better together.

A matching two piece has always been on the list for its obvious advantages. Two pieces that can be worn independently of one another but paired together to create an unexpected matchy-matchy look. Cost per wear makes a two piece set an attractive investment and especially when it's monochrome and oversized (and I can't overlook the mesh detail on the shorts).

For the most subtle offsetting of colour (not that you can really call it that) and probably my favourite shade pairing, I went for the very predictable black and navy in the form of this cool little leather clutch from the relatively new Young the Label. These sisters make some uber chic weekenders, totes, clutches and coin purses focusing on sleek lines and architectural detailing.

I've just wrapped up my first week of full time work and I am absolutely exhausted not to mention I've had no time/ energy to exercise. I've had incredibly long days (usually starting around 8:30 and finishing at 6:30) with a 90 minute commute each way. Now I know why people make such a big deal about the weekends. Having worked in retail for three years, I at last seeing the light. Enjoy your weekend lovers.

Shot by Andrea Lee