mbfwa day three. black and blue.

Alexander Wang knit, Wish leather shorts, Zara heels, Rayban sunglasses, Molten Store necklace.
Photos by Aprilia Love

First it was black and gold, now it's black and blue (I am of course referring to Miike Snow).  Now all that's left to complete the song matching outfit trio is black and yellow, although I can't say I own anything yellow. When I told you I was going back to simple after day one, I really meant it. This is about as basic as it gets. I'm was also quite stubborn that day because I refused to change my outfit plans despite the fact I could tell I was getting sick and it was going to be chilly in the evening.

I've been holding out to wear this knit until fashion week. Unlike most other people, I seem to be able to resist the temptation to wear new purchases straight away - this one was hiding away for almost two months. I always feel like when you wear something for the first time it should be for something special or something worthwhile at least. I bought this baby in Tokyo on the first day after hunting down the then newly opened Alexander Wang store-in-store at Isetan, Shinjuku and from the moment I put it on I knew it was meant to be (despite the extreme markup on the yen to dollar exchange rate - but of course that didn't stop me). 


  1. Am I going insane or did I not see you the day you wore this? I swear I can't remember this knit, and I definitely would remember it had I seen it because it's wang and it's gorgeous!

    -LAURA xx

  2. love love love your outfit!
    the knit is perfect, it looks super cosy :)

  3. The knit/leather combo always is a winner in my opinion! and teamed with the heels, you got yourself a lovely look!

  4. I absolutely love the knit! I agree, new purchases should make it's way into your world on a special moment or occasion. I have so many new pieces waiting for the right moment to be worn - but mainly because I went on a crazy spending spree during mid-sem in my bouts of procrastination :P

    Love the styling for the babe - looking great as always :)



  5. Lovveee this outfit. xx


  6. Love your looks :)


  7. most comfy looking, but incredibly chic sweater. love it.


  8. ahaha hon, totally justified..once you have that outfit in your head, you can't get it out!
    And I get what you mean about wearing new purchases somewhere special...ESPECIALLY if it's a pricey piece, I do that and it might be in my cupboard for months!
    I never got around to thanking you for your darling comment, PLEASE try the necklace, just chuck bolts together, SOMETHING! Because if I can do it - coming from me - anybody can!
    AND HELLS YES, I didn't realise it was heavy till I actually took it off after wearing it at work for 8 hours!
    But got the interesting comments so vainly beauty was pain that day. Shit this is long!
    Bye lovely, you look amazinggg xx

  9. i want to swim in that knit!

  10. the knit is the joy