lust list. the wad jacket

The New Guard, Nam for, 4th and Bleeker

I've been frequenting The New Guard for the last few weeks and besides providing a successful outlet of procrastination, it's gotten me fixated on the Isabel Marant Wad Jacket. The structured collar, the tailored shoulders, the utility pockets, the textured embellishments and the boxy fit - it is perfection in vest form. It was spotted on Jess Blanch from Russh at fashion week teamed a relaxed double denim ensemble. Sadly the only thing stopping me is the $6499 price tag. I get it's Isabel Marant but isn't that just a tad bit too pricey. I get 1000, 2000 or even 3000 - unless each jacket was meticulously hand beaded and sewn and it's diamond encrusted. I would seriously consider handing over my savings for this beautiful thing and not buying anything for the next two years especially if I wore it everyday. But you could totally wear this over absolutely anything. I'm being reasonable right?


  1. Whoa 0_o
    That jacket is amazing!
    Haha, yeah its just so expensive...perhaps you can find a look alike soon.

    Trendy Teal

  2. Wow that jacket is Badass with a capital B. The price tag is amazing...I thought that it would be around the 1/2k mark myself! x

  3. ohhh yeaa thats definitely justifiable ... jokes who am I kidding, it is insanely amazing but thats a whole trip to New York and back then back again then on your adventure there boom jacket sale or free on the street from the Man Repeller who was sick of repelling men. haha wow do I win worlds longest comment or what?

    Overall: Sick jacket!!