catwalk to closet.

One of my standouts at NYFW this season was 3.1 Phillip Lim. I'm drawn to more wearable collections (they don't call it ready to wear for nothing), pieces I could envisage myself walking down the street in, ones that could easily be at home in my shoebox of a wardrobe - Theysken's Theory, Dries van Noten, J Crew, Thakoon Addition and Rag & Bone were among my other favourites. So at 11pm on a week night when the BFF and I were running empty on sleep, energy and motivation, we decided that it might be a bright idea to peruse Moda Operandi and treat ourselves to a little somethin' somethin'. Turns out these I Heart Nueva York muscle singlets set us back a little over $100 and after a little 'should we, shouldn't we' (and partly inspired by Aprilia's yolo Marant sneakers purchase), we decide to just go for it. Too bad I have to wait until next year to wear it. Hey Phillip Lim, how about making my singlet now?

vertical strokes.

I have a terrible habit of not taking style posts with newly purchased items straight away. I've had this Veda jacket for almost three months now, have worn it about 90% of the time and am only christening it with its first outfit photo now. Talk about poor form. I've seen a few copies of this jacket floating around (most with pleather and khaki but I did see one with just black cotton contrast sleeves) but I am so glad I forked out the extra dollars for this one. The sleeves are so leathery soft and it fits super snug (although I can't lift my arms past my shoulders). You know you've really picked a winner when even your fashion oblivious guy friends tell you how cool your jacket looks - but the look on their faces when I tell them how much I paid is priceless. They'll never understand us girls.

Mid semester break has come and (almost) gone in a flash and as anticipated, I knew at this point I would have little to no work crossed off my ever growing to do list. I'll be spending my weekend (and public holiday) working and trying to cram two week's worth of study and catch-up into three days. Hope your long weekend is tres more enjoyable than mine!

Photos by Aprilia

new in.

 Equipment shirt, Antipodium shirt (in black here), J Brand boyfriend jeans (from The Iconic), Apple iPhone 5, Aesop Geranium Leaf body scrub and A Rose By Any Other Name body cleanser.

There's just something so satisfying about acquiring new things, regardless of the fact that you're parting with your hard earned money. Whether it's something as ordinary as a body scrub or as timeless as a silk button up shirt, the feeling never gets old. Putting something on for the first time, wearing it in, making it your own. It's a feeling that only happens once for every item, but boy when it does it's such a special moment, even though no one else can recognise it except you. You feel like you can take on the world.

These are all the bits and pieces I've acquired over the last week (and most recently a Kahlo tank which came after I took this flat lay yesterday). The two shirts (obsessed with building up my shirt collection at the moment) were from birthday gift vouchers (thanks Tim and Sarah), the boyfriend jeans I managed to sneak in with Jack's leather dress shoes he purchased from The Iconic, the Aesop I justify by saying I need it for my dry skin and my iPhone 5... I just had  to have it (well considering where I work, I think it would be wrong of me not to). 

pink hair, don't care.

Secret Squirrel (now Secret South) top, Topshop shorts (similar here), Watson x Watson sandals, Michael Kors watch, Karen Walker rings.

Thank god summer's around the corner because the early sunset was enough to drive me insane. It's been frustrating me for months that I haven't been able to take as many outfit posts and flat lays as I've hoped simply because by the time I make it home it's already pitch black. And if I'm ever back early, I have no photographer because he's still working. I had to seize the opportunity a week ago to steal Uppy after the end of her shift (and a crazy weekend of photography for her) to take these pictures for me at our work carpark. We just managed to catch the last inkling of good lighting for the day.

I know this outfit looks almost identical to one we took together a few months ago, but what can I say? Blush goes really well with this top. And it makes my purchase even more satisfying when I can translate something from a winter collection into a summer wear. And yes, I did do something to my hair, thank you for noticing. I was getting a little bored of my  grown out balayage so I thought I'd shake things up a bit with some colour. I used the BFF recommended Fudge Paintbox to get the temp colour (however it's now faded to this strawberry amber looking thing). I was all set to get my balayage done this week but I am really loving/ embracing the pink hair. The only downside is that shop assistants and campaigners and now have a really good conversation starter.

Photos by Uppy Cee

cream of the crop.

Zoe Karssen tee (sweatshirt version here), Dion Lee Line II, Superga sneakers, Sunday Somewhere sunglasses.

