mbfwa day five. romance in rainbow.

Romance was Born tee (borrowed from Deb), Joe's Jeans denim, Molten Store necklace, Sunday Somewhere sunglasses, Steve Madden heels.
Photos by Aprilia Love

Fashion Week has come to a close much to the relief of many (a little part inside of me is overjoyed). You probably don't believe me but waiting in a queue five times longer than the show actually goes for, running around from one venue to another and taking hundreds of photos whereby only one out of a hundred is semi decent is actually quite tiring. I only went to a couple of shows each day and didn't sleep any later than usual but I am exhausted (and as a result sick in bed). I can only imagine what the editors, writers and top bloggers must be feeling like. 

My secret goal for the week was to be street snapped (Tommy Ton, Nam or Phil Oh preferably) which was unfortunately never achieved. What I learnt was that to be street snapped you either have to be a big name in fashion (ie. Taylor Tomasi, Rumi Neely, Christine Centenera), a model off duty or wear weird crazy shit that photographs well. Since I don't fit into the first two categories I thought I'd attempt the latter and go all out with colour, which as you know, is a huge step for me. I love how the blue on printed Romance top matches the colour of my jeans. Sadly I didn't achieve what I set out to (there is always next year), but I am pleased with the way this outfit just came together.

By now you should know that I don't blog chronologically (or do I just hide it really well?) so you may start seeing collection recaps and posts all jumbled up. Keep checking back for more.


  1. Love the outfit! I was admiring the way your jeans match the top perfectly. Colour looks good on you x

  2. absolutely love that top! love how you wore it with the pale blue jeans! gorgeous



  3. Your outfits are always so beautifully put together! If I was a street style photographer I would have snapped you!