The instant I saw little miss Rachel Bilson in the feminine silk chiffon Equinox frock I knew I had to blog about it. I'm seriously dying. And how amazing is the print? The earthy tones (that although make me thinking of mining and opals) are so Australian inspired. It makes me proud to see celebs wearing Australian designs - it's nice to know our fashion industry is still alive and well here and overseas. I love the details and intricacies of the dress - the gorgeous ruching on the sleeves and bodice and the pleated skirt. I'm especially fond of the way Rachel keeps it casual with a fur hooded khaki parka (in my opinion another must for winter) and yet still uber girly with her brown wedges. Just goes to show the dress goes both ways. Lindsay and Lauren are wearing the same print but in different styles (the Glacier and Horizon frock respectively I believe) teaming it with a black jacket. The draping silk chiffon in these dresses are stunning. And the versatility of it all - the way that you can dress it up like Lauren or grunge it down with biker boots and a belt like Lindsay.

It makes me want to go out and buy one, if I only had the money.

All dresses available from My Catwalk.



she comes in colours
Source: Oyster Mag

I have been meaning to do a 'trendspotting: coloured denim' post for a while now but every time I go to do it I just find more and more images and inspiration I'm not even sure where to begin (so much so that even my boyfriend knows it's already the next big upcoming trend!) So I may have to do multiple posts because one cannot satisfy my ever-increasing want for coloured denim.

I think it was Zara and their A/W colour block collection that sparked my interest - I thought pink jeans would brighten up my dull winter blacks/ greys and neutrals. And then I looked at Asos and Topshop and then it went to J Brand and Paige Denim and the list is growing longer every day. 

On top of that, Ksubi is launching their coloured denim rage (perfect timing eh?) on May 5 and I can already tell it's going to kickstart mainstream interest in Australia. And I hear there's going to be a multitude of shades including white, orange, green, purple, red, plum and pink.

Preview of the campaign video...

Source: Pedestrian TV

I can't even decide what colour I want anymore - what started off as a subtle maroon has evolved to me wanting to wear pinks, greens and reds. Let's just be prepared for what I assume will be a very colourful winter. So excited.


Zara Blazer, Piper Lane silk singlet, Forever New denim, 
Seed rider boots, Michael Kors watch
sass & bide Cableknit Jumper, Deadly Ponies bag, Witchery denim

Today my best friend Debra and I took some well deserved r&r on our cheated mid-semester break (uni decided to combine it with the super long Easter holiday) and go on a window shopping trip around the city and Paddington (emphasis on window because the two of us have spent way too much money in the last few weeks).

It was one of those pleasant after a night of rain kind of day so we thought it would be the perfect to take some photos for this blog. However we're pretty much amateurs when it comes to photography and using my SLR so unfortunately there aren't many pictures I'd be proud of putting here. I didn't want all our effort to go to waste and we did have a lot of fun attempted modelling.

We took these on our walk down to Land's End with all the really gorgeous terrace houses that we'd love to live in side-by-side (and cut a hole in the wall so we can share our wardrobe!) We were using an auto setting so a lot of the background came out overexposed which I realised when I was attempting to edit them (even Jack said he couldn't save them). We definitely need some basic camera operating lessons from Jack before the two of us go out and shoot again.

I finally found the perfect blazer with contrasting lapels which I've been looking for for ages and surprisingly it came from Zara. I didn't actually expect to find anything yesterday but this just appeared on a rack (I did have to loiter outside the change room for them to bring out sizes) and I thought it was finally time to end the hunt.

The best thing about our day was we didn't spend a single cent on clothes... not even to lay-by. 


Currently lusting over the Papa Sucre denim second drop at Sass & Bide. All I have at the moment are these lookbook shots (which were shown to Debra and I in store last week), but I've already decided I'm buying those striped panel skinnies (can't decide whether in the grey or the pink).

