wang on my head.

I'm surprised I have lasted this long without posting about my beloved Alexander Wang beanie, the pride and joy of my winter headwear collection. Although I intended to buy the green one which seems a lot easier to coordinate with colour wise (coincidentally the Man Repeller was street snapped wearing it shortly after), the red suddenly became convincing after it's  slight reduction on Shopbop. Can't really explain what was going through my head when I decided to purchase a beanie that costs more than your average pair of jeans, except the fact my cost per wear would make it all worth it. Besides being physical documentation of everything I buy, I think my blog has become an outlet to justify my expensive purchases to others and to myself. So in keeping with the spirit of things, here are my top five reasons for happily handing over my hard earned cash for a beanie: 1) It keeps your head warm (captain obvious) 2) It acts as a simple solution to cover up the fact you ran out of time in the morning to do your hair 3) It doubles as inadvertent earmuffs (which I've come to realise is not so great when I wear it to work - lots of 'huh', 'what did you say' and 'pardon me's exchanged to customers) 4) Feeling like you've mastered the art of masculine dressing in one hit 5) Just generally reppin' the A.Wang. That's got to at least amount to a three digit figure?

...And one more for good luck 6) Being able to proudly proclaim 'I have a Wang on my head'. It's a fashion girl thing.

Taken by Aprilia Love on our overdue catch up session at Kawa yesterday afternoon. Yes seeing all those foodstagrams and Kawa cards did have an influence on our cafe choice.


  1. That beanie is just amazing.
    So perfect!
    I love this kind of hat :)
    Adds a cool, chill vibe to any outfit

    PS: Don't miss out on the $50 voucher for some Dark Horse Jewelry on my blog!
    Trendy Teal

  2. Haha you rock the Wang well!
    My blog is my outlet for justifying expensive purchases too...WHY DOES NO ONE ELSE UNDERSTAND ;)

  3. Ooohhh where did you get that jacketttt!! I've been wearing beanie all the time now, especially because I have the vent blowing cold air onto my head at workkk :'( I love this look missy!!

    Nora Finds

  4. Would be inappropriate for me to say I love your wang?

  5. lady how hot is you in your beanie!!
    soo varsity right now!
    love x