mbfwa day four. sparkle motion.

Aje sequin skirt, Nathan Smith skirt (from Desordre), Acne boots, Samantha Wills bracelet and ring, Molten Store necklace, Ellery sunglasses, Arnsdorf SS11 iPhone Case
Photos by Aprilia Love

Last outfit for MBFWA and although it's day four, I thought I may as well save the best for last. The week before Fashion Week I started getting second round invites to shows and realised that I may need more than just the two outfits I had initially planned. So I did a last minute trip to Desordre (always a fail safe option as long as you have the money) and came across this lone Aje sequin skirt that I had tried on last year but decided to pass it up because I had no occasion to wear it (unless you think uni is an acceptable place to wear anything sequin). But this time MBFWA was the reason, the perfect reason might I add, to add a little sparkle. At the time I tried it on with this muscle singlet and being me had to tone down the girly feel the sequins give off - I loved them so much together I just ended up buying the entire outfit.

Luckily for me I was also able to raid the giant SW jewellery box (aka our showroom) and pulled these two amazing pieces from the SS12 collection, The Wanderlust (which will be released in the next few months). The rose gold, blush tones and gunmetal complimented the dusty pink shade of my skirt and tee perfectly. You saw it here first... but shh!

Injecting a bit of Man Repeller humour into my outfit posts (because fashion shouldn't always be serious!)

PS. 200th post! Thanks for your continuous support :)


  1. Love this outfit! Your skirt is amazing :)

  2. great outfit!
    sequins can sometimes make me want to vomit but the grungy edge makes the skirt look fantastic.
    very cool x


  3. Ooooh, I'm loving that skirt! So awesome.
    Love the dusty pink shade of the tank. Plus, your jewelry is gorgeous <3

    Trendy Teal

  4. you are too cute. love the outfit mel & congrats on the 200th post! x

  5. Loving the glittery-sequined skirt! Never would've thought to pair it with a casual top, but wow it looks great!

  6. wow, I love this outfit! the tee and the skirt work so well together, and your jewellery is just amazing xx

  7. I love that Aje skirt! And 200th post congratulations! xx


  8. don't care that you didn't buy them before!
    point is you brought them now and THEY ARE FLIPPING AMAZING!
    love the laser cut detail lady, perfect with the muscle singlet, like brilliant idea!
    lovee x

  9. you popped up on my twitter feed just now because samantha wills retweeted you and I thought your name sounded familiar, so I clicked on your blog only to find an ex-Hornsby! hahah

    I don't think you know me though, but I remember you. (:

  10. Beautiful skirt - love the interesting cut and most of it's glittery! xo
    Lovely bracelet as well :)

  11. Love love this outfit!! Such a good mix of girly sequins and tough boots!
    You look great!!



  12. that skirt is amazing!
    congrats on 200th post x