boyish charm.

Tibi singlet, J Brand chinos, Superga sneakers, Kate Sylvester cap, Roc Eyewear sunglasses, Andeol backpack.

So it turns out after all these years of exposure to fashion, I'm still a tomboy at heart. I purchased the original Tibi staple cami (the cut looks awfully similar to Camilla & Marc and Nicholas) for its absolute easy and simplicity and wore it for the first time with high waisted shorts. Walking down Botany Road and having trucks horn you isn't really the most flattering experience and did little for my self esteem (contrary to what some men may think). Surprisingly I felt a little exposed and found myself hiking up the straps countless times, though this would probably explain why I feel most comfortable in muscle singlets and boxy tees. For my second wear I decided to mix it back with more boyish pieces - navy chinos, sneakers and a baseball cap (the same one I eyed at the Kate Sylvester runway earlier this year) and transforming it into a look that feels quintessentially me. You know how I said you'd have to bear with me until I started sharing looks that were closer to what I wear on a daily basis? Well here I am, in my element.   

Photos by Andrea Lee

white noise.

There are legitimate reasons why I shouldn't own white pieces of clothing. I'm not usually a clumsy person but put on anything shiny and new and I'm suddenly vulnerable to the worst kinds of spills and stains. I'm not even exaggerating, it's like whenever I wear something for the first time it has to be christened with a foundation blotch, spaghetti sauce, food splatter or oil stain. This Zara tank was no exception. It's not that I don't take care of my things - maybe I'm cursed? I guess once something precious gets its first sign of wear (and you do try ever so hard to preserve its condition), you forget about the item being brand new and just enjoy wearing it. So when it comes to a choice between black and white (I had to do this earlier in the week when I bought this Tibi tank), I will always choose black. It's for the best.

Zara tank, J Brand jeans, Alexander Wang sandals and tote.

Photos by Andrea Lee


Bassike singlet (worn as a dress), Acne bomber, New Balance sneakers.

Thank god the fashion world decided that flat shoes was in again because I'm not sure how long my poor feet could last if traditional footwear conventions persisted. I'm not quite prepared for the onslaught of Birkenstocks during the summer (though I will happily give the mules we have seen on the runway at NYFW a chance when they're released next year). The New Balance trend, albeit a somewhat outdated one now that Birks on the rise, has given new meaning to the word fashion sneaker. An extension of the Nike Frees + White Converse craze that I admit I also got swept up in, the idea is that you'd never actually run/ train in these shoes but you'd freely sport them regardless of whether you're an athletic person or not.

While they are extremely comfortable and the obvious choice for days where legging it is inevitable, it clearly lacks what heels are best at doing. Okay maybe minus the blisters and sore feet. It's all about lengthening the legs. And because we all know how stumpy I am I'm in a lose-lose situation. No pain, no gain they say. For now I'll just prance around (see image uno for a demonstration) and walk on the balls of my feet as if I were wearing heels. It's true, I really can't win.

ab fab.

Peter Som, Rag & Bone, Thakoon.

DKNY, BCBG Max Azria, Tibi.

Ph Credit: Street style from Grazia.IT, Runway images from

If the first few days of fashion week is anything to go by, bare midriffs, abs and all, are truly here to stay. While I was expecting Ghesquiere's last Balenciaga collection featuring that crop top to make a small dent in the accessibility of the midriff (with Zara and Josh Goot making variations on a theme), I wasn't expecting a full scale resurgence of a naked midsection a year later both on and off the runway. Not that I have anything against cropped tops when they're executed with taste - none of those cut-up slogan tees, tight shorts and the possibility of some serious muffin top damage. Yes you're revealing some skin but it doesn't need to be overtly sexual, demure and subtle is the key to tackling this trend. The long sleeve crop top says 'Hey I have a killer bod, and I have no problem putting that out in the open but I need to maintain some class here' while the under the jacket or paired with a high waisted skirt look speaks refined sensibility with a level of femininity in much the same was as a thigh high split or bare back. 

My real issue comes from the fact that I don't have the toned abdominals that I have been yearning for the past 10 months. While I'm quite a petite little lady on first glance, my food baby is cleverly hidden under oversized shirts, baggy tees and the occasional high waist skirt. But not longer can I secretly harbour my cravings for good food. In the bare-all situation that is cropped tops, no amount of crunches, planks toe touches and bicycles can sculpt toned abs and obtain the line. It's all diet says my PT and my boyfriend. Therefore I must say adieu to you my precious cheat days, you have served me well in the past but no more. 

game set match.

