coachella style.

Credit: Mr Newton for Harper's Bazaar, Vogue

Honestly, whose idea was it to make an oversized singlet (or tee or cropped/ bikini top if you're game), denim cut offs and thongs the unofficial festival uniform? Ladies, there are better ways to dress for a field day in the dessert. Take these shining examples - although they are little more privileged than us common folk. I must admit I do shy away from wearing my nicer clothes to concerts  because I don't want to get them ruined by the push and shove of the sweaty crowds, but that still doesn't mean I would dress like a hippie (Vanessa Hudgens is guilty of this crime every year), a hobo or Pocahontas. I think festival attire should be stylish while still being practical, casual and comfortable. Showing skin is not necessary nor to be admired. Sun dresses with boots (or gumboots), plenty of arm swag and a khaki parka for the cooler nights sounds ideal to me. Better start planning my Coachella 2013 wardrobe (in my dreams).  


  1. I love that Dolce two piece, I was obsessed with all their prints, I really loved the eggplant one but the chilli print is still so beautiful and bright

    -LAURA xx

  2. I love the Dolce as well. SO amazing paired with the sandals. I am a hater of the Australian 'festival' uniform. Its all cropped tees and abs! Maybe I'm just jealous haha xx