new gen 2: lf markey. ash to gold.

LF Markey

Ash to Gold

My two standouts from the New Gen 2 show were LF Markey and Queensland label, Ash to Gold. LF Markey presented a minimalist, clean, understated collection that brought back schoolyard nostalgia with their leather messenger backpacks, yellow anoraks and boxy button up shirt dresses teamed with black shoes and white rolled socks. Ash to Gold complimented simplistic designs, sheer layers and repeated textures, with the coolest geometric accessories I've seen all week including clear prism bangles (that I'm sure could double as self defence) and pyramid clutches. I've got these designers on my radar and can't wait to see how they grow from their fashion week exposure. 


  1. the neckline of that yellow dress is so perfect. Oh and that black and white print is what dreams are made of... :)

  2. That black and white aztec print.. LOVE!

    Nora Finds

  3. you got such great photographs!
    it was probably my favourite designer out of new gen 2