black & gold.

Tato and Memi blazer, Marcs shirt, Wish leather shorts, Acne heels, Molten Store necklace, Arm gathering: Wanderlust + Co, Samantha Wills
Photo by Aprilia Love

If ever there was a song to compliment this outfit, I feel as if it would be Black and Gold by Sam Sparro (all I need is a top hat and fishnet stockings). By gold I am referring to the amazing textured tweed Chanel-esque inspired sleeves on my new blazer. You may remember I attended my very first collection showing at the end of last year. It was Tato and Memi who took the title so I thought what better way to commemorate the occasion than to purchase my favourite piece from the collection (any excuse to shop right?). After a six month wait and the anticipation that it might not fit (I was stupid enough not to try it on), it is finally in my possession. 

First a leather skirt, now leather shorts. What's next? Leather pants (well actually they are, hello Watson x Watson). I'm not exactly how my recent fascination with leather came about but I have been impressed by its versatility and textural qualities. I had this outfit originally styled with Ksubi waxy black denim but I found the leather shorts worked out much better - and added a touch of Rachel Bilson/ Dr Zoe Hart to the mix. 

My observant readers, you may also notice a little arm gathering that has crept up on my arm. I am slowly working towards a fully fledged arm party so I can live life like my favourite blogger right now, the Man Repeller. Arm parties are quite a costly investment, I didn't realise how much a single bracelet would cost me let alone 4. It' a gradual process which I was hoping to shortcut by buying a Dannijo pre-packaged arm party but their shipping rates to Australia are ridiculous. 

Fashion Week is upon us once again and I will be attending for the first time. I said to myself last year I would make it my goal to be there in 2012 so here I am ready and raring to go. I'm sure the week will generate plenty of content for the blog for the next month or so, so I hope you enjoy the content.


  1. loving your outfit!
    the blazer is gorgeous
    you are so lucky you're going to fashion week, can't wait to see all the photos :)

  2. omg wow i seriously love this outfit! gorgeous! you look so chic, you have such great style!!!



  3. that blazer is amazing, the fabric on the arms is just stunning. love how you've styled it x

  4. LOVE The blazer! Looks great on you! :D

  5. That blazer is amazeballs

    and i totally understand how you feel about the dannijo shipping, it almost makes me want to cry


  6. The term 'arm party' is just hilarious. If only it suited me. I am one of those people that is scared of it being 'too much'. I can't ever wear a ring on the same hand as I am wearing my MK watch. Ahh weirdness. Anyway, you look amazeballs, as always, I love this jacket. G xxxx

  7. I absolutely LOVE this outfit, it's pretty much perfect. That blazer is just beautiful.

    Every time I go on your blog, I like it more and more! x

  8. So chic! I love this outfit :)

  9. absolutely LOVE that blazer! you look so chic, head to toe x

  10. Your vintage gold watch really rocked this whole outfit. I'm sure the gold buyers would be interested to auction it.