karen Walker's eyewear range will be in store early next month.

as you are.

I've been obsessed with the Sono Mama tee ever since I saw Nina Garcia unexpectedly repping it on Project Runway (yes it is still airing and very much my guilty pleasure) a few episodes back. It brought a sense of youthfulness and understated chic I never knew she had in her. Though classified a tee, there's nothing plain about it - the jewelled neckline, mesh sleeves, low v neck, a completely mesh back and of course the crowning crest which looks part biker gang, part fraternity. Sono Mama is actually Japanese for as you are. I thought imaginary gang name at first but this is much more meaningful and in an obscure way. I put together a little polished grunge look with the leather, distressed denim and mesh contrasting with silver hardware, pointed flats and that Sarah & Sebastian headpiece. Get it all on my body now. 

skin & threads.

Melbourne based Skin and Threads was born from a love of quality fabrics and the philosophy that pure and natural materials are the building blocks for a luxurious and yet casually refined wardrobe. With three standalone stores in Victoria, the brand has their sights set on Sydney, and the iconic Strand Arcade location to bring to life the brand's ethos and experience their understated aesthetic. Last week I took a tour of the new store and explored the new spring/ summer collection Like A Tiger which introduced prints for the first time, colour blocking and a fun collaboration with artists Craig and Karl. 

With more and more brands moving towards online channels of distribution, Skin and Threads is doing the opposite with more store openings on the horizon. "Touch, feel and experience is still very much part of the shopping experience for our customers," says Penelope Cohen, creative director for the brand. And how right she is. I loved the fact I could feel the soft, breathable and cosy fabrics against my skin and be able to layer up the basics and knits the way Cohen intended for them to be styled. She singled out the python wedges, Craig and Karl tiger print sweater and three stripe sweater as her picks for the season. And with the brand's roots in designing basics that can be worn for a lifetime, denim, Golden Goose sneakers and a leather jacket are the three items Penelope could not live without.

The Skin and Threads store is now open.
Level 1, The Strand Arcade,
George St, Sydney.

the haul.

I love birthdays specifically for the presents. Not the ones given from others (though they are always well received), but because it's the perfect excuse/ guise to treat. yo. self. (It's the best day of the year!) A little something to congratulate yourself for surviving yet another year in one piece and because no can ever question the price tag of your purchases. I tend to go a little overboard with the self gift giving, particularly this time around where I figured I owed it to myself to buy a complete outfit. It initially started out with the Skin 5's (which are my new favourite denim cut, any shorties out there go get yourself a pair). After some good time spent on the Acne online store I had my heart set on the classic bomber which Jack kindly bought for me and the watercolour tank. The Wang shoes I had stumbled upon on Sincerely Jules (bad idea) and I loved the fact it had ankle straps and a thick but short heel. Now I'm just dealing with the fact that I'm 22 and Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss just turned 21. What am I doing with my life!

birthday suit.

Weekends. You can't help but count down the days until they come around again. Working in retail I'm not normally blessed with what you working folk call a weekend but I was excited for this particular weekend not only because it was a little celebration of my birth twenty two years ago, but I finally had some time with Jack since he joined the 9 - 5 ranks at his new job. It was a weekend well spent with food, fashion and a 14km run on the cards. We stuffed our faces at Fratelli Fresh and Chur Burger then ran it off the next morning at the City2Surf. He stocked up on some Aesop and I went all out at Acne with a generous donation from Jack (more on that soon) and the sun came out to celebrate. All in all the perfect way to draw out my birthday festivities. Too bad every weekend can't be like the one just passed. Hurry up someone and give me a job so I can join in on the Saturday/ Sunday fun.

COS sweater, Dion Lee Line II skirt, rag & bone boots, Benah bag. 

beijing photo diary. part 3.

 The Circular Mound Altar at the Temple of Heaven | Uncharacteristically Beijing on the walk from Tiananmen Square to Wangfujing | Like something out of a movie at the Summer Palace | Not fitting the mould of the ideal girl at 798 Art District | It's no beach, but at least Peking University has a lake | The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests | Blue skies at Tiananmen Square | Made a beary good friend at the Beijing Zoo | Mulan successfully saving China. Mission accomplished

It's been two weeks since I've returned from the land of cheap oily street food, hot sticky days, a functioning public transport system, dumplings, bikes, squat toilets and the like, and I'm still yearning for the exchange student life which now seems like a distant memory. I didn't think I'd like Beijing as much as I did and I could definitely have stayed there for a month or two more (the lower cost of living is a huge bonus) if I didn't miss my family, friends, healthy clean food and a stable income. It's a little disappointing how quickly you can lose your language groove when you're back in an English speaking country without that constant contact to the language and the culture. I actually miss speaking in Mandarin and I've almost slipped up a few times when ordering food or speaking to sales assistants. 

It's been a real eye-opening experience, helping me reconnect with my roots/ the true motherland and sparked my interest in continuing to learn the language. I have plans to go back next year for a more intensive Summer program (ours was a little cushy - we didn't even get marks for our final exams). I found a side of myself that would never have come out in Sydney, I realised how fulfilling travelling solo can be, although not completely safe, and that I can look after myself just fine. It's all I had hoped for in this trip and so much more. I'll be back for you China. Hopefully next year with a slightly less Australian accent and a larger word bank.  

california here we come.

The O.C. celebrated its 10th anniversary this week (apparently it was a decade ago I sneakily managed to watch a majority of the pilot in between my mum walking in and out of the lounge room) and I thought it necessary to dedicate my first style post in a long time to the show that had such a profound impact on my adolescence. You might laugh (although I'd like to think I'm not the only one out there) but I grew up watching this show religiously, pining for the American high school/ college experience that I was deprived of. Not to mention my very own Seth Cohen (who would be willing to declare his love for me standing on a coffee cart) because I like to think of myself as a Summer Roberts type #spiritanimal. And let's not start on those O.C. mixes. I owe much of my taste in music to those soundtracks. You get the gist. I was devastated when this show ended. I secretly hope one day someone will think to resurrect it (like they did with 90210 and Degrassi) and I'd watch it no matter how bad it is.

I feel like I'm channeling some serious Cali vibes - a little Coachella (though you'd never dare wear all white to a festival in the desert) meets Venice Beach cool, very much inspired by my blogger of the moment The Native Fox. Can you believe I actually found something from Zara worth purchasing? Sorry guys, it was from Shanghai. I had grand plans to go on a Zara spree while I was in China but that backfired because it was sale period the entire month I was there besides a little lone new collection rack in the corner. And meet my perfect denim jacket in the perfect wash (no that's what it's called). It's pieces like this jacket and my boots that make rag & bone one of my all time favourite labels. 

Zara top, J Brand jeans, rag & bone denim jacket and boots, Lack of Color hat.

Photos by Uppy Cee