coming of age.

Ellery blazer, Tibi cami, ASOS shorts, Chloe boots.

Ever since I made the transition from full time study to full time work, I've had to serious rethink my wardrobe. Gone are the days where I could wake up and pull on a boyfriend tee, ripped denim shorts and Supergas and rush off to uni. I'm supposedly all grown up now and officially have to look (and act) the part of a nine-to-fiver. Not that there weren't already elements of an office-centric collection in the making - I have my many Jac+ Jack/ J Crew button up shirts but I was missing a key component of any working woman's wardrobe. A blazer. But I didn't settle for your standard black blazer. I went all out in Ellery working in some dark florals as a subtle nod to my own style. Can I just say that Ellery makes the most incredible blazers. They're sleek, chic and tailored to perfection. And if you were wondering, no I didn't pay full price - I waited patiently for end of season sales. Winning. 

Photos by Christine Ai

stand still.

Zimmermann romper, Rag & Bone denim jacket, Chloe boots, Karen Walker sunglasses.

There's really only one word to describe these boots. Badass. I knew I would love them (they are my dream boots after all) but I had no idea the attitude was included. Must have something to do with the intense hardware (that make a jingling noise when you take a step, but all for a good reason). Now I know what it's like to be the kid who was the first to own a shiny new toy, nab that limited edition Pokemon card, come back from Fiji with their hair braided or to sport a Billabong/ Roxy backpack to school. Growing up, my parents were quite frugal so I never had quite the same amount of luxuries most of my other friends had (I wasn't even allowed to buy CDs). One time I asked for a Barbie for Christmas and my parents decided to buy me a Pizza Hut Ken doll instead. This probably explains why twenty or so years later, I've become a serial shopper. I must be compensating for all the spoils I missed out on as a kid. 

I felt absolutely at ease stomping around in my new Chloe's and pairing it with a look that I can safely say is me to a tee - simple, casual and overall practical. I think these images capture the effortless ease and cool that these boots give off. Chloe Susanna's are truly magical.

Photos by Christine Ai

the white shirt.

The satisfaction of finding the perfect something after months and months of scouring in store and online, tracking it down to try on and having it fit exactly the way you envisaged it, is like no other. It is a true accomplishment in its own right to acquire classic wardrobe pieces that are flattering, all quality and well constructed. I can cross off the perfect skinny jean (Acne Skin 5), the perfect denim jacket (Rag & Bone) and at last, the perfect white shirt. 

It treads the line between casual and classy with a loose, relaxed fit, a dropped back hem constructed in a soft but not super sheer cotton. Jac+ Jack are on the money with this shirt one, as with the rest of collection over the last few months. I've purchased three shirts and a pair of pants in the span of three months. I did however have a hard time choosing between three white shirts currently in store and after asking Jack which of the three I should buy, he responded "You know it really shouldn't be hard to pick a white shirt. It's a white shirt."

fresh air.

Etre Cecile tank, Rag & Bone shorts, Kate Sylvester Cap, Isabel Marant sneakers.

As someone who lives her life in tees, finding labels that produce a quality, comfy, lasting selection is key. A majority of the times that comes in the form of classic, plain tees - the obvious choices being Acne and Bassike. But sometimes you need a tee to make a statement and speak for itself which is where Etre Cecile come in. There's not a whole lot to know about Etre Cecile because unfortunately the four minds behind the label choose not to disclose their identity. But all for a good reason they say (to preserve the integrity and quality of the collection). They appeared out of thin air late last year with their leopard print + colour block combo, Bad Ass Paris and Woody Allen prints and have since become my brand of choice for printed tees (followed closely by Zoe Karssen). 

They say their t-shirt collective is inspired by the clean French aesthetic which has certainly given rise to its surging popularity in the fashion circles. Let's be honest, we all want a piece of that innate French sense of style in our lives. Not that I could imagine the French wearing tees (preferring their collared button ups), but if they were to ever make the switch then Etre Cecile are right on the money. 

be mine.

Superga sneakers | Three J NYC pyjamas | By Charlotte necklace

Having sold my soul for two ridiculously-overpriced-but-oh-so-beautiful pairs of shoes, I have put my spending on hold for a good month or two and aptly so. The two lay-bys that need to be paid out, are the exception (credit cards and lay-bys are both the best and worst things ever). So I'm left taking mental notes of future acquisitions in a loosely themed Valentines Day wish list. I've got the pyjamas, necklaces, perfume and lingerie to satisfy the romantic notions of this Hallmark holiday (which I will admit is a nice excuse to receive presents/ flowers/ eat at a fancy restaurant), but for the practical gift giver I've included sneakers, a sweater, a hat and a bag. So Jack you have plenty of options to choose from. No excuses. Kidding. But for all of my single ladies out there, don't forget to treat yo self. You know you're worth it. 


In what one might consider a twist of fate, the coveted Chloe Susanna boots appeared on eBay significantly cheaper than the sky high price tag. And just my luck that I chanced upon the listing, waited anxiously until the final moments of the auction to ensure my future with these beloved boots. Sure enough I was the highest (and only) bidder and I lived happily ever after traipsing around in my two new pairs of shoes. Two new pairs, in one week. And as I mentioned before I'm not exactly a shoe fiend so this is completely out of character. Not going to think about the fact that the total amount for my Chloe + Chanel's is sadly close to the four digit mark. When did I become one of those sick people that thinks it's acceptable to spend ridiculous amounts on shoes? I'm already having thoughts about a pair of Louboutins...

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ways to go.

After debating over whether to keep my new Chanel babies preserved in pristine condition, I bit the bullet, took them out for a spin and haven't taken them off since. All shoes deserve to be worn! I paired them with my standard go-to all black everything look - the failsafe option I throw on when Jack tells me he's picking me up for breakfast and I only have five minutes to get ready. And you know how impatient men get when you keep them waiting, especially when they're hungry. 

