"I’m such a visual person. I find that I wear more of my shoes if I can shop from the pictures on the outside of the boxes! This is how shoe closets are organized at magazines and I brought the concept to my home." - Tracey Taylor

I've recently realised that owning nice expensive clothes is only half of it - the other half is having a home/apartment with nice, arty decor to house them in. The other day I stumbled across The Coveteur and discovered a whole blog dedicated to the wardrobe and interior decorating style of people in the fashion industry. I find myself lusting over firstly their amazing shoe collections and secondly their wardrobe organisation. With my current situation, I'm trying to cram everything I own into a shoe box of a closet.  This doesn't account for all my blazers and jackets which are hanging on a coat rack behind my door and my small shoe collection which lives by the front door. I live for the day where I can own a whole lot of fancy, expensive clothes worthy of dedicating large amounts of space to in my future dwelling. I hope to have enough wardrobe space to be able to organise things by colour or item and hang them with uniform wooden hangers. I also hope to grow my shoe collection so much so I can give them their own shelf space and try out Tracey Taylor's polaroid + box storage idea. Love love love!

Source: The Coveteur

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