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Taking a quick study break from my 5000 word final essay from the last unit of my undergraduate degree (of which I am more than half way through, so don't worry I'm not doing it all the night before it's due) to bring you a procrasta-flatlay. A few weeks ago I found out I was going on a cruise over the New Year with Jack's family, visiting Brisbane, Cairns and Noumea. I am super excited because a) I haven't been on a holiday with Jack for over a year b) My parents are obsessed with cruises and keep telling me I have to go c) the opportunity to get healthy tan (though is a tan ever healthy?). While the prospect of lazing around doing absolutely nothing is somewhat appealing, we all know how restless I get when my mind is not worrying about at least ten things at once. I am however feeling like a kid at a candy store over the amount of choices I have for outdoor activities at our ports of call. There's something about recreational activities like snorkelling, horse riding, paddle boarding, kayaking and abseiling down a waterfall that just makes me giddy. Although holidays should be relaxing there's nothing like a once-in-a-lifetime experience to get your blood pumping; a-la white water rafting in Bali and hiking along the Great Wall in China. Preparations to jam pack my on land schedule are well underway. 

I've already envisaged my cruise carry-on/ summer wardrobe essentials which includes the following perfect seasonal finds thus far:
  • Acne grey marle v neck shirt, two sizes up from my usual.
  • The Rag & Bone denim shorts that aren't offensively short (no butt cheeks were harmed in the making of this garment) but still short enough to make my legs look long.
  • The shirt that looks like I borrowed it from my boyfriend but was instead purchased from J Crew.
  • NARS tinted moisturiser because your face is more than likely to melt off in the heat. The less time spent on your morning makeup routine the better. 
  • Superga aka the people's shoes of Italy. It's basically Converse but for the cool kids.
  • Strawberries and blueberries because that's all I'll be eating.
  • Nivea spray on sunscreen. The best. 
For my readers that hail from Melbourne here's a public service announcement regarding the Dion Lee sample sale. Score! Past season mainline and Line II up to 85% off starting from today up until Sunday at 368 Chapel Street, South Yarra. You know I'd be there if I could so you'll have to spend on my behalf. All the deets are here


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