off to the races.

Wish dress, Lack of Color hat, Alexander Wang heels, Comme des Garcons pochette.

I've never been to the races, nor do I think I'd actually enjoy it. Sometime about heels sinking into the grass and betting on a horse with the likelihood of losing (I think betting is a terrible way of throwing away money for no reason. At the very least save your coin for lunch). I assume a majority of the race-goers aren't that interested in horse racing either, they just want an excuse to dress up. Fair enough. Here's mine. Wish asked me to take part in their style challenge and I selected this little monochromatic number for the occasion. I don't think you've seen me in a dress before (I can't actually remember the last time I saw myself in one either) so here are to witness this groundbreaking occasion. I was drawn to the back detail and cut-outs, skirt splits and contrast panels and decided to put my own spin on Spring racing. I'm not used to the whole dress/ heels girly get up so I took it down a notch with a black hat (we are truly inseparable) and a smidge of red lipstick to match my CDG clutch. Tiff says I still managed to inject this look with my 'tomboy' style which sounds like I accomplished my mission. Racewear, my way. 

Shot and edited by Christine Ai.

PS. I'm going to start embedding songs that inspire the title of my posts. This one's from my girl crush Lana.


  1. You know when I saw the photo's I thought that has to be the most feminine thing I've seen you wear! I like it though, looks great. I'm the same with races, I don't even like going for the drinking aspect either... all seems a bit silly!

  2. You look gorgeous! That dress is so nice - I agree with you about the races though, I'd only go to get dressed up!

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