Yes I have a thing for overgrown hedges. Out of all the beautiful photo ops Elizabeth Bay has to offer, I was drawn to this bit of greenery in front of one of the largest houses I have ever seen overlooking Beare Park (awkwardly enough as we were taking these, the people who lived in the house were backing out of their driveway). I spent a much needed day off from work catching up with my dear friend Aprilia, gawking at all the people sunbathing and picnicking in the park (and yearning for the day when I will actually have two consecutive days off), visiting Gelato Messina and just generally enjoy a taste of what summer has to offer - two months to go!

My silver Supergas haven't left my my feet since I got them last week. Deb and I were looking for comfortable work shoes and getting a little tired of white Converse, we decided to spice things up a bit with the (underrated) Converse of the fashion world. If it's good enough for Alexa Chung, MK & A and the Man Repeller, then it's good enough for me. 

Made it past the half way point of semester and I'm still alive (although building up a huge sleep debt). So glad it's mid semester this week - I can breathe a small sigh of relief although not really because out of the 8 days I have, 2 will be spent interning and 4 will be at work. No rest for the wicked!

Photos by Aprilia Love

white magic.

dress: miss unkon. headpiece: limedrop. necklace: molten store. bracelets: samantha wills

jacket: minty meets munt. top: unspoken. shorts: ixiah. shoes: nine west. necklace & bracelets: samantha wills.

top & skirt: amy kaehne. shoes: nine west. bracelet & ring: samantha wills.

Photography: Christine Ai
MUA: Yenn Xin

I present to you part two of my shoot with the dream team. The concept behind this one was originally an all white shoot (to get you in the mood for summer) but I couldn't help adding some colour here after seeing this incredible shoot on Fashion Gone Rogue (which I unfortunately can't find the link to). Though not intentional, it's crazy to see just how easily we can completely transform the mood and direction with some simple hair, makeup and wardrobe changes. It ended up looking more like three separate looks from three separate shoots but hey, I'm proud of my first attempt (particularly that pastel sports luxe look boom!). This definitely won't be the last you see of my styling escapades. 

A huge thank you to Undergroup Showroom, Mother & Father PR, Cirqlate PR, Park Avenue PR, Bespoke PR, Nine West and Samantha Wills and UNSW Photo Club for making this possible!

NYFW: street style moments.

My top five street style moments of NYFW so far. Some of fashion's finest street stylers are out in full force once again and of course never fail to disappoint.

Source: Tommy Ton for
Nothing like a bit of matchy matchy with Miroslava Duma and Elena Perminova. The distinct shade of emerald green that runs throughout both outfits - makes for a visually interesting image that only Tommy Ton could have lensed.  

Source: Tommy Ton for
The flawless TTH is caught out in a fashion shower (ha!) but it looks like she's lost in her own world. Does she ever put a wrong foot forward? What I love so much about this shot (besides the intense play on proportions) is its candid nature - the ability to capture an unpredictable and still beautiful moment in time.

Source: The Cut
Leandra Medine having a vagina fashion moment with her tailored teal shorts (straight off the runway from Sally LaPointe?), sneakers and Celine trapeze... in true man repeller style. 

Source: Wmagazine
Hanneli's not afraid of a bit of rain in a masculine inspired look with a matching shirt and bermuda shorts combo. I think I see a trend arising. Is teal the new black? 

Source: Nam for
Candice Lake in keeping dry in a mixture of crimson, maroon and a contrast of sheer lace and solid leather. 

masculine/ feminine.

top: b store. pants: unspoken. cuff: 8 other reasons. collar: how typical of metal.
vest: blesse'd are the meek. top: minty meets munt. pants: LP33.3. necklace & rings: samantha wills.
jacket: mister zimi. top: unspoken. pants: viktoria & woods. ring & bracelets: samantha wills.

Photography: Christine Ai
Model: Melissa Hanes
MUA: Yenn Xin

Super excited to share with you part one of my collab with Christine, Yenn and the UNSW Photo Club. 

Life is full of unexpected surprises - I never thought that being squashed next to Christine  in the media pit backstage at Watson x Watson during MBFWA would result in an opportunity to style a shoot a few months later. I love the endless possibilities of styling - I no longer have to worry about whether a dress is going to chop off my legs, I am free to explore pieces and trends that I wouldn't normally consider wearing myself. 

You'd think that giving me full stylistic direction would be a walk in the park but I honestly found it more difficult to come up with something on my own. Even more so I realised that I had to work much harder to make the looks visually stronger as I had no backdrop or location to carry the theme. Having a white background was like asking me to paint on a white canvas and start from scratch. 

I was given a brief to style two stories with three looks each. The first was workwear inspired shoot, combining elements of the masculine and feminine. So you have very soft peplum and lace details contrasted with stronger elements so tailored pants, fitted designs and statement accessories. 

