mistaken for strangers.

Apologies for the mediocre photos - I was engaged in a battle with the sunset and the room lighting.

Last Friday I was invited to preview the Wish Spring 2012 collection titled 'Mistaken for Strangers' at the newly opened Marquee at the Star. Convenient it was because I'd heard so much buzz about the place but I hate clubbing so it was ideal for me to explore with no bass pumping. It was as held in The Library, an intimate parlour-esque room which serves as the club's VIP space with beautiful views overlooking Pyrmont. I hear it's around a $10,000 cover charge for the room and VIP access is through application only so I assume that was probably the first and last time I'll ever recline in their zebra print couches. 

But on to the clothes! The transseaonsal collection was like a Whitman's Sampler (remember the yellow cross stitch box?) or an all you can eat buffet if chocolate isn't your thing - it has a little something for everyone. Sifting through the racks I could imagine they had not designed for one particular girl in mind but to cater for the needs of every girl no matter the style preference, which would explain the rainbow rack of shirts, blouses and dresses. The other half was filled with heavy coats, jackets and soft furs which we did find a little funny coming from a spring collection but honestly with the bipolar weather, it could still be freezing by the time we get to September. Clearly Wish have all their bases covered.

Thanks to Maddie & the Wish team for having me :)

Credit: Aprilia Love

Closing this post with me having a Rachel Zoe moment in Wish fur. Ba-nanas!


  1. looks like an amazing collection!
    loving your outfit :)

  2. mel, you look gorgeous!
    love the outfit! xx

  3. Comparing a collection to a Whitman's Sampler? Hell yeah you've got me intrigued now!
    The floral...thing looks beautiful and I really like that pink shirt. You look great as well xx

  4. i have never heard of wish before but it looks awesome!



  5. in love with your skirt. big time. x.

  6. Melissa, where is that skirt from? I DIE.


  7. Excuse me! Need to know who your leather skirt is by. What a treasure! I am trying to find the perfecto leather skirt atm. It ain't Dion Lee for Cue is it?

    Fab blog :)

  8. Wish clothing is the best! :)