My fascination with boho bags continues with this bold fold over clutch from the Luxe Project, a mother/ daughter team who thought to take embroidered fabrics from South East Asian hill tribes, most of which are deconstructed ceremonial garments and baby carriers and turn them into bags, clutches and weekenders where no two pieces are the same. I love this kind of handicraft work that you just can't get in Australia (and to be honest I couldn't find anything like this when I was in Bali). I'm on team neutrals so anything that breathes a bit of life into my looks is always welcome change. Looks like I'm ready for any island getaway. 

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a week with yoga.

As someone who normally enjoys sweating it out at the gym, I’ve never given yoga much thought until recently. I’ll admit, I saw yoga as little more than a test of flexibility and balance and a whole lot of stretching and I couldn’t see how this type of exercise would be anymore effective than squats, box jumps and skipping. So I temporarily kicked Anytime Fitness to the curb in exchange for Preshana Yoga, swapping my kettle bells for a yoga mat. 

With studios located in Darlinghurst and Glebe, Preshana offers two main streams of classes suitable for all levels (both of which I trialled) - Align & Flow and Yoga Hour. Align & Flow works more movement principles, maintaining a steady pace with longer held poses and a focus on breathing. Although slightly shorter in duration, Yoga Hour packs more positions than the steady Align & Flow and incorporates music (Bon Iver, London Grammar and Lana Del Rey to be precise) for a more fun and contemporary approach to the practice. I personally preferred Yoga Hour because of the constant movement and faster transitions but as a beginner, Align & Flow was useful to help perfect my form.

It came as a bit of a shock when I realised the class was the complete opposite of my usual exercise routines. Normally I take breathlessness as a sign of a hard workout, but here I was asked to concentrate on my breathing whilst holding rather strenuous positions. Rather than increasing the heart rate or utilising large muscle groups, yoga differs from cardio in that "the attention is brought inwards to the sensation of the body, consciously embodying strength and flexibility," says Ananda Trettin, founder of Preshana Yoga. Although the pace was much slower, it wasn't exactly a walk in the park either. I found holding lunge based positions like warrior and even downward dog, straining my hamstrings and calves. My body was sore for the next few days, which to me is always a marker of a satisfying workout.

Over the week, I came to appreciate yoga for its own unique characteristics and benefits. It highlighted parts of the body that were weak and needed conditioning, taught me how to stretch out every inch of my body and it helped clear my mind (which has the tendency to fly around at 100 miles an hour) and focus inward on my breathing and myself. Plus I was convinced that going to yoga made me automatically exempt from going to the gym (I know I'd rather choose downward dog/ plank / chataranga repetitions over burpees).

Trettin says, "Besides being a great way to maintain your health, one of the greatest benefits of practicing yoga is the ability to teach us to anchor awareness in the body. It can help focus your attention and create positive changes in your life." There was something very spiritual and calming about my daily hour at Preshana - the fact we could block out the sound of the traffic from Oxford Street was a testament to that. That being said, even if you're in it just to push your flexibility it's still worth your time. Hint: Guys. It's alright to to do yoga. If it's challenging for Jack, I guarantee it'll be for your man too. 

All in all, I'm loving my yoga classes and practicing at Preshana. Ananda and her team have been so helpful and supportive and respectful of everyone's fitness levels, flexibility and progress. For someone who loves to hate her high intensity training, I think it's beneficial to throw yoga into the mix once or twice a week. It breaks up regular high intensity exercise while still challenging your physical health in contrasting ways. Ananda's advice for beginners? "Come in with an open mind. Like anything worthwhile, it takes time and everyone has their own experience."

Check out Preshana Yoga here. They offer a two week unlimited yoga pass for $30 and I would highly recommend you try it out for yourself. 

*The opinions expressed in this article are my own and have not been influenced by any outside parties. I was offered a complementary pass to attend a session, however it was my decision to return and document my experience in this manner. 


"Life's short, buy the shoes," replied Aprilia after discussing whether it was worth my hard earned savings to end my year + long search for Chanel espadrilles. It's been near impossible to get my hands (or rather feet) on a pair that actually fit (especially with the inaccurate sizing which is said to have been rectified this season) and in a versatile colour way but as fate would have it, I found myself in a Cinderella/ shoe fits situation where I just couldn't say no. My first Chanel was just as satisfying as I anticipated. I've never been much of a shoe person but my new espadrilles may have just convinced me otherwise.

easy come, easy go.

Look 1: Lonely bra, Acne bomber, ASOS shorts, Vera Xane headband.
Look 3: Penny Sage jumpsuit, Rag & Bone denim jacket, Kate Sylvester cap, Andeol choker.
Look 4: Georgia Alice top, ASOS shorts. 

I'm so excited to finally be able to share a shoot I styled late last year that was picked up by Fashion Journal. I teamed up with the talented Cai again and put together something that was a little Russh inspired - candid, understated and slightly playful. I wanted the freedom to experiment with looks that are unconventional (by my standards at least), a little out of my comfort zone and less intentionally put together. I decided to pull all the pieces in the morning and style the looks while we were scouting for locations and prepping hair and makeup. I tried my hand at some layering and the underwear as outerwear while throwing in some food props for a bit of messy fun. Easy Come, Easy Go is all about sleeping in on a balmy summer day, skipping breakfast, eating junk food, looking effortless in the first thing pulled from the floordrobe and an afternoon to kill with not much to do but watch the cars go by. 

See the full shoot here

Model: Nadine Silva @ The Wolves
Photography: Christine Ai
Hair & Makeup: Azure Ellis
Photography Assistant: Emma Chu