minty fresh.

Zara shirt | Kahlo skirt | Acne boots
Photos by April

I been feeling a little under the pump lately what with everything going on, so when April told me there was a Lego forest installed in Martin Place we just knew we had to shoot there. I've been struggling with my posing and facial expressions (trying to master that model pout/ stare) but in all honestly, I think the reason these photos came out so well was because I was having fun - I hope it shows :)

I am once again sporting my Kahlo skirt just to show you how much I love it (to the people who commented on my last outfit post, here's another take on the leather skirt) and also to show you I'm just a regular girl. As much as I'd like to dream, I don't have the luxury of wearing something new everyday. I think it's a little unrealistic seeing bloggers who never wear the same thing twice (and manage to constantly afford some big name labels) - in a way it loses their ability to relate and appeal to the average person. So here I am to admit to you that you'll see me wearing things more than once (or even twice) on this blog because I keep it real, yo. 

I know this mint Zara shirt has made the blogger rounds but I thought I'd share with you my interpretation. It's a soft, delicate and extremely feminine blouse that I want to 'rough up' with a leather skirt and boots. More than often I walk out of the house in something fashionably acceptable yet am still quite critical (and often not 100% happy) with what I wear, however with this contrasting combination, I'm surprisingly pleased with the results. And If tradies and truck drivers can give me the odd honk and stare while I'm waiting at my bus stop, then surely it must be good... right? Some men are pigs.


  1. I want to go the forest! This is the coolest thing and I adore this combo, super duper cute. But then again you always manage to nail it!

    -LAURA xx

  2. I love your skirt so much I want one for myself! And I agree with what you said about wearing the same thing twice! Especially when it's such a versatile piece like that skirt!!! It's ridiculous when you see a blogger's dressed in designer clothes head-to-toe. I often think it's unfair hahahah... Maybe I'm just jealous!!

    And as long as the tradies and truck drivers stay in their cars and not bother you, it's definitely a good thing! You're a hot thing :)


  3. I love this outfit! You can never go wrong with a nice shirt and leather. That Kahlo skirt is beautiful x

    I like your poses and smiles in these sets of photos too :) Sometimes when bloggers try to pose/pout, they come off as really forced and I think that that takes something away from the personal nature of blogs. You have nothing to worry about - your photos are always nice :)

  4. i love the leather skirt contrast to the cute blouse!
    mantenso xx

  5. Arhhh love the Kahlo skirt! I was eyeing it at Desordre the other week. You look great it in :) xx

  6. I just love the fresh mint color on you. That blouse is perfect too. Adore the cute peter pan collar on it <3
    And paired with a leather skirt, it adds the right amount of edge to that soft top. Great combination!

    Trendy Teal

  7. Love this outfit. That top is so great!


  8. I find the same problem with facial expression too. This shoot looks like so much fun! I may just need to take my man over to Martin place :)

    Love the edgy feel the skirt gives the pastel blouse by the way. Absolutely lovely!


  9. I completely agree, it's just not realistic when you see a blogger wearing a completely new outfit every time! I find it much more relatable to be able to see how someone re-styles a particular item :)

    I just love that skirt, and I love how you've toughened up the blouse. Gorgeous x

  10. Still need to see this lego forest in person before it goes! And I love your zara top :)

  11. LOVE your skirt, its amazing.

  12. girl, seriously, outfit repeater or not you look amazing so do not stress!
    Is that not the point of buying a staple piece any way? so you can wear it in different ways?
    The reality of it is is that you make much more sense dear so thanks for keeping it real! HUH!
    oh, got to mention that I love this!
    skirt is a gem, and the pastel shirt is amazeness!
    You and Aprilia both worked them legos! Xxx