Last week I found the Zippora spray-ons in a vintage denim wash on sale at David Jones (and in my size) and I just had to own one. They're super skinny but so comfy and tight all the way down to the ankles, which works great when you want to tuck them into winter boots. I think they're a 7/8 style which is perfect for shorter girls like me. In saying that this style/ cut are the ideal pair of denim for me - you can understand why I got excited over Zippora in new colours/ patterns.

Not sure when they'll be hitting the stores, the sales assistant said sometime in the next month or so but I'm on the waiting list so they'll give me a call as soon as they're in. Better start saving!



Kate Bosworth loves her red cableknit sweaters (and her Isabel Marant Forbes suede boots it seems) and who could blame her? Not sure who they're by but I adore them. I love seeing celebs wearing the same item once in a while - it reminds me that they might not have an endless supply of clothes to be able to wear something new everyday. Kate proves that you can team this winter woolly with jeans, shorts or skirts to wear all day, every day, 365 days of the year. I especially love the way she's teamed it with pink shorts - not afraid to go for a bit of colour.

I'm definitely on the lookout for a cable knit sweater (I've seen one at Sass & Bide but my best friend nabbed that one), I think it's a must to brave the winter weather.

(EDIT: the sweater in the second/ third pic is Isabel Marant. Ah-mazing)



The delightful Rachel Bilson and Karl Lagerfeld have teamed up to create three shorts to promote Magnum ice cream. There was a lot of hype surrounding this three-way collaboration but now that the first short, 'Photo Mood' is out, there are mixed reactions and reservations especially on Karl Lagerfeld's part. I suppose the narrative is pretty dry, the storyline is ordinary and a lot of people expected more from a genius like Lagerfeld. I do think it is a little odd that a fashion maven would team up with an ice cream company (and also Diet Coke if you've seen his bottle designs). I'm not sure what that does for the fashion industry or his name exactly exactly.

What I do love about this whole campaign is it stars my absolutely favourite actress and style inspiration Rachel Bilson. I really don't care about the storyline of the video, I'm just super excited to see her on the screen again (things haven't been the same since the O.C.) Should be interesting to see how the other two shorts turn out.


"I’m such a visual person. I find that I wear more of my shoes if I can shop from the pictures on the outside of the boxes! This is how shoe closets are organized at magazines and I brought the concept to my home." - Tracey Taylor

I've recently realised that owning nice expensive clothes is only half of it - the other half is having a home/apartment with nice, arty decor to house them in. The other day I stumbled across The Coveteur and discovered a whole blog dedicated to the wardrobe and interior decorating style of people in the fashion industry. I find myself lusting over firstly their amazing shoe collections and secondly their wardrobe organisation. With my current situation, I'm trying to cram everything I own into a shoe box of a closet.  This doesn't account for all my blazers and jackets which are hanging on a coat rack behind my door and my small shoe collection which lives by the front door. I live for the day where I can own a whole lot of fancy, expensive clothes worthy of dedicating large amounts of space to in my future dwelling. I hope to have enough wardrobe space to be able to organise things by colour or item and hang them with uniform wooden hangers. I also hope to grow my shoe collection so much so I can give them their own shelf space and try out Tracey Taylor's polaroid + box storage idea. Love love love!

Source: The Coveteur


Maurie & Eve dress, Saba leather jacket, Seed Femme rider boots

I finally got the courage to go out and shoot my first look with Jack before we headed out to the city to see Zara. I must say it's a lot more difficult than it looks - trying to pose like a model, show off my clothes and still look confident and radiant. It's all a learning process and hopefully I'll get better with my styling, my posing and finding new places to shoot (we're already planning our next one when my new dress arrives!). I'm quite happy with the the way these photos turned out (I owe it all to my boy). Just a little annoyed with my hair at the moment - the middle of last year I cut it to a bob and now I'm trying to grow it back so it's at the awkward stage where I don't really want to leave it out. Tying it up in a tiny pony is the best I can do right now. I feel like the pictures would have looked a whole lot better with my hair out.

