the new black.

Man Repeller book, Calvin Klein bra, Tibi tank, Asos shorts, Comme des Garcons wallet.

Black is the new black. Always has and always will be. Despite my efforts to diversify the colours of my wardrobe, half is black, and the other half is made up of black's little sister, brother and cousin, white, grey and navy. In saying that, at least my blacks (well the one's I've purchased recently anyway) are patterned - sheer, embossed and textured. 

I've been bedridden for the last few days with some weird undiagnosable combination of a migraine + stomach ache and just about the only thing I can do is read because computer screens hurt my head. Lucky Leandra has been keeping me company, with her hilarious antics, characteristic wit, brutal honesty and her love misfortunes. It's been a great read so far - I would have finished it in a day but I've been savouring it like I would a cupcake. Most effective (and more healthy) in smaller doses. It's officially available in Australia at the end of this month but I just wanted to be one of the first here to read it. As you do.

For my lovely Melbournian readers, if you feel like a night of all things style and Spring Racing (along with some bubbly) head over to SABA in Chadstone tomorrow night from 6 - 9pm. Presenter and blogger, Rebecca Judd will be in attendance offering her personal picks and style tips.  There's 20% off everything in store for one night only (more if you bring friends along), gifts with purchase and plenty more surprises. All the details are here on the SABA Facebook page!


  1. My wardrobe is virtually the same. I have the odd pop of bright pink, and red, although as you can imagine, these don't find their way out of the closet often.

    How;'s the MR book? Tempted to buy it myself, as well as those ASOS shorts. Don't know why I'm taking so long to push the button...

    1. The ASOS shorts are great! I'm not really an ASOS buyer but I thought I'd give these a shot and I really like them. I'll do a full outfit post with them soon.
      Do buy the MR book. It's moreso an autobio rather than a discussion on fashion (which I much prefer - we just love to hear other women's wins and loses when it comes to love) but written in Leandra's style that we know and love. I'm really enjoying it so far :)

  2. I don't think I can get enough of black - ever. It's such a staple piece. But having said that, with the weather getting warmer, I'm starting to gravitate towards bright summery colours

    x karen

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