Would love to hear your thoughts. Can't wait for you to see part two!

monday muse. columbine smille.

Source: Columbine

If you're Elin Kling's right hand woman, you'd be expected to possess impeccable styling and taste for fashion. And of course, much to no one's surprise, Columbine Smille, fashion editor of Kling's Style By ticks all the boxes and more. With her model figure and killer cheekbones, Smille is quickly making a name for herself in the fashion world, adding her name to a long list of stylish Swedes. But seriously what is in their water? Why are they all so darn gorgeous and extremely fashionable? Need me some of that stat!

Smille's got transseasonal dressing down pat, she wears navy like no other and is not afraid to experiment with layers and proportions. Her style is the perfect mix of masculine and feminine and she knows how to make a high street piece look like high fashion. I love the way she takes a fitted dress and really roughs it up with a boyish bomber or how she styles long coats or jackets with shorter skirts (even though she might look like a streaker from behind). Definitely want to channel my inner Columbine during this transition period between winter and spring. 

PS. How freakin' cool is her navy Marni for H&M parka? I am obsessed. 

the perfect pair.

Manning Cartell shorts, with Ellery sunglasses and Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Nobody told me 2012 was going to be the year of being united with my 'perfect' items. After the compliment-acquiring Veda Jasper jacket, and the fits-like-a-glove Dion Lee line II blush skirt, I bring you the third in my perfect purchase series, these Manning Cartell shorts from their Pearls & Men collection. 

I did blog about Manning Cartell's spring offerings earlier this year, hoping to nab the matching shorts suit combo for my birthday. As it turns out my birthday weekend was a cold, windy and rainy one (August, go figure) so that wasn't exactly possible given the circumstances - but they are finally in my hands and ready for spring! 

I actually tried them both on together, but it all seemed a bit too matchy matchy for me and felt like one of those you-only-wear-once outfits. But the shorts. The shorts. Where do I begin? The pinnacle of perfection - the cut is incredible with a curved front edge and straight back, the high waist, deep pockets and tweed textured print. I get a little too excited when I find pieces that fit so well. Clothes are designed for a specific body shape and size: tall, skinny and legs that go on for days - that of which I am not, so it's surprising that I've come across not one, not two, but three perfect fit pieces this year. 

monday muse: lana del rey.

I can't quite put my finger on what it is about Lana Del Rey that fascinates me so much. It was only a few months ago that I said I couldn't stand her music - it was boring, monotonous, depressing and quite literally made me want to kill myself (thanks to the aptly titled 'Born to Die'). Fast forward to now and I can tell you I've had her album on  repeat for the last few weeks to the point where I force Jack to listen to it against his will - he tells me one of these days he might fall asleep at the wheel because of it.

Perhaps it is because she is so otherworldly, like she came to us from a different era - a time where things were simple and uncomplicated. I love the 50's/ 60's Americana vibe aka self-styled gangster Nancy Sinatra (would love to see her cover Bang Bang My Baby Shot Me Down) that she embodies in her music, her dress and her persona. Her music videos are equally as intriguing, cinematic and theatrical (pretty sure someone dies in every one). Mysterious, alluring, fragile and ever so elegant, Lana has cemented herself as a fashion icon (not many people can say they've had a bag named after them) as much as she is already a musical one. 

on your side.

The other day I found out my best friend was trying to buy these team tees for my birthday (aww, it's the thought that counts) but they've been selling like hotcakes over at Les Plus Dores. Such a simple idea (I wish I had come up with it) and just as simple to execute. Would be an easy project but considering my track record with DIYs, I think I'd rather pay for it. Looking forward to seeing which designer the New York based label decide to immortalise next in a tee. Hoping I can actually get my hands on one soon!

Creative director, Benjamin Fainlight on how the idea came about:
“I wear a t-shirt and jeans most everyday, and as someone who loves fashion I wanted there to be a way to show you’re a fan of a designer the same way people show that they’re fans of an athlete, without needing to spend a ton of money. I think the shirts also imply a general savviness, since not everyone knows Philo means Phoebe Philo…it makes a sort of team mentality.”

Whose side are you on?

summer wardrobe planning.

Welcome spring! Gone are the days (well maybe not quite yet) where I have to wear the same black coat day in day out and stack on the layers to keep me warm during my early morning and late night commute. Hello longer daylight, banana smoothie weather and (in my opinion) easier outfit decisions. Wasting no time on this seasonal change, I'm already gearing up for some new purchases. First on the list: the panama hat.