tokyo dreaming.

Source: Garance Dore

Garance Dore is in Tokyo for the first time and only a few short months ago, I was too. It's still fresh in my mind - the culture shock that was indeed admirable and beautiful. I love the way that Garance has captured these snippets of Japan, both of the old world and the new, and I think that's what makes Japan such a unique country. It's a fusion of old traditions and new/ modern ways of thinking yet neither of the two are competing against one another, instead they work in harmony to create a place quite unusual. I can appreciate a culture rooted heavily in tradition - I sometimes find it a little dull that Australia doesn't come close to the amount of rich history that they have (I suppose we have our multicultural facet). The Japanese happen to be some of the nicest people you'll ever come across - respectful of your own culture and beliefs, they don't expect you to conform (in fact they probably had a slight chuckle when I mistook tempura dipping sauce for tea) yet still extremely polite and genuine. My favourite Garance image happens to be the 'Tokyo Etiquette' one because I experienced it myself throughout my two weeks in the country but with money instead. Buy anything and you'll see that they present your change to you with two hands. It's often the little details that are the most beautiful (and I think that's something these images aim to capture). Simply stunning. It makes me miss this country even more.


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