a day with dee.

It's not everyday you win $500 spending money. It's also not everyday you have the market editor of Shop Til You Drop at your disposal. Last Thursday I had the chance to shop with and pick the brains of the deeelightful Dee Jenner. 

Besides talking fashion, shopping and personal style, we chatted about the industry, uni degrees, interning, career pathways, blogging and budgeting. It was an invaluable experience having the opportunity to talk to someone so respected in the industry and has 'been there done that'. I took away some pretty great advice and feel inspired to continually work hard at uni and interning because eventually it will pay off.  Being fashionable on a budget is one of things I always ask those in fashion and here's what she shared with me:
  1. Don't live off your pay check (this is probably my biggest mistake). Make sure you put away half of your earnings into savings. You'll thank yourself once you've moved out and have to start paying for rent and groceries. 
  2. Limit the amount of clothes you buy each season. That way you can invest a little more on those expensive pieces. 
  3. Polyvore is your new best friend. If you're lusting after something, make you you can style it in at least 3 different ways with your current wardrobe. It's all about decreasing your cost per wear.
The time I spent talking with Dee was to me the real prize - having $500 to spend was just the icing on the cake. In saying that we still focused on the task at hand, visiting our favourite stores in the Strand and Pitt St Westfield. We found some pretty incredible pieces, namely Phillip Lim silk pants from the Corner Shop and a pajama-esque ensemble from Lover, but Dee was determined to help me find that 'magical' piece I would fall in love with straight away. It all fell into place at Incu when I spotted these insane printed pants on the shop mannequin. Better still they were actually in my size and we knew it was meant to be.

Yes I did spend $500 on a pair of pants but in my defence they were 'free'. I made the decision to buy something a little outside of my 'comfort zone' and take a look at pieces I wouldn't normally buy if it were my own hard earned money. Dress Up also happens to be one of Dee's favourite labels so it'll be a little reminder of the amazing experience I was granted (feeling a little sentimental already). What would you buy with $500?

A huge thank you to Marg from Shine by Three who hosted the competition as well as 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty and Shop Til You Drop for putting it on, and of course Dee Jenner for being the perfect shopping companion :)


  1. Congrats on the awesome prize? Sounds like it was an amazing experience. Love the pants! Can't wait to see how you style them!

    Christie x

    Dark Blue Stripes

  2. what an awesome opportunity! love the pants, can't wait to see an outfit post with them x

  3. Congratulations! Glad to see you had a great and successful time shopping!