Photography: Christine Ai
Hair and makeup: Ali Stadler
Photographer's Assistant: Emma Chu

Sometimes what you envisage is not always what is executed. Sometimes it's better. Christine and I knew after seeing Gabriel Lee's collection at Fashion Week earlier this year that we had to shoot with his pieces (and we did get our selfies with his floral brimmed caps). Thinking up a theme that was fresh and unique as his designs was at a standstill until it was so obvious what it should be. The crisp whites and soft lilacs, the caps, the sweatshirts and the frilled skirts pointed right towards tennis. With a touch of Alice in Wonderland whimsy courtesy of Cai's stockpile of tennis balls (that was totally unplanned but I'm so glad it happened), we ended up portraying a delicate, fragile yet extremely assertive woman   and a visually beautiful editorial the whole team is extremely proud of. It's definitely my favourite piece of styling work to date. The shoot was also picked up by our friends at Lovage Magazine who have also released Issue 3 as a physical mag so I'm even luckier that my best work to date is immortalised in print. 

Clothing and accessories from Gabriel Lee
(Nine West shoes and American Apparel socks)

birthday suit.

Here it is. The birthday suit in all it's glory. And for those of you who were saying how perfect they would look together, I may have had that planned from the start. As incredible as it is to be decked out in all Acne everything, it's slightly scary to think about the combined price tag for this getup. Four digits. Gulp. Still not as bad as high roller Jack who recently acquired a bespoke suit from Herringbone. I'm constantly torn between whether to buy, buy, buy or save for the many overseas adventures I intend to take next year and then I'm dragged back down to reality by mother who reminds me she none of the luxuries I do now and how I should just save up for a house. That's about the least of my worries right now. 

Back to the Acne. If you're on the shorter side I'd highly recommend trying the Skin 5's. They'e slightly cropped (which means the perfect length for us), slim leg and super skinny fit. As for the bomber, I'm finding it extremely hard to part with given the increase in temperature lately. I'm more than happy to boil as long as it's in this bomber. Raybans included for a Top Gun/ BAMF vibe. 


Hello bare legs! It's been a while, a short while nevertheless if you count my Beijing bare legs period not to mention the time I was too lazy to wash my Nike leggings and wore my tight bike shorts to the gym at 6pm. I had some funny looks. Now let's just hope all those squats and incline running have paid off. 

You know how I constantly tell you that half of the outfits I wear, you wouldn't actually catch me in if you saw me walking down Eastern Avenue at uni? Well this look isn't one of them. And you can probably tell by the look on my face just how comfortable and me this really is. And notice how part way through I decided to take off my aviators. Hooray, she doesn't have holes where her eyeballs should be! But you should know shades are a blogger's best friend. One less facial element to worry about when posing. I really don't know how models do it.

These babies on my feet are my beloved birthday sandals. I say sandals not only because Alexander Wang says so but because the heel (if you can call it that) is quite low which I am in no way complaining about. I didn't know whether an everyday heel exists but now I have proof it does. Thank you shoe gods for this miracle because my feet were never cut out for stiletto heels.


It's the first day of spring so I figure I'd commemorate the occasion with a dedication my two favourite wardrobe items that got me through the chilly season. Not that I had to endure as much of it this year, I cheated on winter for a sticky hot month in Beijing and I have to admit I actually enjoyed it. Throwing on a pair of shorts and a basic singlet before rushing off to class (that or gym gear, yes guilty as charged). Having visited the one COS store in Beijing four times in a month and not purchasing anything for myself, I bought the sweater on a whim so I wouldn't leave the country empty handed. Who knows when I'd be back in the vicinity of COS? It ended up being the greatest decision because I've been wearing it with everything.

As for boyfriend jeans that shouldn't be called boyfriend jeans because most men wear skinny fit nowadays and most boys hate it when their girlfriends wear looser cuts. Something about being unflattering? Never mind that, they're so comfortable especially for those days when putting on skinny jeans is just too much effort. Or when you know you're in for a big meal and anticipate stuffing yourself silly. Boys don't realise but that's exactly what they're for.

Photos by Uppy Photo