little things.

It's been forever hasn't it? I know, I know. You know you've been missing in action a little too long when a fellow blogger starts to question your existence (thanks for noticing Karen). Never fear my fashionable friends, I'm still alive and kicking. Just barely. Between finishing off my last semester at uni, increased hours at work and helping out at Basically Boutique, not to mention apply for full time jobs (do I really have to?), my mind is being pulled in fifty different directions at once. I have a 5000 word essay due next Friday worth 80% along with a ridiculously difficult Chinese exam standing between me finishing my undergraduate degree. As long as I don't fail. Hannah's reflection on life after uni and what's next captures my sentiments. For a while I've been dying to finish and get to a 9 - 5 routine but I honestly don't know if I'm ready for that just yet. 

I've been treating mo'self to some Aesop lately - the compact moisturiser to combat dry legs in the summer and the protective balm, which I've been holding out for for a month. The sales assistants were surprised I was so keen on a lip balm though in my defence I needed a new one and I figure I may as well add to my personal Aesop store. And yet another pair of sunglasses, this time in the perfect tortoiseshell that fit my flat Asian nose to a tee. 

Stilla CC Cream, Muji pen, Aesop protective lip balm and hand balm, Diva earrings and midi rings, Karen Walker sunglasses, Comme des Garcons pouch, Mad Love shorts.


  1. It's funny isn't it, how quickly time can escape you? I've been doing a lot of the same, on top of my current full time job. it's scary to be going into study for an exam, which feels like it has been light years since my last one.

    Anyway, glad to see that you haven't quite disappeared, and best of luck with your university!! x

  2. Good luck with the final semester study and job hunting! Such an exciting yet crazy stressful time. Loving those shades.

    Christie x

  3. Gorgeous photo! I'll have to give the Aesop lip balm a go - good luck with your end of semester rush!


  4. I'm just that much of a blog stalker! I've been meaning to try the Aesop lipbalm, my mum and I have slowly converting all my skincare products- such a god-send brand!

    Speaking as someone who just finished my final semester mid-year and slowly easing into full-time work. It's definitely not an exaggeration when people envy uni life!

    x karen

  5. great to see you back! hope things die down for you soon. this may seem a little stalker-ish but I think I may have seen you on the bus yesterday? wearing a blue shirt? you looked gorgeous, if it indeed was you! x