tokyo photo diary.

When you're feeling tired, stressed, overworked and under pressure (did someone say 2 essays, 1 exam and two assignments in two weeks?), all you want to do is escape. I've been going back to the photos from my Japan holiday once every few weeks to try and relive thememories and the more I look at it, the more I miss it and the more I wish I was there right now eating crepes, onigiri and ramen daily. What can I say about Japan? Where to begin? It was like nothing I've ever experienced before in my (limited) travels. Although I was 'lost in translation' (thank god Jack could speak Japanese otherwise I would have had no idea what I was ordering at any of the restaurants we went to), I can still appreciate the cultural differences, the customs and the values that the Japanese uphold. I was amazed by their politeness - the service that I was given at a convenience store was the same as what I experienced in a high end department store. Australians take note. I was also in awe at their flawless public transport system. Who needs a car to get around when you have fast speed trains that arrive every 2 - 5 minutes and deliver you to all  suburban areas?

I'm not sure why I haven't posted these sooner, but nonetheless here is my Tokyo travel diary (at the special request of Lisa & Aprilia). I hope these spark your wanderlust!

o1. Our first proper meal in Tokyo after skipping breakfast to shop in Shibuya (typical).
o2. Mickey details on the monorails at Disneyland.
o3. The Rag & Bone store tucked away in a side street. Needless to say when I finally found it (I almost gave up - trying to decipher Japanese addresses is confusing) I was hysterical.
o4. The famous Shibuya crossing in fisheye.
05. Sherwood Garden, a restaurant at our Disneyland Hotel where we had a buffet breakfast with the Disney characters.
06. Winter in Yoyogi park.
07. Street style in Omotesando/ Harajuku. 
o8. Purple cabbage flowers. I am so intrigued by this phenomenon I just had to stop every time I saw one.
o9. A side street in Omotesando with an array of vintage and quirky boutiques.  I call it Surry Hills of Tokyo.
1o. Ghibli museum in Mitika on the rooftop garden with the Robot Soldier from Laputa Castle in the Sky. 

Japan you are beautiful. If anyone gets the opportunity you definitely have to experience it for yourself. No doubt I'll be returning sooner rather than later!


  1. Yay! So glad you finally gotten around to posting this, it's been way overdue!
    Still so jelly that you got to go to Disneyland! I'm convinced we still need to go to SoCal together and go to Disneyland there.
    See you this arvooooo!

    x Aprilia

  2. wow i am so jealous!
    you must be having the best time ever :)

  3. Ah makes me want to go so much! How great is the Ghibli museum and the Shibuya intersection?! X

  4. Best wishes for everything Mel, I've been feeling the saaame way!

  5. This is so amazing, travel diaries just make me want to go everywhere! Looks like you had fun lovely xxx

  6. All the pics are amazing. I'm so glad you had a great time.

    Ps love Jack's wine colored jeans!

  7. The mickey handle bars on the train are amazing!


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