Vanessa Hudgens is no sucker in this glitzy Jenny Packham number. For me, Baby V always seems to get it right. I know a lot of you just think of her as the Disney star from High School Musical – which is how my love for her began all those years ago (or maybe she's better known for her nude photo scandal), and although she may not be as good an actress as her co-stars in Suckerpunch (so I’ve heard from the reviews, nonetheless I’m so excited to see it) you can’t deny she has street cred and amazing red carpet styles. I especially love her day to day wear, she pulls off that easy chic boho ‘I woke up in the morning and threw on the first thing I saw but I still look gorgeous’ look – a mixture of Nicole Richie and the Olsen twins.

The neutrals with streaks of silver in this dress is stunning. It’s absolutely showered in sequins but the contrast between the pattern and the fabric is so subtle and very feminine (the updo with the curled whispy side strands is an added plus). I might have been staring a little too long at it but it looks likes unicorns around the bust (and from the back like lavenders). I love my minimalist chic so it’s not a surprise to see I'm dying (yes Rachel Zoe) the shapeless tee style of it around the waist which is tapered down at the hem. Such a pleasant surprise to see the cut out at the back which accentuates her gorgeous silhouette.

P.S. I’m back from my super long hiatus, hoping to turn this into a mixture of celeb style commentary and my personal style blog (over the summer I managed to bag myself a lovely boyfriend who conveniently enjoys taking photos in his spare time) so watch this space!

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