it's not over.

It's official. After seventeen years, my formal education comes to an end... that is until I decide to return and do a postgrad degree. But none of that right now. Officially at the end of one chapter of your life and figuring out how to write another is a scary feeling. I've pictured the moment I finish university ever since I was in primary school and it was a little bit of a letdown. I've become accustomed to this uni/ work balance that I know nothing else. What exactly is relaxing? What do I do with all my spare time? *twiddles thumbs* All those readings, study notes, assignments, late nights, early mornings are no more. I can come home after work, jump into bed and not feel guilty about catching up on the Bachelor or the NBA. It's a glorious feeling. Until you realise you can't just continue your post-uni lifestyle without taking on responsibility.

The next step is trying to put that degree to good use. The job market isn't the greatest and that means grad positions are super competitive. For me, I'm still trying to figure out whether to go down PR or marketing, whether to stay in fashion or branch out. While I'm figuring all that out, I decided to treat yo self to a congratulationsonfinishingyourdegree present, a-la this Pashli mini (thank you generously for the donation ATO). I've had a close eye on the Pashli ever since it became the it-bag and I'm in need of an everyday cross body so I figure it was time I invested in one. I thought this denim colourway would be a good contrast to my darker wardrobe hues of navy and blue. Full outfit tomorrow!

Image by Christine Ai


  1. Congratulations on completing your study! It's a satisfying feeling isn't it, yet filled with nervous excitement as to what is to come. Breaking into the job market is difficult, I found the same thing when I completed my degree, and ended up continuing working in hospo managing a bar until I found my current job. So all the best on your job search!

    And yay for grad presents, just love the colour pashli you chose, it's gorgeous!

  2. Congratulations on finishing your degree! This time of transition can feel scary but it will all work out. :-) Gorgeous bag. I have been contemplating a Pashli in navy.

    Christie x

  3. Congratulations! Love the bag, and the bachelor is also one of my sneaky favourite shows too


    Flourish Blog

  4. Ahh, congratulations on graduating! It must feel amazing to have that behind you now. The bag's lovely by the way, and well deserved :)

  5. congratulations on graduating! it must be such a strange feeling to not have any responsibilities at the moment! enjoy it while you can :) what a perfect present to yourself, I love the pashli and love that you got such an amazing colour! x

  6. Love the bag! I've been lusting after a pashli for ages... What degree did you do, if you don't mind me asking?

    Lizzy x

    1. Hey Lizzy! I just finished up a BA (Arts) Media and Communications majoring in marketing x