zimmermann rash guards.

Zimmermann exclusively for Shopbop

I'm sure I wasn't the only one who resented rash guards when they were young. My mother has always been extremely careful when it comes to my health and wellbeing, going so far as to stopping me from eating certain foods with particular colouring, so naturally forcing me wearing a rash guard to protect me from the sunburn/ skin cancer was high on the list. I never wanted to wear one (especially when all my friends are wearing tankinis or cropped bikini tops) and still remember the devious thing I used to do to make it look like I had worn mine. It involved me submerging the rash shirt in the pool for about 5 seconds and then making sure it ended up in the same plastic bag as all my other wet swimwear. Fool proof! Some ten years later and my feelings toward rash guards may have done a 180. I'm quite self conscious when it comes to swimwear (more so embarrassed because I'm way too lazy/ busy to work out) so I tend to wear a singlet on top of my bikini anyway. Zimmermann have found a way to made rash shirts cool again, infusing their summery prints with a sleek streamline fit. If only these were available back in the day instead of their terribly coloured neon predecessors - I would have worn them in a heartbeat! Perhaps I could convince my mum to buy me one of these? Hey, all in the name of sun safety.


  1. Oh i saw this today and thought if only I could swim... :p

    Nora Finds

  2. wow, these are awesome! I too hated rash shirts when I was a kid, but I wouldn't have had a problem if they looked like this! I'm super careful in the sun now so I'll definitely be looking into these next summer :) x

  3. hated them then, love them now.. what can you do!! haha. I kind of love the cropped one??

    ps. we never rescheduled our uni hangout.. come to the benah sample sale and say hi, and we can lock in a date then!


  4. Amazing collection!! Wow!! Thanks for the share!