changing of the seasons.

When you have an exam on Monday, a 5000 word essay due on Friday and it's your last semester of your degree, and you decide to spend your Saturday in Bondi/ Paddington, you might need to consider making better life choices. But alas I did, and paying the price of late nights and early mornings and a whole lot of stress, 'what if I fail' scenarios and overloading my tiny brain. Yes I've even had to forgo my precious gym routine in order to get this work done (though if I'd started earlier - which I promise I planned to do, I wouldn't be in this situation).

Yesterday I accompanied Jack to P.Johnson tailors to get fitted for his bespoke suits. In the last few months he's probably spent triple the amount on clothes that I have and he's on a mission to complete his perfect wardrobe of basics, suits and dapper accessories. I was absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of choices available, not only in colours, lining and buttons but also the way the shoulders, collar, sleeves and pants are cut. I felt like Andy in the Devil Wears Prada when she laughs at two belts that to the untrained eye look exactly the same, because I honestly could not notice any of the subtle differences and when asked for my opinion I was speechless. I guess I'll just leave menswear to the pros. 

Zara top, Latopic skirt, Lack of Color hat, Karen Walker sunglasses.


  1. Love this outfit gorgeous girl! x

  2. Sounds like the trade-off was well worth it! Although, I'm hoping you picked up a little something for yourself as well ;)

    x karen
    the chic & damned

    1. I didn't mention I went to Tuchuzy and Acne haha :)

    2. Can't wait to find out what you got! They need to make a special plaque for you at Acne ;)

  3. My bf got a suit made earlier this year, and honestly, I too was amazed by all the choice that they have! I suppose the funniest part was that while he wanted me there to shed my opinions, he wasn't really interested in what I liked!