one of the boys.

Antipodium shirt, Karen Walker sunglasses, YSL compact, Michael Kors watch, Tom Gunn brogues.

Thank god for menswear because without it we wouldn't have menswear inspired womenswear. After finally realised that I never truly outgrew my inner tomboy at the age of 10 I've noticing just how much of my wardrobe is pulled from menswear - the button up shirts, loafers, aviators, oversized sweaters, chinos, caps. Having a revelation about my personal style and my collection of menswear inspired womenswear (which also explains why I'm allergic to heels). Maybe Jack and I have more in common style wise than I initially thought. Over the last few months I've been bombarded with terms like wingtip, break/ no break, ticket pocket, unstructured, peak/ notched lapels that I feel like when Jack talks about his tailored suits he's speaking a foreign language. Who would have thought menswear could be so complicated? 

For your first foray into menswear inspired womenswear, you can always count on J Crew to deliver. Impeccable tailoring, luxe fabrics, styles taken from the boys but with feminine sensibility. I can't rave on enough about my boy shirt which is one of the best purchases I've made all year and cost me all of $85. As far as shoes goes, I'm currently obsessed with Tom Gunn. I've always had a thing for petrol green (in my opinion the most underrated colour) and I love seeing someone putting this hue to good use. And in other breaking news, here I am finding myself attracted to yet another leopard print accessory. Something's happening to me!