blue jeans.

Blue has always been one of my favourite colours even since I was a little girl. I was a tomboy at heart and my mother had painted my room a pale pink. It took some persistence but I managed to get it painted a nice sky blue (similar shade to Andy's room sans the clouds which now that I think about it would have been a great idea) and I forced my mum to only buy me bed sheets that are blue. To this day she's still kept her word. 

I still gravitate towards blues, navy and everything in between. Blue is basically the colour of my wardrobe (excluding black of course). Even the colour way of my pretty little Pashli is actually called denim. Speaking of denim, I've said it before but these Skin 5's are the perfect fit jeans. Resisting the urge to buy them in every other colour despite the fact it's (for the majority) far too warm to wear skin tight clothes. There's also nothing quite like a classic, clean, blue button up. Always appropriate, always fresh. Jack's intense growing interest in menswear has had a subconscious effect on my choices also. Crisp shirts, polished loafers. He's definitely giving me a run for my money in the fashion department. When he gets his tailored suits back, I'll prove it. 

Image by Christine Ai

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  1. Just love that shirt - I know you've said it's J Crew mens, are you able to share the link and which size you got? Kind of feel like I need one for myself...