The rider boots I'm wearing are the ones I settled on after deciding the Rag & Bone Newbury boot was unattainable with my current earnings. I absolutely adore my boots, I've been wearing them everyday since I bought them and I love that they go with everything from jeans to leggings, to dresses and skirts. Even with their slight heel, I'm enduring the pain for now but I hope they'll wear in eventually. Definitely the perfect investment for winter!

I also uploaded my first look on lookbook so check it out.


The moment has finally arrived... Zara has opened its first store in Australia. I have to say my heart skipped a beat as I walked through the doors yesterday with Jack but I was sorely disappointed. I know I shouldn't have expected a pleasant shopping experience at all - the store's opening in one of the prime locations in Sydney's CBD is the talk of the town and it's been big crowds and long lines from start to finish.

If you don't like warehouse or boxing day sales I suggest you avoid Zara but if you're willing to brave the rabid shoppers and want to head out there within the next few weeks (yes I don't see the hype dying down for a while), here are some tips:
  • The earlier the better. We got there yesterday around 11 and didn't have to wait in line to get in but by the time we'd left the store the line looked about 5 - 10 minutes long.
  • Wear shopping friendly clothing. And by that I mean, if you're looking to buy pants/ jeans wear a skirt/ dress so you can pull them on there and then, because the lines for the change rooms are so long.
  • Be prepared to wait in line for everything. Jack wanted to buy a sweater but we couldn't be bothered to wait at the check out. 
  • Don't expect to find what you're looking for. I went in hoping I'd be able to try some of the key colour block pieces from their A/W collection but I had no luck. What you will find is a lot of basics, plain tops and pants but in huge sizes.
  • Enter through the side doors, or go down to the kids level to avoid the queues to get in (thanks Megan!)
I am in love with these blazers and pants to add some colour to my winter wardrobe. Fingers crossed they'll actually still have stock the next time I head in.

Studio Blazer

Skinny Studio Trousers


I never thought of posting about another blogger but here I am, devoting a post to one of my favourite fashion blogs I follow religiously (and you should too), Andy T aka. Style Scrapbook. As soon as I saw this look I fell head over heels in love. Perhaps it's that it's photographed so well, especially with the natural sunlight and lens flare or maybe it's the Topshop maxi that looks so ethereal blowing in the wind. I absolutely love the contrasting textures of the accordion pleat maxi and the 3D flower mesh jumper from American Apparel (which I know has done the rounds on lookbook.nu for quite a while). I've wanted to give that jumper a go for ages now but time and time have been stopped by my friend who says it's been worn out and a little impractical. It looks amazing on Andy, adding to the femininity and dreamy-ness of the outfit. Especially in the first picture, the maxi in the sunlight looks almost galaxy print (even though it's more subtle water colour) and instantly reminded me of my Black Milk leggings.

I've always loved Andy's looks, it's really wearable - simple basic outfit combos and yet still super stylish. Lately I've really enjoyed her style where she incorporates that pop of colour in her outfit whether it be an aqua jacket or pink cropped skinnies. 

I've long been interested in the appeal of the fashion blogger (I even wrote an article about it for uni) especially someone with as much popularity and hype as Style Scrapbook. Is it because they're regular girls with fairly wardrobes (although not always affordable...)? Or do we just fall in love with their style because it photographs so well? Or because perhaps we can re-create their looks? Popular fashion blogs barely have any writing, it's all pictures. I've always hoped that one day this blog would end up somewhat readable or that at least people would actually take in interest in my looks and what I have to say. Girls like Andy T (stylescrapbook), Nicole Warne (garypeppervintage), Emma (spindizzyfall) and Ashley Madekwe (ringmybell) inspired me to start blogging in the first place and I'm constantly checking their blogs daily for new looks to admire and try.


