mbfwa day one. dress up.

Marcs shirt. Dress Up pants. American Apparel belt. Acne heels. Samantha Wills cuff.
Photos by Aprilia 

I kicked off day one of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia in this little ensemble. The fabulous and fierce fashion pack were out to play and I wanted to do my best to keep up. I went for the printed pants look - I saved my Dress Up pants from my shopping spree with Dee just for the occasion and paired it with a simple Equipment-esque button up shirt and my new Acne heels. The heels were a tight fit especially at the front (but I bought them anyway because I loved them too much to part with them) and I will be the first to admit they were an absolute pain to walk in. After two hours I caved and put on my loafers. I'm a terrible I know, just go ahead and judge me. I also refused to eat anything until I had these photos taken. Not because I want to look skinny or anything, I had the perfect dark red lip and I did not want to ruin it until I had it captured on camera (I even denied my morning coffee to keep it in tact). Mecca Cosmetica did an amazing job getting me done up for the day (as they always do).

Day one was Dylan Cooper and Miss Unkon, extremely sore feet mixed with a bit of confusion about where to go, how registration works and learning that fashion shows never run on time. It's like the first day at school. Day two ran a lot smoother for me. More MBFWA to come x


  1. Looking beautiful as always! Was fun hanging out for a short while today. Hope uni was worth it because Toi Et Moi was amazing hahah

  2. Love your style, you look stunning!