My current obsession and 'must buy' are these 50's skater inspired Friend of Mine dresses that first caught my eye in the May edition of SHOP. I was instantly drawn to the simplicity and yet girly-ness of the dress (i'm a sucker for pleated skirts) that can be worn all year round - with or without stockings, boots or sandals and perfect for layering with leather jackets/ khaki parkas. And i'm loving the 'rust'/ pop/ block colour trend especially during winter (where everything is dull neutrals and dark tones) and yet still great for summer. It's a super versatile, transseasonal dress that could be worn over and over in so many ways.

What's even better is that Friend of Mind presents us with an offering of three different styles - long sleeve, short sleeve and singlet as well as four different colours (black, cream, rust, taupe). It's a blessing and a curse because now I can't decide which style and colour to buy.

The only inconvenient thing about this dress is that Friend of Mine is rarely stocked in boutiques (so I can't try it on) but it's available widely online only. I was initially concerned about the way this dress would look at me (as compared to a skinny gangly model). But my qualms with the dress were put to rest as I saw a girl (of similar height and build) at my internship office wearing the cream Harley dress. Problem solved!

Anyone who knows me knows I'm really indecisive and a calculated shopper (despite the fact I may come across as impulsive and uncontrollable) so I have to weigh up the pros/ cons when I want to invest in something (yes, I firmly believe expensive pieces should be an investment): Will i be able to wear it all year around? Will I be able to incorporate it into the rest of my wardrobe?

My current hang-ups are:
  • Colour? Do I go simple like cream or black so I can wear it with  anything and everything? Or do I go rust because it's different (although the colour may go off trend within the next year?)
  • Style? Obviously the Winona (singlet)/ Oscar (tee shirt) style gives me the flexibility to be able to wear it on its own or layered with a jacket. Is the Harley dress too typically winter? Also whether I'm after a tight or oversized fit (the singlet style skater dress is baggy under the arms)
Harley Dress, $220

Oscar Dress, $220

Winona Dress, $179

I'm bound to buy one of these in the next week or so and I will definitely dedicate a post to its purchase, so watch this space!


I can't quite make up my mind on this one. Personally I love this 'ice queen' look but I can see if anyone else tried to pull this off they probably wouldn't do this justice. Maybe it's just the fact it's Emma Stone. She's gone from brunette, to red head to blonde in the space of a few years, each shade better than the next. Not many people I know could (or would) dare to go blonde with such pale skin, in fact she looks a little 'off colour' or unwell. Perhaps it's this gorgeous feminine classy Preen dress in a pale ice blue with a beaded top half and a-line skirt. From the head down it almost looks a little retro chic (Mad Men style), especially with the white belt but she adds a burst of bright pink lipstick to keep her from looking as white as a sheet. I love the fact that she's matched her hair with her clutch and heels to keep that subdued blonde hair-pale skin contrast from top to toe. There are so many things that could go wrong with this outfit, but she's done it all right.


Coachella is back for 2011. For some that means three days of brilliant live music but for others it means style hunting and drooling over fab festival fashion.

I love seeing what celebs wear to festivals (especially Coachella, that's where they all come out to play). It's their chance to blow of some steam and our chance to check out their street style, even when they think we're not looking!) It's all simple/ practical pieces, comfortable yet stylish to keep you looking and feeling 'cool' - shirts, denim cut-offs, vintage dresses, muscle singlets etc. (and it's an easy enough look for anyone to recreate). And to top it all off a store-all over the shoulder sling bag, giant sunnies and plenty of accessories. Accessorising is a must and really adds to that to boho hippie chic look (a la Vanessa Hudgens with rings, necklaces, bracelets, feather hair pieces a plenty). 

Here are the first drop of pics of celebs chilling at Coachella, and certainly some of my festival style picks. Katy Perry was an unexpected entry - I'm loving the feminine tiered lace maxi with a matching headband. It reminds me of her early days.